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Tupac’s Coroner’s Report Shows A LIE!!! Maybe He DID Fake His Death?

Yesterday while standing in a long line I spotted a guy that reminded me of Tupac!  Funny thing?  No one noticed the resemblance until I mentioned it (he was dressed in a really nice suit) needless to say, this brought him loads of attention!  What began as a boring wait soon became fun as we started reminiscing to his songs!  “Hey, hey– give ’em tha finga”!  Tee hee! 

Later when I got home, it got me to thinking about ole’ Tupac and what appears to be this cool impact he’d left on soo many.  For whatever reason, it prompted me to go back to see if I could spot ANYTHING curious about his death (other than the obvious– a sacrifice/set up).  And guess what?!  I DID!!!  Check it out…

After viewing the infamous security surveillance footage at MGM (you can see that HERE) that night I noticed one glaring thing… his outfit had changed from the lobby to that last photo we see of him and Suge Knight in the BMW! (CLICK ALL IMAGES TO ENLARGE)

2pac shakur tupac last photo suge knight las vegas september 7 1996

And the plot thickens doesn’t it? That’s important because in the below clip we get perfect example of how he was dressed that night.  And remember– this was just after he got out of prison so do take note of his physique’.  I’ll tell you why shortly.  NOTE: You guys know I don’t like the n-word, right?  Just a friendly reminder. 😉

The next thing I noticed was the date stamp on the photo.  No big deal right?   Well, that fight (the night Tupac was shot up) took place on September 7, 1996 NOT September 8th like this photo indicates!  Now… this IS supposed to be the last photo of Tupac, isn’t it?  

On September 7, 1996, Shakur was shot multiple times in a drive-by shooting at the intersection of Flamingo Road and Koval Lane in Las Vegas, Nevada.[16] He was taken to the University Medical Center of Southern Nevada, where he died six days later.[17]Wikepedia

Also, look back at that picture with Tupac and Suge.  Notice the ignition.  There’s no key!!!!  Were there keyless “Beamers” back in ’96?  Hey… look closely.  Do you see a key hole for this car?

suge knights car after tupac shooting rappers-slaying-report bmw

I’m coming to the swift conclusion that “the last photo of Tupac” was the works of Photoshop!  And finally we come to that “coroner’s report” [Appendix].  First, allow me to show you a photocopy image of Tupac’s driver’s license (a guy actually sold the original on Ebay for $2,500).


Remember the clip that shows exactly how Tupac was dressed, his build/height and all?  Well, the “coroner’s report” says Tupac was taller and bigger than this license (or even the clip) shows us!

coroners official report on tupac shakurJust in case anyone will need the translation on the height that is listed in the above document, the recorded height is in inches so 72 inches is 6 feet not 5′ 10″.  I also discovered (while looking into this) his height to be listed as 5′ 9″ making him shorter NOT taller. 

The first time I remember seeing Tupac in an acting role was on that show called; “A Different World“.  He had a spot as Piccalo”, Jada Pinkett’s boyfriend.  They knew each other since high school and she’s only 5 feet exactly.  Does he look 6 feet in this picture to you?

tupac and jada in high schoolEither Tupac faked his death or his death did not go down like we were told.  Something in the water does NOT compute that’s for sure.  It also doesn’t help that Suge just keeps stirring the pot with the Tupac’s alive ‘rumors’ (even though we know he’s a Mason) so people like to hang on to that (for the wrong reasons).  But I have to admit– something is definitely amiss when re-examining this one. 

It also bugged me to see that “autopsy photo”.  He was “shot” but they released a photo of him sliced up??  In doing the digging for this post turns out, that darn thing was definitely Photoshopped!  The “flattening” of his head is the smoking gun here.  Nothing fancy.  We were simply in “a state a shock” at the time therefore– the obvious escaped our vision…

tupac autopsy photoshop pictureMy eyes don’t deceive me– that’s a layer and a pretty messy piece of work in my opinion.  But then again– that was 1996.  And here’s something I didn’t expect to find.  Behind the scenes footage of Tupac (in makeup) in the movie “Bullet”.  This is a screenshot of him preparing to “look dead” prior to shooting a scene.

tupac on the set of the movie bullet preparing for sceneHERE’s the clip.  Makes that “autopsy photo” really pop as a fake, if you ask me!   Something is definitely off about this. 

