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So yeah… a year ago or so, people were lighting up snow with their Bic’s and saying it smelled funny, it wouldn’t drip or melt and all sorts of things.  I think it started in Georgia.  Remember that?  Most who saw this said “those people are trippin'”.  Seems anyone with a “scientific background” was super quick to dismiss the concerns so it was all “debunked”.  Well– turns out they weren’t trippin at all!  Peep these images (and here’s a little salt to go with that foot in your mouth)…


chemtrail snow sliding from slide 2015

chemtrail snow sliding from hood and bumper of car 2015

chemtrail snow sliding from windshield of car 2015

And remember this Meteorologist who blew that whistle [about Chemtrails] and he actually got fired the next morning (back in 2010)?  I believe he was working at a station in Oregon…

Though I disagree with his statement about this activity being solely for anti-radar purposes– that’s what they tell the lower tier of the military personnel.  The upper crust of the military know full well it’s about modifying the weather and poisoning us.  Here’s a PDF from 1996 (that’s 1996, I SAID) directly from the Air Force themselves entitled; “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025″

And did you know in February of THIS YEAR the snow in Russia was BLUE????!!!!!

arrow-downblue snow in russia feb 2015Yeah… that’s natural alright!  HERE’s the full article with more images of “The Blue Winter” (Ural) Russia had!  Just smh, fellow people.

They aren’t playing around, so why are you?  And to think about all of those parents who dismissed this and let their little ones eat on this stuff.  Special thanks to  Kinninigan on younazi for this one!  You ROCK!!!

Ya’ll ready to wake up NOW????!!!!!

10 thoughts on “Fake Snow– NO LONGER A CONSPIRACY! Now THAT’S A FACT, Jack!!!

    • Well, HI THERE! Thank you for posting it in the first place and sharing! Pretty amazing find! I may not have agreed with you on the origins of shifters (owl vs. serpent) but I know a diligent researcher when I “see” one! 🙂 Keep up the good fight, my friend!


  1. Great conspiracy data yoy50, or Jazz. Fake snow, blue snow, and that video of a weatherman saying some of the truth AND being fired next day is a conspiracy gem! Thank you for this and its a shame you don´t get more visits here. I have learned that some of the most important information can be found coming from the “nobodies”, because we are less likely to be paid by someone, in other words we only care about the truth!

    • Well HELLO THERE! And thanks for coming by! And thank you for saying that cuz I can’t figure out why more traffic doesn’t come this way either! Usually WELL after something is posted it will get this HUGE influx (like the Joe Rogan article recently) but never on the daily. Hey– as long as I’m able to reach at least one mind per day, I won’t complain. 🙂

      And I’m so glad you liked the article! As our discussion on younazi went… I do credit those for their works! 🙂

      Oh– and I do go by Jazz, the yoy50 is just the URL. 🙂

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