*** Ricky Dearman: An Update From The UK On 2 Siblings Who BLEW THE WHISTLE (Part 2) ***

Here’s an update on this most disturbing case.  If I’m to understand where things stand to date– the children have been placed BACK into the hands of their birth father (not the voice you hear in the original posting which you can find HERE or scroll down), Ricky Dearman.  Here’s his image by the way…

Ricky Dearman Father of Gabriel and Alisa

Please continue to keep Gabriel and Alisa, their mother and her partner in your prayers.  God is breaking the shield of silence now and we must be ready to do OUR part.  These children depend on it.

NOTE: GOTTA RUN FOR NOW (HAD A PHONE CALL) BUT WILL UPDATE WITH TAGS, ETC. SHORTLY.  Please– share this information. Winks @ StaciAnn! 🙂

4 thoughts on “*** Ricky Dearman: An Update From The UK On 2 Siblings Who BLEW THE WHISTLE (Part 2) ***

  1. I am very disturbed about this, I must say….One way or another these two children are being abused!!! Either their story is true…and they will “disappear” now that this story is out. Or how could a Mother coerce these kids into saying those things? I find it hard that kids of that age could remember all those lies..if in fact they are. They now say that the kids admitted to not telling the truth and that their mom and stepdad tortured them into saying what they said, and that they found pot in their systems…well papa could be responsible for that also! I am just really upset over this whole story..if true there is a lot of damage control taking place, people in that area should be aware and vigilant! My heart goes out to those children as one way or another they are being abused! I have also heard about schools, churches, and restaurants involved in these ritual’s in the UK and I am sure all over the world! this is very scary…..crazy! Do you have any more info on this story as the last I have read Ricky is free and the kids are in foster care and the mom and stepdad missing…..found your site a couple of days ago and really enjoy it! 🙂

    • Hi there, Sandune and thank you for chiming in on this one! My apologies for the delay but have been experiencing some computer issues. 🙂

      Unfortunately, this is the latest I’ve been able to gather on this matter but rest assured that I keep a watchful eye on the developments. These children are forever ingrained in my heart.

      And I do lean towards this being a truthful disclosure of what is happening across the globe. I’m not a psychologist but I KNOW munchkins and even with all the coaching in the world, there is no way for a child to consistently repeat with such detail and accuracy what these siblings have disclosed. They speak in unison and even speak at the same time when asked about specifics. Indeed, what they are sharing is remarkably similar to another pair of siblings in France (Marie and Pierre–https://yoy50.wordpress.com/2011/07/25/ritual-child-abuse-and-mk-ultra-or-mind-control-is-it-real/ ). I don’t believe it is a coincidence as this type of activity has been occurring for quite some time. It also appears to show us what it leads to which is a continuance into adulthood throughout an industry that most never suspect, like Fashion (it’s the last clip in this article– https://yoy50.wordpress.com/2014/10/22/justin-biebers-hands-in-eleuthria-more-shapeshifting-proof/) There are legions of victims to this demonic practice. People thought this poor girl (Gabriela Rico Jimenez) was out of her mind… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LcEbX2bY_E And I personally believe drugging this victims goes with the territory so it wouldn’t be unusual to find drugs in their system. Ricky (along with countless others) are being protected because there are judges, police, teachers and other forms of “authorities” who are all tied into this. He is free now but there will come a time when he will pay for his participation.

      Glad you found the site and are enjoying it! 🙂 My goal is simply– to bring truth to those who seek it. 🙂

      Warmest and welcome to “the party”!


      • Completely agree…..so sad and true just finished reading about Judi and David Chase! look up judichaseamberalert OMG!!!!what that poor woman has gone through! It truly is everywhere! luv your site/blog! keepem coming! 🙂

      • Hi there, Sandune! 🙂 I’m so glad to know you are enjoying the site! 🙂 🙂

        Thanks for the heads up on David Chase and WOW!!! Just started finding info and bookmarking them! I felt that Jon Benet’s parents were knowledgeable about her death but unable to disclose what they knew. As time has gone by (i.e.; “the veil lifting”) it’s easy to see how they might have been/were up against something larger than even their money could buy their way out of. And here’s a kick in the pants (just in case you hadn’t heard about it), the Superbowl is the BIGGEST GLOBAL (child) sex-trafficking event EVER (https://yoy50.wordpress.com/2011/12/17/alert-the-superbowl-is-a-sex-trafficking-haven-welcome-to-the-real-world-alert/)!!! Crazy, ain’t it?!!!

        So glad to find someone enjoying what “Why O’ Why?” is attempting to do and love when we see comments so thank you again for chiming in! And rest assured– “Why O’ Why?” has no plans of ever shutting down. We’re here to stay!! 🙂

        The Captain of THIS Ship 🙂

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