If “all the world’s a stage” then why should Tupac be excluded? 😉

52 thoughts on “Tupac’s Coroner’s Report Shows A LIE!!! Maybe He DID Fake His Death?

  1. I know this is not “directly”related, but did you hear about the sinister ass EDM industry hit that took place in MIA. I’m very surprised none of the info forums are discussing this. #anothercoverup
    I forgot all about this until I just saw a new article about how the victim was actually supposed to testify in court in a major EDM music festival trial.
    Here’s the link:

    • Hi there and WELCOME!

      I did not hear about this one but all things do point to “silencing” THAT’S for sure (and sadly)! One would have to be Stevie Wonder to not see that! 🙂 I WOULD say “innocent until proven guilty” but “grown ups” (as in folks who’ve AWAKENED ;)) see the writing on the wall. Really– what ARE the odds that a person in that industry would die RIGHT before a ‘court case’ surrounding “ownership” of their product?

      Crazy wicked is that industry. I feel so blessed to have NEVER gotten caught up [in it]. Striving to achieve my personal goals, I had some GOOD people around me though at the time– I thought they (some of them) were just BLOCKIN’ a sister’s growth/status. To the contrary– I had “industry ANGELS”! By THE GRACE OF GOD– I actually had ANGELS! 🙂

      • Hi Don Wolfberg!! 🙂 I know you addressed Ms. K but hope you won’t mind that I chime in for a sec! 🙂 Never thought about the fact that keys would might be removed at a crime scene investigation (never been in one) so… THANK YOU (and WELCOME “to the party”)!!!! 🙂

        Jazz 🙂

      • It is well documented, as Mr. Wolfberg stated, that Tupac went back to his hotel room and changed after the fight (both of them), then the plan was to go to club 662.
        As far as the date on the pic, Las Vegas is loaded with tourist, and I’m not positive, but I believe the man who took Tupac’s last pic was either from Detroit or NYC. Both are EST, the camera would have been programmed on Eastern Standard Time, Las Vegas is 3 hours behind- 11:15 p.m. Las Vegas time is 2:15 Eastern time, or if Central Time, 1:15 a.m. both 9-8-96, and this would be what the camera would “stamp” on the film, but Las Vegas would still be 9-7-96.
        Ask a coroner, especially one who worked in 1996, and listen to the coroner who performed autopsy, bodies are weighed on gurney, the weight is off because of gurney weight, and one is measured taller when lying down.
        Look up the interviews with the Las Vegas reporter Kathy Scott- “there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about Tupac’s autopsy photo’s being taken- there are 3 seperate one’s in her book.
        As far as the flattened head, you are not seeing a bad Photoshop layer, his skin has been cut and pulled off his skull to measure and weigh brain, more than likely and then the skin placed back down on over the skull.
        His stomach is flat and ribs distinct as all organs have been removed.
        There is acceptable hair growth on his head and shadow on face, but beard growth is present, after 6 days of not shaving.

        We can find proof for what we want to believe, so you must always be as objective as possible.
        Killuminati wishes!

  2. Good research Lady bug it was really interesting and you have some big facts like the date, and the changing of the clothing. So what long was Tupac supposed to have been shot after leaving the casinos? They also don’t show his face now I have been autopsy photos of Malcom X, JFK and Left Eye and they always show the face. And JFK basically got his head blown off and they still how his face.

  3. Wow! Great post! I didn’t know all this about Tupac. This is very fishy indeed. I think you’re on to something. I always liked Tupac. He always kept it real. He had real love for his people.

    • Now I can! Thanks! Sorry, fellow people. 🙂 Still doesn’t that change the fact that homeskillet is dressed different and the date is wrong. Preciate cha, Dipset!


  4. If you did any research at all you would know that after the Tyson fight Pac went back to his hotel and changed, they then went to Suges house before heading to club 662, during which time they were shot. It was 2 or 3 hours after the fight that 2Pac was shot. Theres even pictures of him after the fight wearing the green b ball jersey he was wearing when he was shot

    • Yeah… I saw that stuff. The point of the article is to inform people of the fact that this “report” did in fact LIE about some key factors. Target this blog all you want for “dropping the ball” in any way seen fit but um– as I see it? This “official report” was inaccurate. Just ONE lie makes it all null.

