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*** (MUST VIEW & SHARE – 2015) Victims Of GLOBAL Pedophile Ring SPEAK OUT! CAN YOU HEAR THEM?!! ***

*** ADDENDUM UPDATE: 2/7/15 @ 1PM ***

HERE is the private video collection of interviews with these children (21 videos total) with running times from 1 minute to 7 minutes per clip.  Download them and watch.  The children are speaking… CAN YOU HEAR THEM?!!!

*** ADDENDUM UPDATE #2 JUNE 3, 2015 ***

It was just brought to my attention (thanks, “T”) that the video contained within this clip has been deleted but thankfully, the entire group of videos of these siblings testimony has been re-uploaded which replaces the short clip I used in this article.  DOWNLOAD, KEEP UPLOADING AND SHARE THIS INFORMATION.  Thanks– Jazz @ “Why O’ Why?”


I don’t even have the proper time today (will update shortly) to add all the tags, etc on this one because it’s too important not to view, link and share with everyone you know.  I’m not kidding, fellow people.

I recently encountered a woman who did something that would give clear grounds for her children to be removed and I came VERY near (still have not decided FULLY if I won’t) to reporting her.  The ONLY thing that has stopped me (so far) is the REAL possibility that her children would fall into this aspect of “children’s programs”.  Since I’m fully aware of this GLOBAL PEDOPHILE RING (see some related “Why O’ Why?” articles below)… I’m unable to finalize a call to that office (for now).  The below clip might originate from the UK but BELIEVE that it absolutely exists in the u.s. as well!  Brace yourselves (but SHARE this POST HASTE)!!!

Thanks to SubliminalProof on younazi!  Interestingly– this channel has been locked out of their younazi account for 1 year now.  It’s amazing that they’ve hit the ground running with the knowledge they share!  I would sincerely appreciate it if each person who sees this, will share it.  As mentioned within the clip– this is still happening and NOTHING is being done about it.  Share, link and sign the petition.  May the Heavenly Father release them from their bondage soon.

Jazz – “Why O’ Why?”


“Superbowl and Sex Trafficking”

“Pedophiles / Secret Language”

“Jerry Sandusksy & Pedo Ring Connections”

“One of MANY global links”

 *** ALL 21 VIDEOS OF THE TWO CHILDREN IN THIS ARTICLE ***  This is now the video within the article.

2 thoughts on “*** (MUST VIEW & SHARE – 2015) Victims Of GLOBAL Pedophile Ring SPEAK OUT! CAN YOU HEAR THEM?!! ***

  1. WARNING: Excessively Long Post…
    Now we all should know that this mess really did happen to those poor kids. This is unfortunately happening everywhere. These are just a few of the related stories about systematic child abuse/ kidnappings/ satanic abuse that is NWO endorsed. These sick bastards are also putting RDID chips in them so they can’t escape. But that’s a “whole nother” damn story. *deep-sigh*

    The Georgia Tann Story

    #RealTalk I remember seeing some documentary about the deadliest female serial killers in history and they did this horrendous re-enactment showing how they would just push the baby carriages out in the yard all day under the hot summer sun to kill the babies that they didn’t want. In the front freakin’ yard!!! The “ladies” that worked at the orphanage would also dress up in their Sunday School Best Outfits w/ white gloves and a pocketbook full of candy -n- toys and they would actually go up to people’s doorsteps and snatch unattended kids and babies in broad damn daylight. And yeah the police were in on it and would of course never actually try to find the kids. Also it turns out that all of the big stars in Hollywood adopted the stolen babies from her. She was actually famous for this. A kind of Millionaire Matchmaker/ Celebrity Baby Broker cottage industry operations. Some of her quotes about poor women being cows and breeders were very New World Order/ Population Control-ish. She obviously believed in Euginics and her rants sounded almost identical to that other Darling of NWO –Margaret Sanger (founder of Planned Parenthood). BTW That bitch was the “Girl Hitler” IMO.
    Here’s “It’s” story 👍

    👍Similarities with Georgia Tann & Social Services UK Now

    Published on Dec 19, 2014
    “I could not help notice how similar Social Services operate compared to Georgia Tann. Only someone with no heart could operate as cruelly as Georgina Tann did. I believe only a handful of SW’s are genuine and there are ones who pretend to be. You can also read accounts of grown up Adoptees who did somehow survive through this if you google her name. Also some minimal information relating to birth certificates, amended birth certificates where ‘Adoption’ is annotated in and Adoption birth certificates where i have also asked further for advice given i believe my child’s one certificate may well not have been correctly ‘Authorised.’ See video for more details. Thanks xx” ~~Tum Mum Michelle Simmons

    And this last one is a doozy‼️

    Former Georgia Senator and Congress Woman Nancy Shaefer Exposed CPS Corruption
    || Before Nancy Shaefer’s mysterious murder in March 26th, 2010, she was the most celebrated Senator and Congress woman among Child Protection Services’ victims, adult and child alike. She was brave, she was courageous and she was a hero. “Nobody before her had the courage nor the strengths to stand up against a criminal, corrupted, evil system such as Child Protection Services.”Says a former child trafficking victim perpetuated by California’s Child Protection Services. “The knew we were being raped and abused because they were ones doing it.” || SOURCE:

    Oh and here is the lazy ass snarky dis-info “article” from the bogus alternative media rag in Atlanta where this occurred.
    It was *yawn” sarcastically entitled “Nancy Schaefer was murdered by child-welfare workers!?!”
    Posted by Scott Henry @ScottTheHenry on Thu, Apr 8, 2010 at 9:49 PM
    This uncreative dis-info hack job was quickly sharted up to shame anyone with eyes who could clearly see that this lady and her husband were systematically silenced; and if you began to loudly question the botched sloppy cover-ups then you were being a whacked out nut wing conspiracy theorist. Anywho here is the link to that disrespectful bullshit. After you read it, print it out, wipe your ass with it and mail it back to them. That’s what they deserve for actually printing all those shitty lies.
    Obviously I believe the children in this video. Everyone pray for them and keep sharing their story. Thanks for another great post.

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