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* Crisis Actors… An Update On ALL National News Coverage *

Been “a hot minute” since “Why O’ Why?” covered the many hoaxes that saturate our news but as many of you know, we’ve highlighted; “Sandy Hook (Line & Stinker)”, “The Boston Bombing (Bologna)” and of course “9/11” (to name a few) and many times we’ve found stuff that simply didn’t add up.  Nothing more, nothing less.  If that’s a “conspiracy”, um… we’re PROUDLY guilty. 

There are many missing links to all of these stories and we’ve captured a few HERE, HERE, HERE and even HERE.  We’ve also tried to inform you of the usage of “crisis actors” in (grand) hoaxes such as these more than a few times as well.  Well…

This latest find is for all the shills, trolls (you know… those paid folks who like to stir up doubt and DISCOURAGE critical thinking) as well as the new comer to these subjects to prove once and for all that our mainstream media networks are nothing but paid liars (and/or script readers as well as a shapeshifting former co-worker of mine, Isiah Carey demonstrates) owned and operated by your guberment.  Ken Herman even exposed THAT with the usage of Video News Releases [VNR’s].

I haven’t even wasted my time highlighting the many hoaxes that have surfaced since the aforementioned (i.e.; Malaysia Air, the German(whatever)wings, the South Carolina doo-hickey, etc., ETC.) or should I say– any of the other lame-o’s they’ve been shoving down everyone’s throat because there’s got to be a CRISIS ACTOR somewhere in the mix.  Why do I say that?  Because they actually ARE!  Like, ALL THE TIME! 

Remember Elliot Rodger’s “dilly-bob”?  You know, the lil cat who drove the Beamer (BMW) and the ‘virgin’?  Only glanced at the story at the time but I knew it would eventually reveal a smelly turd like all the rest and it sure did.  Back during the “Sandy Hook (Line and Stinker, Stinger)” script, I discovered that good ole “Crying Game” Gene was on a set in THIS PIECE.  Crisis actors (and staff) exposed, right?  Well, one of Elliot’s crisis actors (a “witness”, no less) is caught “straight up talking to” the Director in the studio (via earpiece) with most likely an associate producer standing next to her as she’s getting her directives during a live shot.  It’s SO ridiculous, that even the ‘anchor at the news desk’ can’t control her smile/smirk.  Just watch…


Crisis Actors and Mainstream Media —- 0

Exposing The Truth —- just under the ba-zillionth time!

And for the record, “The Walter ‘Mitty’ Scott S.C. Shooting” stinks like smelly… well… you fill in that blank!  I hope no one is actually buying this one either. 

Where’s the smoke?  Why is homey jogging/galloping away instead of running for his life?  Where’s the blood (remember, Gabrielle Giffords)?  Wasn’t he shot three times in the back, once in the upper buttocks, and once in the ear, with at least one bullet entering his heart but like an “old” energizer bunny rabbit– kept going? Just smh head, ya’ll… just look at this non-sense again.

And here’s an interesting update I just stumbled upon (almost published this article without it but THANKFULLY was doing my proofreading– still need an Editor tho, you guys so please excuse the typos and thangs) about Adam Lanza’s mom, “Nancy”!  You ready for this one, fellow people?  Hold on tight… (shout out to TruthMediaRevolution for this one– 4 real tho!!!).  Youtube keeps removing it so download it now while you still can…

“Keep your eyes open… THEY are counting on us NOT to”. 😉


“Circles, Going Around In…”

“Stephen Barton…”

“Fires Engulf Beijing Hotel…”& the first “eyewitness” account LOL

“Proof The Pentagon…” (are you ready for this?)

“The U.S. Government Patent on Ebola…” & a companion clip for your knowledge.… note the guy with the clipboard all up in the “ebola air”!

“Batman, Holmes and Aurora…”

“Who Said The Illuminati Was Fake?”… (Not the way it’s actually entitled but definitely one for the records!)