    • all the pictures they had was proven fake. he faked his death. i mean why would he study faking death and why would he put that in his songs and even shoot a music video before his death. i can also state the fact that his funeral was cancelled not once but twice. and the fact that they said he was cremated but its funny because i know some doctors personally and they said that you can be cremated withen 48 hours and they need to contact the family and send the records and preparie a funeral then cremate him which never happen. so these are questions that need to be answered but to my knowledge he faked his death.

  5. You idiot. That image was taken after midnight, meaning it was September 8. Typical was at the September 7 fight, but was shot after midnight meaning it was the 8th.

    Failed .

    • Watch your tone and next time read; Rules for Comment as I ALMOST didn’t let this fly. Now… I’m not sure how you missed the memo but the shooting occurred between 11p-11:15p that night NOT midnight… CLEOFUS! Please get YOUR facts straight.

      Jazz– The Captain of THIS Ship!!!

  6. Yea if that’s really tu pac where are all his tattoos on his chest .thats, a picture from aoviedo tu pac was in when he got shot.look at the neck look it up on how he could..where are the tattois,on his chest..he was about to get sent back to jail.and anyone that l is tu pac and knows how he rlt about prison would fake his own death to escape gping back.point two where are the dam keys on the BMW picture that they were supposaly.driving off in as far as I no the tecology wasn’t that good back in 96 and you still can’t drive without keys in a car f I r the idiots that say jus dead pictures don’t lie….and the piture off the BMW on q was takin on the 8th nit the 7th..he turned into mackavelie fir a reason..if you didn’t think he faked his death you didn’t no tu pac are jus music at all.

  7. the slicing that is shown in his autopsy photo, isn’t that after they preformed the autopsy? you can see its the “Y” shape incision which goes from each shoulder to the middle and then all the way down to the pubic area. also his scalp looking the way it does is because they removed his skull to weigh and check the brain.

  8. Let’s not forget to look at the rib cage in the autopsy photo….. How can this be compared to him making a scene in “Bullet” where he was faking his death?

    His rib cage has been clearly pulled apart is the photo! Also, judging by the indentation in his abdomen, his organs have been removed!

    This is horrible evidence to support your claim….

    • Why would they even show an autopsied body? His head is “flattened”. This is photoshopped. And again, the “official report” shows whomever they saw was not the same height as Tupac. You did see “cutie pa-tootie’s” DRIVER’S LICENSE, right?

  9. Well Tupac got shot after 1 in da morning so that’s why the picture says September 8th nd as far as him changing u do realize he went to the Luxor hotel right after da fight wit baby lane at the moment grand…

  10. Dre Gambino… when you enlarge the Appendix, it actually reveals another time all together (from Wikipedia, too)! All the reports say he was dead at 11:15pm that night (which is the 7th and not the 8th) but thanks to your comment, I looked at MORE than just the weight and height discrepancy (for this article)! This report says Tupac was pronounced dead at 16:05!!!! That’s military time for 4:05PM!!! And when you look again, it states his mother identified his body at 17:00 which is 5PM!!! And you know what else? It also lists a completely different date for Tupac’s death! Try a WHOPPING 6 days AFTER the original date of the 7th!!! Appendix don’t change facts, just ADD information. This document is a forge of some kind and it’s suppose to be “official”. You just opened a NEW CAN OF WORMS! 🙂

  11. The time stamp can be explained. Maybe the picture was taking after midnight. That would explain the date change. The camera used kept the time and date and changed when the time changed.

    • Hi Jt and WELCOME! 🙂

      I’m beginning to think there might actually be something to this “Mandela Effect” as most really aren’t recalling that it was indeed the 7th and not the 8th. Here’s a clip that again states it was the 7th (just like Wikapedia lists) Keep your eye on the TRT (total running time the camera indicates) which ALSO shows the date of the 7th and in military time, 20:50 is 8:50PM.

