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Proof The Pentagon Was Not Hit By A Plane? Smoking Gun, Ya’ll!!!

By George, I think we’ve got it!  If this footage is indeed what it indicates (I do believe it authentic too)– if IT won’t shift your paradigm, again, you deserve what’s coming.  WATCH.  Do you see wings?

Even without this footage, the scene that day shows more proof no plane hit.  Those missing wings within the structure has always made me feel it was straight horse poo!  Here’s the Pentagon before it collapsed.  Can you really believe a plane actually hit that?

Pentagon Lawn After Impact on 9 11

A special thanks to Anonomobile  who’s offering a whopping 10 million duckies for anyone who can provide a picture of a plane slamming into that building.  I’m guessing they are making this offer because they KNOW it can’t be produced (simply because it didn’t happen)! 

Keep your eyes wide open– they are counting on us NOT to! 😉

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