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Do Demons Really Follow People? YES! Here’s MORE Proof!

So… to some, reading about this subject may be a bit overwhelming but I for one intend to break the stronghold satan and his demons have on most of us.  The fact that SOOOO many do not understand that hell is very real leads me to want to disclose as much info as I can to get you to see that hell IS NOT A MYTH.  It truly is a place and there are demons who are assigned to us because guess what?  We actually have souls!  And as long as we are alive we have a real chance of not spending eternity there and that is why the demons works so diligently on us.  We have that chance whereas they don’t and they do HATE us for it.  They want us to not believe in God, be “lukewarm christians”, believe that “a little sin” is no big deal and that we evolved from apes (among many other things)! 

Flip Wilson’s famous line; “the devil made me do it” has real validity to it because we ALL have demons with us!  And as I’ve mentioned a time or two– theatrics aren’t necessary when subtly is all that’s needed.  One example… demons do whisper in our “ears” (mind).  Think of “the angel on one shoulder a devil on the other” only it’s just demons on both (whispering in our ears).  Sounds unreal?  Well… I’ve got a couple of a people who have photographic evidence as they caught their demon on camera!

This first one is from a young man (Nigelium) who proclaimed to be an atheist.  What happened to convert him was simple and simply amazing.  He can tell the story far better than me (after all, it was his experience) but here’s the image that was caught on camera.  He was being heavily influenced in that moment because his eyes shifted and you can clearly see something demonic near him.  This former atheist somehow had the wherewithal to completely understand that what happened to him was the revealing of himself WITHOUT God (in his heart and life).

Before you see the image, I want to remind you all of what John Todd said (from waaay back in the 70’s) about how record companies take masters (or the DAT) to a room and cast spells so that there are demons attached to every album recorded.  Nigelium was listening to music as I’m sure he did on any other day but on this day we can see how music REALLY does have attachments to it…


nigelium eye slits and demon influencing himThere’s clearly a dark face next to him that you can see, right?  Well, that dark face is his demon.  It manifested on the back of a woman’s head so it looks like someone is standing near him because there was but HER BACK WAS TO HIM.  So to be clear, that’s not her face we’re seeing– that is actually THE BACK OF HER HEAD…

nigeliem demons manifest on the back of someones headHERE is part 1 of Nigelium’s account.  I love what happened to him because a hardcore atheist came to God!  And all he was doing was hanging out at the mall with his friends but ended up FINDING GOD instead!

This next young lady also caught her demon on camera.  Unlike Nigelium, she was aware that something was wrong and felt darkness around herself very clearly.  Then one day– she used her cellphone and this is what she caught…

arrow-down girl catches her demon on camera

Fellow people… this is NOT a fluke.  God has given us clear instructions on what NOT to do (by way of sin) as it does open us up to demons, in fact, I think it’s the way WE INVITE them. 

Now… this last portion I sincerely hope will shock the snot out of everyone.  Hell is a place where the torment we’ll experience will be specifically catered to our specific disobedience.  And sex outside of marriage IS a whopper.  You’ve already seen what what a group of young men and women from Korea illustrated when they were shown hell in THIS POST.  Well, this will bring those illustrations to REALITY for you!  And do note– one near death experienced person after the next say the same thing quite regularly which is every soul is NAKED in hell.

Ladies.  We MUST learn to guard ourselves prior to marriage.  Don’t get persuaded to give your virginity to any man or boy.  WAIT until you are MARRIED.  Why?  The punishment for us is simply HORRIFIC as we WILL be RAPED by demons while in hell!  This woman’s account of her visit to hell is so powerful and a very serious warning to us all.  Just listen…

Demons are real.  Don’t be fooled or misled.  They will ENJOY tormenting us and the tortures there are most imaginative.  And believe it or not God actually does NOT want us to go there.  It is a Godless place therefore– there will be no iota of good there.  No vacations, no holidays, no birthdays.  Just day in and day out CONTINUOUS torture.  Please heed His warnings.  There are simply too many people from AROUND THE WORLD who describe the same things to ignore.  You actually CAN BE SAVED from that place.  I pray you won’t miss your opportunity.

4 thoughts on “Do Demons Really Follow People? YES! Here’s MORE Proof!

  1. Thanks for the girl testimony I think a lot of times we all get lost in the sauce of the world because we are constantly being taking over my the floodgates of images, ideals, feelings and wants so much that we often begin to go down the wrong path. Her story sounds just like Dante’s inferior describing the images and levels of hell. The devil gets us off of track by putting everyone through the constant torture of rejection which many of us give to each other because this is the NWO order that the enemy is now creating so no one has any real compassion towards each other and since everyone feelings and self image is becoming dark no one will stop the injustices that is and will continue to happen as the anti-christ usher in because more and more people are bowing down to his character everyday making the world a much darker place to live in.

    • There are SOOOO many people who describe those same “levels of hell” that it’s not even funny! I simply don’t think it’s a coincidence at all. And if I’m not mistaken… I think there’s a scripture that actually states that God Himself knew that even if demons and souls who end up there are actually able to come back to warn us not to land there… we’d still NOT believe them. Gives a whole new meaning to my people perish for lack of knowledge, doesn’t it? Every time I think of the battle that went on in Heaven when those angels were kicked out… maann– it blows my mind. An angel that GOD created thought he could actually take on God? For real? I suppose, one day, we’ll understand. 😉

    • Hi there, Chris!!! 🙂 I will email you! Sorry that you’ve actually caught something. I do feel the more people see this, the more they’ll be enlightened. Hell is FRIGHTENINGLY, real and so are its’ demons. Sadly, we ALL have them, as their sole job is to tempt us away from God. Is it okay to publish? Sending you a message right now! 🙂


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