      There are only two possibilities why that camera had a date stamp of the 8th. 1) the camera date function was not set properly (HIGHLY doubtful though) or 2) that image is fake. And something else to consider, the big fight that DAY was at 3:30pm in the AFTERNOON (not an EVENING event). As you view the clip I linked… it comes to a part where the police tape is set in the area which means the shooting took place PRIOR to the TRT you see which at this point which reflects 00:47 which is military time for 12:47AM. Tupac was already shot PRIOR to this time. The time of death was reported based on the time zone and is reflective of the region so conversion of time is unnecessary. 😉 And check this out… when you get to the VERY end of the clip, the R.I.P. actually lists his death on September the THIRTEENTH!!! WHAT??? But to “confirm” it was the 7th (again)… here’s a tribute MTV (I think it was) did back then. Notice the “reporter” says September the SEVENTH by that “network’s” OWN account! Again… WHAT is up with that discrepancy? 🙂

      You know what? I’m just gonna CALL the Coroner’s Office! Should be easy enough to find a number since the address is listed! 🙂

      ****** UPDATED NOTATION ********
      EDITOR’S NOTE: 9/24/16– With the recent “interest” in this article (thanks SO much fellow people for “peepin’ it”), this prompted me to reach back into “my database” [memory]. Seems Tupac “got shot” SOO many times prior to his actual demise (poor thang), I FORGOT this might have been the time his mom talked about him “dying and being revived” many times PRIOR to his injuries “doing him in” (until she gave her consent to; “let him go”)!!! PERHAPS it was September 13th when he actually died while the 7th was the day he got shot???!!!! When I remembered his mom’s interview; here’s the clip I found… I was ONCE a “watcher” of Primetime Live (way back in the day when I thought shows like this, not to exclude today’s ‘VERSION” of “60 Minutes”, had merit) so a “light bulb” JUST went off! 🙂 Here’s the clip. Her soundbite hits @ about 5:20-ish. One fact does stand to question… is that image dated the 8th real or NOT? More to come… 🙂 P.S. Don’t forget to rate the article! Why ya’ll not sharing the rates on this blog is PUZZLING! 🙂 The feature is there to USE (the area to ‘RATE” is JUST at the top of where the article BEGINS)! 🙂 Jazz

  12. His autopsy pic is not fake because it isn’t an autopsy at all!

    Clearly he had bilateral thorocotmies and a laparotomy as an emergency because this is what is done in severe trauma to the chest and abdomen with someone who is unstable (I have some experience in this…being a trauma surgeon)

  13. İ do not believe in all that “Pac is alive” theories, but why the hell they faked the last picture is still a question
    Here’s what they show as a Pac’s last picture:

    And here’s the one it was taken:

    • THANK YOU for finding that shot again! When I lost my hard drive, that was an image I’d captured once before which is why I kept Tupac in the “back of my mind” (and then that Addendum surfaced)! 🙂

      Why, indeed! Something stinks, doesn’t it???! 🙂 Any thoughts on that “autopsy photo”? Tupac wasn’t shot in the head but his head is sliced open in that “leaked” photo. Hmmm… 😉 For the record, Tupac is the very first to make me think some of them DO fake their deaths ALTHOUGH in his case, I’m still unsure (but I AM SURE that some info in that addendum was false)– still can’t get past the height discrepancy. I’m an inch taller than Jada. 🙂 His mom was VERY convincing about her son dying. And NOW… she’s dead too.

      The Captain of THIS Ship! 🙂

      P.S. It’s a REAL shame Tupac didn’t have time to become a DAD! Now? There’s NO legacy. 😦

      • Something is always stinks until it become a Fact ))

        Autopsy photo was also faked. Here’s the original one:

        There are still a lot of questions to all these media parts of the story. But despite that.. I cannot believe Tupac can stay that quite this long. Tupac himself could not be able to keep himself quite this long.

