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*** Another Music Insider Tells How To Get “A Record Deal” ***

This young cat (Terry Miles A&R – No Limit Records) IS sharing the truth but he will assault your ears with the n-word.  It’s a real shame that my folks haven’t learned just how ignorant and uncool it is to use that word.  I’m only posting this video because the truth about how record deals are done today needs to be CONTINUOUSLY exposed.  I know I’ve written that I believe the industry was completely changed between 2001 and no later 2004 as a whole.  You should clearly see the depravity that is necessary to join.  Hey– I’ve been broke before (FOR REAL, ya’ll) but seriously?  Potentially selling your soul for a record deal?  Tupac (for example) only lived to be 25.  You’d really trade a measly 25 years on earth for an ETERNITY in hell just to get paid?  God has just gotta be crying some days…

Think he’s just talking to hear himself?  Well check out the below image.  I don’t know who this little twerp is but I am familiar with that Birdman character (it’s the tattoo on his head I’m recalling– it’s a pentagram).  Check out this screenshot (CLICK ALL IMAGES TO ENLARGE)…

starship god tweet to birdman for sexAnd then this video surfaces of a kid ADMITTING he exchanged sex with Birdman for a record deal…

And you can “google” to find images and videos of that Lil Wayne character and Birdman kissing a few different times!  There’s also a video out there of that Wayne guy referring to him doing the same thing (to someone) “Baby and them did to me” as he’s chatting about his first sexual encounter at the age of ELEVEN!!!!  Baby is apparently this Birdman’s nickname (as if Birdman isn’t ALREADY a nickname)!  SMH at the utter LAMENESS of these “gangsters”…arrow-downlil wayne birdman kissingRemarkably, this insider has confirmed everything my research has yielded on the subject.  So when you think on the LOOONNNGGG list of “hardcore/thug/gangster rappers” out there, just remember the fact that they ALL had to get down!  Dr. Dre (for example) looks hard to the core these days but you know he’s been exposed as a ‘gay rapper’, right?  Visualize that for a moment.  I’m sure he’s “Been There, Done That” [a song from ’96 where he mentions Illuminati] MORE than we know!  Terry’s description in the clip of these “G’s” was perfect– “rubber gangsters” who are unfortunately, MISLEADING YOU ALL!  I keep saying “entertainment” is EVIL and there’s nothing INNOCENT about it.

“It ain’t a myth OR conspiracy just a fact– THEY just told ya!”

10 thoughts on “*** Another Music Insider Tells How To Get “A Record Deal” ***

  1. Well, HI THERE, my man! 🙂 Just popped in real quick (wanted to do a post on the UK pedo status since I had a second) and what a nice surprise! I love that pic btw and thanks for hitting the LIKE button!! 😉

    I was chatting with a buddy just now and he confirmed my interpretation on what Terry says in the first 30 seconds…that’s RAPE that is happening to these men and UNFORTUNATELY– they are “mind-f’d” into believing that somehow if they reported it, the shame would fall on THEM and not the men who committed the act! Now for the ones who are completely aware and KNOW what they are getting themselves into (NOT drugged as described in the clip) THAT’s different. I’m CERTAIN it goes both ways. But what Terry describes is actually RAPE and there should be NO SHAME on ANY victim of that… woman or MAN!!!

    I don’t know if I’d call it “self-respect” when you’re drugged then raped, you know? But again– for your Puffy Stupidity types, yeah… that CERTAINLY applies!

    They are unconscious, butt naked and their penis are ‘jacked up’ with a achy rectum. That (TO THE WORLD AT LARGE) is RAPE.

    • I agree with you. It’s definitely rape in some cases. But the ones aware know what’s going on. That’s what I was referring to. But people don’t realize how sick the film and music industry truly is. These people worship the devil,sacrifice babies and rape children. They get away with it because they own cops,judges and presidents. The CIA and FBI all work together in Hollywood. It goes really DEEP! Deeper than most know. I personally can’t imagine doing what these artists do for riches. You lose a part of yourself soul in the process.
      Good to chat with you again. I miss our chats.We had some good discussions. I’ll be around more often…I promise. 🙂

      • Hi there! I sure hope my response didn’t sound as if I was “yelling” (“scolding”)?!!! 🙂 It was just something I had discussed moments before and was HYPED! lol! We’ve had some GREAT chats no doubt! 🙂

        And I’m so glad you wrote this reply cuz I keep telling people (on the blog and in person) just how FOUL the biz truly is!!! It’s NOTHING to aspire to so it’s ALWAYS great to have another confirm what THEY know (who also is blogging THE TRUTH– you guys should check out his blog)!

        SHOOT– was hoping to reply to a few comments but got a call and now I’ve gotta jet! More to come fo sho! 🙂


  2. Another great article. But I think this is the Disney version of what they have to do to get a record deal and what they really have to do to keep their career afloat in the entertainment industry. I think they must continue to do is waay more brutal, and overtly satanic actual and symbolic sacrifices to feed the entertainment slave masters. There is nothing ambiguous about what they are being ordered to do. I really wish more industry insiders would directly speak out about what EXACTLY is going on like those two brave children who spoke out and named names about how, when, where, and who within the UK version of child protective services was abusing them. #dontsugarcoatshit BTW I also believe the record labels prey on their artist’s children as well; as part of that demonic contract that they signed over their soul, first born, etc. I’ve also heard them laugh about how it’s the artist who first comes to them and asks/begs them to sign a contract. —Like that offers them some sort of “spiritual loophole” that pardons their wrong doing. After reading this article, I stumbled on the most disturbing video ever of Eminem breaking down while describing being a victim of satanic ritual childhood abuse in the projects. I can only imagine that whatever he was -and is still forced to endure in order to be signed by Dr. Dre was even infinitely worse. *shudders* Here’s the video:

    • I’ve seen this clip before.This from the horror film Da Hip Hop Witch. It was released back in 2000. They’re all acting in this clip. Although it’s a film I don’t doubt that Eminem was probably raped. Just not in the same manner he’s speaking about. We have to remember that Hollywood likes to sneak in a little truth in their films. They love to put out half-truths. They’re experts at it. I agree with you about industry insiders. I wish more would speak out and tell the truth. But many of them fear the powerful elites. As a matter of fact,Eminem’s buddy Proof is in this video. I remember he was shot and killed a few years ago. Hmmmmm……..sacrifice??

  3. Wow yeah and the last video of the boy admitting to having sex (which I say a couple of weeks ago) to get the deal at the end of the day really did not get the deal or ended up leaving the people who he initially wanted the deal with. Getting the deal is only being locked into the contact which many artist are and really still never get a chance to produce the work. They get tried and want to leave to find something new but now they are locked into a contact being underutilized. They get caught up in these contracts for years and sometimes it is just to keep you silent so that you can’t compete against their other money making artist. This is a dirty game and many don’t see it until is it way too late or like that Alantise Morristte song says leave you so hungry for the fame that you are not willing to do anything to attain it.

    • You are SOOO right with that bait and switch that can come with contract signing! They’ll shelve your project in heartbeat but you’ll be indebted to them. It simply isn’t worth it! Crazy that there’s an act who actually admitted that birdman has sex with his male “talent”. Done in the dark coming out into the light BIG TIME! 🙂

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