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Walmart Preparing For Internment Camps As Predicted

It’s unfortunate that I can’t locate the recording for this post but it was predicted that all Walmart’s can EASILY be converted to Internment Camps YEARS ago so these “sudden Walmart closings” should come as no surprise. 

Walmart’s “official statement” is there is a plumbing issue yet no request for permits have been found in order to fix “the plumbing problem”. 

According to ABC News, “no plumbing permits have been pulled in any of the five cities where the stores were suddenly closed for at least six months.” The cities where locations were closed include: Brandon, Florida; Pico Rivera, California; Livingston, Texas; Midland, Texas; and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Click HERE for the full read.  Truly unfortunate that I can’t locate that recording because home-skillet that discussed this years ago was SPOT ON!  He described how Walmart is set up to be dismantled and converted within a 24 hour period too! 

Stephanie and Shantelle Hughes managed to get some footage of a Walmart in Pico Rivera, California that is… get this– full of policemen who are guarding the entrances and exits and officer’s at the door screening those who come in.  The store is closed but the pharmacy is open for business which is how this mother and daughter was able to gain entrance to this particular Walmart!  I’m still going to be on the lookout for that brother who was sharing this knowledge years ago, but thought it would be good for you guys to see that something very serious is happening and not just a “plumbing issue” as Walmart claims. 

In case you’re still in doubt that something truly ominous is happening, here’s a piece of footage that shows a Walmart has a guard tower– just like the type of tower that would be used at a prison (reminds me of Camp Bucca when I was there).  This was filmed in 2013…

And you remember Jack (Janet) Napolitano’s campaign; “See Something, Say Something”?  Think those evil Walton’s (Walmart owners) aren’t in bed with your guberment? 

Prepare yourselves because they are geared up to make something go down before this year ends (though I DO hope I’m wrong).  A “plumbing issue” has doors sealed, police and private security companies manning their property?  Since when is security required for any company that has “a plumbing problem”? 

Remember– Bill Hefner already confirmed that there are civilian prison camps that are ready to go way back in 1997?  Click HERE for your city and state.  It’s not a joke, fellow people.

walmart heirs the waltonsThe Walton’s also have their own “safety bunker” built below ground. Hits at the 4:39 mark of this clip…

And just like the Walton’s, your guberment also has underground bunkers across the u.s.  Take note at the :29 mark of this clip.  These are real facilities.  I don’t believe they were built for the heck of it.  They will use these facilities one day…

When I said prepare yourselves, I’m talking about getting right with God.  No amount of ammo is going to stop what they have prepared.  Some very astute researchers out there point toward September 2015 being the possible time too.  Hopefully the populace becoming aware will overt that from occurring just like the 2012 Olympics in London was obverted courtesy of Rik Clay (R.I.P).  And interestingly– that’s about 5 months from now.  That’s about the same amount of time these Walmart’s will be “closed for repairs”…

 “Keep your eyes OPEN… “they” are counting on us NOT to.”

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