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*** Beyonce: FINALLY– A Good CLEAR Shapeshift Caught On Tape ***

Patience IS a virtue.  I KNEW that this would eventually be revealed to all the non-believers, idol worshipers and the blindly led!

“Why O’ Why?” has warned you with THIS POST as she became possessed right before your very eyes during the 2013 Superbowl (just another ritual that MILLIONS of you participate in), but so many STILL refused to believe that Beyonce is no more, and a fallen one who IS leading everyone who worships her, straight to hell! 

A HUUUGGGEEE THANKS to “TheyLive” on younazi for the upload and the direct link to the original source (that’s how you do it, by the way)! 🙂  It should leave no doubt in your minds that “Beyonce has left the building”.  As always– click all images to enlarge.  As a matter of fact, double click these…


Beyonce Eye Shift 1 2015

Her eyeshift looks just like that founder of “Doctors Without Borders“, doesn’t it?  And this next one is pretty impressive because both of her pupils look like they have indentations to them…

Beyonce Eye Shift 2 2015

So if she’s a “shifter” (although there are cloning centers across the globe so this could very well just be one of MANY Beyonces) you know Sean “Jay Z” Carter is up to no good too!

You can check out the video analysis below by “TheyLive”.  Oh yeah… I captured the images for this article PERSONALLY from the original source provided which you can find HERE (although, it’s been translated into Portuguese).  There is no tampering with any of the images in the original video source and the only thing I added are the red lines/arrows to help you see the shifts (although I didn’t think it would be entirely necessary as they’re pretty obvious).

What’s done in the dark DOES eventually come out into the light and the revealing of who Beyonce truly is and what she represents should make everyone who’s been worshiping her fall to their knees and ask The Heavenly Father for His forgiveness.  She, like sooo many others in that evil business truly are leading your souls to hell.  And the devil relishes it when you refuse to see the truth that Our Father is showing us. 

You have been warned, by The Grace Of God.


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