* Interesting to discover that the father of Elliot is a Director/Photographer… hmm…

9 thoughts on “* Crisis Actors… An Update On ALL National News Coverage *

  1. This is a very informative post. I think too many people are still fast asleep. There is so much deception out there it’s hard for many to tell what’s real and what’s fake. Check out this video. I found it to be very eye opening! Tell me what you think after watching it. I’m interested in your thoughts.

    • Hi there, my man! How U doin?!!! 🙂

      You know– it’s crazy that you sent this! Like, WOWZER 4 realio! 🙂 I JUST watched what RussianVids published PRIOR to publishing this article by true happenstance! Synchronicity? NO DOUBT! 🙂 God is TRULY WATCHING! 🙂 Thank you JESUS! 🙂

      Imma take it all the way back to sesame street– you take a “F’ that’s a “fa” and “k-e”, you put ’em all together and they spell FAKE! That’s FAKE, F-A-K-E!!! hahaha

      On the very serious tip? Obama has been “named” (by really astute researchers out there in blogger-ville) to be the u.s.’s last president. All of these bogus false/fake/lone shooter stories is a true indicator in my humble opinion. 2016’s elections simply won’t happen. Never been more sure of that until now (tho I hope it won’t be so)!

      Even though the clip you linked where the guy sounds like “Carlton the doorman from “Rhoda”– yep, I’m kinda sorta up there, tee-hee)– he (like many others) is SPOT ON!

      No need to “stock up/ammo up”– IT’S TIME WE AAAALLLLL GET RIGHT WITH GOD (our Creator and Heavenly Father)! Nephilim teach to do things in reverse or the opposite of God (LaVey as well Michael Aquino taught this to people. Hey– if our world doesn’t begin to show signs of unprecedented change in 2016 (lock downs/FEMA Camps, et al) I’m pretty sure it’s gonna happen in or around 2018. Though I DO hope I’m completely WRONG (again)!

      Our ONLY hope is through our Savior. I do thank HIM that sites like yours exist too! 🙂 (You guys need to check Kushite out as well– good stuff, I tell ya’!!)

      Kinda had a small amount of time to reply but wanted to “chime in” and acknowledge that this clip you’ve linked is MORE evidence that something in the water does not compute. 😉


      • Yeah I hear you! Looks like great minds think alike!lol We’re on the same page. Thanks Jazz. I appreciate all the great information you put out. You’re really educating a lot of people with tis information. We need to wake up as many people as we can. I appreciate what you do! 🙂

      • “Looks like great minds think alike!”… Indeed they do cuz your mind is so brilliant a sista needs sun glasses! 🙂 I appreciate what you’re doing as well, my friend!

        And thank you soooo much for the compliment! My goal is to simply reach one mind per day! 🙂 I pray that between the both of us we can “double down”! 🙂 When I finally get my radio show back in the saddle, I’d love for you to be a guest! 🙂 Hopefully the timing will be right!

        P.S. LOOOOVVVEE your new picture thingy-ma-bob! :


      • Hi there K-Prince! 😉

        Yep– I like the pic (although that little cartoon boy with the fro you had is still the bees knees)! And yeah… had a radio show on blogtalk a while ago (it’s the “Listen to Jazz” icon here on the blog… should probably change that since it might imply; “listen to jazz music” instead of me as the host and my guests”– hey, we live and learn don’t we?) when they started shutting out the “lil guy” and making room for the celebs, I’ve been looking for an alternative since then. You rock, my man! 🙂

      • Thanks a lot! Do you have any shows in the archives? I’d love to listen to some of them. I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on my new avatar. I’m glad people like it.

      • Hi there! There are still some shows in archive but they don’t show many for some reason. I’d like to find the one where the blog; “Black Folks Don’t Swim” was a co-host for you to start with. If you “give me a minute” I’d like to see if I can link you to that one first?! 🙂

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