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Bernard Kouchner: Founder Of Doctors Without Borders– ANOTHER SHAPESHIFTER DISCOVERED!!!

Well… here we go again!  Yet another “righteous GLOBAL leader” is revealed to be “one of them”!  When I mentioned “they’re here”, I’m not kidding so please… GET USE TO IT!  What’s more remarkable is that he’s the founder of Doctors Without Borders.  In case some of you are not familiar with this long time organization, here’s a snippet to remind you of “their cause”…

delivers emergency medical aid to victims of armed conflicts, epidemics, and natural and manmade disasters and to others who lack health care because of social and geographic isolation

Hiding behind the guise of a nobility, generosity and goodness, this organization now REEKS of the hidden genocide that is happening globally!  After all– he IS “one of them”!  Don’t believe me?  Take a gander at this screenshot… (click images to enlarge)


bernard kouchner shapeshift1

Still not convinced?



bernard kouchner shapeshift2

When you watch the brief clip, you can actually see it come over him (realize) that he’s about to shift!  There’s also a light within his eye just as it’s about to happen too.  His non-verbal communication is off the charts!  It reminds me of Bush Sr’s eye when he and Bill [Clinton] were grifting us from our money during the Haiti’s crisis.  Even Justin Bieber (to name a few) displayed that same behavior as they both were caught on camera shifting and aware it was happening.  I’ve often wondered if they were aware of what they were and clearly they are.  Below is the analysis clip and you can find sharper clip HERE

This broadcast was released in October 2011 (if I’m not mistaken and is in French with no subtitles) so you can see for yourself.  Kouchner’s segment hits at the 66:09 mark with his main “shift” happening at the 66:12 mark.

Again… just how many more of these things does one need to expose before we open our eyes to the fact that they are REAL?  We’ve all been guided or influenced for a very long time by these entities too.  At least and for certain since television entered our homes, no doubt as its’ been up to no good from the start. 

I’m telling you– one day they ARE going to be revealed for who they are and with certainty they offer no good to us.  They might be “reptilians, shapeshifters” or whatever names we’ve chosen to give to them but I truly believe they are Tares.  Demons and devils in disguise.  All I can say is; “do you know Jesus, yet”?  Better get know Him, fellow people.

“The eyes are the window to the soul and soulless”

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