      • Hi there, Adina! My apologies for the delay. Computer issues! 🙂

        That is the exact image I saw and believed it was the photoshop template!! And I agree!! Very hard to believe Tupac would “disappear”. But that height discrepancy STILL bugs me. Tupac was not 6″ tall. I also don’t think he’d be down with wearing disguises indefinitely. Too many groupies would recognize him that’s for sure. 🙂

  14. Tupac was recognized all around the world. If he were alive and was walking around in a crowd or restaurant, beach, etc., he would be mobbed by fans.
    His autopsy looks the way it does becausehe was laying in a hospital bed for a week, constantly having IV fluids running, NG Tube to nutrition, and he most likey developed CHF: Congestive Heart Failure which can but doesn’t prove his weight gain. His height can be explained easily, either he lied about it, or he had a late growth spurt, which many black men have had this happen beyond the age of 21. Why would his own mother lie for him and help cover up faking his own death. When you drain the body of blood and other fluids, the body looks like it does in the photo. Photo shop didn’t exist in 1996 and it was taken illegally. So the camera used was probably of low quality. As far as his clothing, he went back to the hotel and changed. The date stamp in the photo was correct. What time do you think the Main event of a major boxing fight ends? The fight was over a little after 1030 and time went by after the lobby brawl, then Tupac and his crew went to the hotel, changed clothes, went out, and unfortunately was murdered not long after midnight. No key in the ignition is simple. Suge was a thug, you really think he could have the ignition rigged so all he have to do is use a screw driver or blank key to turn ignition over then have to remove it. Pac is dead. Sad but true.

    • Hi there, Sammy Sam! 🙂 My apologies for the delay (JUST busy is all)!! 🙂 Don’t currently have time give a FULL reply BUT wanted to acknowledge your comment, briefly. 🙂

      This earth is much larger than we think. And while the “elite” has most of us “trembling” at the THOUGHT that “big brother’s eyes are EVERYWHERE”… I feel it JUST a tactic! IF we don’t “ACT”, it will become a REALITY, though but “they’ve not” achieved it yet. And they know it! Remember ole Zbigniew Brzezinski??

      Have you ever heard of Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland?? There’s another place which is referred to “the HAPPIEST place” to live on earth, though I can’t recall the locale at this moment. IF Tupac could fake his death (again, my JURY is STILL OUT on whether he did or not– that height discrep is STILL a snag in the Coroner’s Appendix), there actually are places he could pull this off. More to come (like over the coming up break- I’m working more than 12 hours per day right now) so I DO look forward to chatting (expounding) more! 🙂 Hope to chat soon, Sammy Sam and THANKS for commenting! 🙂


    • I don’t know what to think, but why wouldn’t Afeni back up Tupac if he wanted to fake his death? Do you think she liked having her son shot full of bullets every couple of years? If he were my son, caught up in all this crap and NEVER able to get out from under Suge Knight, I might suggest the death faking myself! Also, I had always read that there WAS no autopsy–which is unheard of in a murder case. There was also no funeral and no one collected on his life insurance. It wouldn’t be that hard for him to disappear. People would just assume he looked a lot like Tupac. He would also never reveal himself, because he would lose whatever life he’d been able to set up for himself. From what I understand, he wanted to have a family and get away from the type of life he was leading. Suge Knight was never going to let go of one of his biggest cash cows–unless Suge is actually in on it and agreed to it because, as we all know, record sales climb after the death of the artist. Win, win. Win for Tupac and win for Suge.

  15. Well if you ever got an ID or license you’d know they ASK you how much you weigh and how tall you are… Pac could say anything and made have had reasons to do so.

    Also, Pac went to his room to change clothes after he got into the fight, that’s a well known fact . Also the BMW is brand new, it probably had a single small black key that blends right into the black interior.

    I’m the biggest Pac fan there is I think and I looked into the conspiracies and I wish he was alive , unfortunately he’s not.

    The autopsy photo clearly shows the gunshot wound to his side and you can also see his ribs had been pushed in or broken from the surgery they did to remove his lung. There’s just so much proof in that photo alone.

    He stomped out a crip who’s uncle was a high ranking crop member as well as a result they retaliated and killed Pac.

    If you’re trolling that’s a shame, if you’re serious I have to recommend doing some research before posting .

    • So…. Tupac would make himself shorter than he really is? No man wants to be short and if anything they’d lie and say they were taller, not shorter. Even this image shows Tupac to be shorter than 6’…
      Also… you should look at the comments. I’d say some of your concerns/issues w/the article have been addressed. That autopsy photo is a fake. One last thing, promoting yourself as anyone’s “fan” is a dangerous thing (to your soul and soul ONLY, my friend). Your view is yours as mine, is mine. For the record, though… MY “jury” is still out on what tha heck happened with Tupac. 😉

      Some food for thought on the “word”, ENTERTAINMENT:

      Enter (come into, enter)

      Tain (possess, hold)

      Ment (a state of being) – otherwise to come into, possess & to keep individuals in a state of possession as a fan (fanatic) of said entertainer (star/idol/icon) or entertainment via one’s consciousness. The whole entertainment agenda is anti 10 Commandments.– Anonymous

      The Lady and Captain of THIS Ship! 🙂

      P.S. Blacks Law Dictionary defines the word; “actor” as follows: (a straight up LINK. No editing here)! 🙂

      • Hi mate..

        Why not to take it as.. he was shot by some stupid person for some stupid reason.. beating of Orlando can be the one to use.. or.. the real target was Suge.. there are a lot of people wish to kill that punk.. and Pac just was on the fire line.. and then Death Row made the whole story to make money on Pac’s name after his gone.. you can fake whatever you wish for you money.. why not to take it as a most reasonable explanation of “what happened with Pac”?..

        The truth may be simpler than we are trying to picture..

      • Well, HI THERE, Adina!

        I actually agree that it COULD be “cut & dry” but that height and weight discrep still nags at me! 🙂 And as for Suge… you do know “they” tried to off him too? Remember that film they were shooting [Straight Outta Compton]? Some guys rolled up on Suge and he was actually FRIGHTENED! Engine search that day he appeared in court (after he hit one of them with his car). That big ol’ bear was shaken up! None of these guys are “untouchable”. Once you take the oath, you belong to “them”/the club. When they wanted to target Suge, they did. 😉

        By the way… the n-word is not allowed on this site. I also created a “TAB” at the top for commenting. 🙂 I’ve replaced that word with “person”. 🙂

        If Tupac IS alive, we’ll find out one day I’m sure. Nothing hidden will remain in the dark. Just ask NASA! hahaha

        The Lady and Captain of THIS Ship! 🙂

  16. In regards to the autopsy photo, Wen an autopsy is done, the coroner makes a Y shaped incision from the top of both shoulders to the breastbone and then down thru the abdomen. The incision on his head is from where they remove the top of the skull to take out the brain to weigh and study it then the skull is put back on and the funeral home handles the rest. So in my opinion and wat I have seen in gross anatomy class, the autopsy photo seems legit to me.

    • Suge was but a BIT in the bucket! 🙂 Hi there, Laticia! If I’m to believe that Suge was a Freemason (Mason), and I do (His license plates on that BMW showed it to the WORLD… Suge was the LEAST of Tupac’s worries! 🙂 Remember… there was an attempt at Suge’s life too. Somewhere in the comment section, you’ll find dialogue on that as well! 🙂

      With love and THANKS for taking the time to comment! 🙂

      The Lady and CAPTAIN of THIS Ship! 🙂

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  19. I don’t know if the autopsy pic is fake but I believe that’s how they cut you for examination, correct me if I’m wrong.

    • Hi Joshua! My biggest problem with the report? His height. I could almost see a typo for his weight but they ADDED inches. How does an examination add height? 🙂

    • I know only a smidgen but I find it hard to believe that an examination/autopsy will add height. 🙂 No matter how we slice it, they certainly got that one, wrong. 🙂 Typographical errors are EASILY retracted so why it’s not been corrected with Tupac, keeps this in question. 🙂 And don’t they weigh/measure a body PRIOR to “slicing”? 🙂

  20. His autopsy photo looks in order to me. That Y incision on his torso is a textbook autopsy incinsion. The white layer you’re seeing on his torso is fat, that’s what it looks like. The white area on his head is his skull. The reason his head is misshapen, is because he’s been scalped and had his skull cap cut off starting just above his eyebrow level. They take the skull cap off to remove the entire brain to examine it. In this photo, it’s doubtful his brain is even actually inside of his skull any longer. They take it out, cross section it, examine it and then weigh it. Afterwards, organs that have been removed are put in a plastic bag and sewn up inside the chest cavity.

    Even in a shooting, and especially after surgeries and a week fighting for life in a hospital, they have to do an autopsy and have to do things like remove the brain and examine it even if the cause of death is fairly obvious. Especially with a situation like that, the cause of death could have easily been from stroke or hemorrhage from loss of blood or a blood clot…. especially after removing a lung. To get the brain out they do a half circle cut starting and ending with the ears and going backwards across the bottom of the skull. It’s then pulled forward over the face so far that the fleshy underside of the scalp covers the eyes and nose. The outside portion of the scalp, with his hair, is then resting against the eyes and nose. They have to pull it so far down because a Dremel-type tool is used to cut open the skull starting right above the eyebrow ridge and doing a straight 360 degree cut all the way to the back of the skull right above where the brain stem meets the spinal cord. The brain and brainstem is then removed, weighed, cross sectioned and then examined. In this photo, the skull cap has then been put back and the flap of flesh pulled back over. It should then be obvious why the head might then be mishapen in such a photo. Not to mention, people look different when they’re dead. Very different. Especially those fighting for their lives before they die.

    As for the height, such measurements are rough in an autopsy where the identity of the person is not unknown. It’s fairly irrelevant in almost any autopsy unless the victim is unidentified, the body can then be put in traction to give a more realistic height figure, if it’s thought it might be helpful. Not to mention, typically people estimate their height when they’re alive. And comparing his height to that of his height in high school, even if it was his very last day as a senior, oftentimes it won’t be the final height as a full grown adult. For me personally, I grew at least a couple of inches after graduating high school. Then there’s the fact that people lie about their height, especially men who might be shorter or women who might be taller. And at least in my state, I gave my height and weight for my drivers lisence and was then asked if it changed when renewing. I don’t think most states actually measure you or question it unless maybe you give them a figure that is obviously not even close to being correct. They also look to be in more formal attire in the photo, so perhaps the girl is wearing shoes with heels that have some extra height to them.

    This looks like a textbook autopsy photo and it also looks like Tupac to me. That doesn’t mean it couldn’t NOT be him. But personally I doubt that, and I very, very much doubt there’s any chance that photo is of some artificial prop. The best angle of attack on this photo, if one were trying to prove it were an artificial prop pictured, wouldn’t be to question the state of the body because that looks to be 100% in order from an autopsy perspective, but to look at the tattoos and cross reference them with photos of him alive. That’s what immediately pops out to me and where I would start if I were trying to prove this isn’t the body of Tupac Shakur. I have done no such research but the presence of the tattoos in the photos just furthers confirms to me that this is his real body. Why? Because if I had the resources to produce what would still be in 2018 a high quality AAA-Hollywood movie corpse reproduction, I’d be most worried about getting his face or any intricate tattoos in the pictures. You have the face mostly out of frame but this would be an extremely dangerous angle with those fairly intricate tattoos on his arm and I feel like anyone so smart and resourceful wouldn’t overlook something like that. Those would be extremely hard to reproduce faithfully and even if you did you’re just involving more and more people in the coverup.

    Then beyond his body…. Why would he fake his death? Did he have the resources to? You can have all the money in the world, but to pull something like this off with his level of fame and the massive reporting on his death you’d have to have connections and resources deep into the state to be successful. Being that this happened in the US, I highly doubt he could have pulled this off for so long without the help of at least one of the intelligence communities within the United States government. And without some sort of conspiracy theory giving reason to why he’d be linked to one of those, I doubt any conspiracy.

  21. Height and weight on countless people’s drliver’s license or ID card’s are often incorrect. I mean it’s not like they weigh you and measure you lol. They just take your word for it and on to the next one to process. My height and weight is inaccurate on my DL too. I think it always has been.

    Your flying into histrionics over his info on his ID not matching the autopsy findings as if it’s indicative of evidence or something lmao. It’s sillyness. Like you’ve hit paydirt or something lmao. The same can be said about the absurdity of everything else listed here. It’s comedy. Like, I actually chuckled. Lol.

    Pretty much everything listed on this page amuses me. And I’m sincerly not trying to poke fun at your paranoia, but if it’s funny it’s funny. Please dont be offended.

    Samuel RS basically summed up what I intended on saying so I’ll just second that notion.

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