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Proof The Queen (& Nem) Are NOT Humans!

EVERYTHING done in the dark does come out in the light even if it takes decades! Rest assured. 😉

Thanks to the sharp eyed youtuber; Welcome to the .Next Level  we now have solid proof (as if we really need more) that that family is NOT human!  When Princess Diane revealed to her close confidant that she saw ‘the queen’ transform into a 12 foot lizard– though “out there” at the time– I’ve ALWAYS thought “tha queen” was really a man with lizard like lips! hahaha NO JOKE though! lol  So I wasn’t too taken aback by her comment.  And now, through “Willie Boy” and Kate’s first offspring– we get to see his strange little fingers MORPH!  The best part?  Lying ass (propaganda machine that IT is) CNN’s camera CAUGHT IT TOO and faded out of the shot as it was occurring!  This clearly indicates (to me) that what was happening, could be seen with the naked eye.

First– here’s a screenshot of what I caught with my OWN eyes.   It’s pretty amazing that after all of this time, it’s lil’ George Alexander Louis who finally reveals this family for what they are.  Non-humans capable of ANYTHING.  And these non-humans ARE being revealed more and MORE…arrow-down

(Click ’em to enlarge)

George Alexander Louis finger morph on cnn 2014

You can view the clip HERE where it hits at 1:09.  Right now CNN has NOT removed it but I’m certain they will shortly so download it!  Hey!  Can YOUR baby’s fingers do that?!!!  If they can– send me a video (email is top right column under; “Got Somethin’ To Say?”), and I’ll send you $50 bucks!!!! I’M NOT KIDDING!!! NOTE: Challenge expires 12/31/14.  (Oh yeah– I’m a former news video editor prior to living abroad and pretty good with Photoshop too so I won’t be easily fooled hence all the captures that get posted on “Why O’ Why?” about “shifters” (found the video source for THIS one, too.)  I also worked with a “shifter”.  See THAT revelation after the fact, HERE.

To validate even further that there are indeed non-humans that walk among us, (they really are demons or Nephilim, you guys) meet THIS chick.  Kristie Lu Stout is another CNN reporter.  See if you notice ANYTHING in this picture…


kristie lu stout cnn reporter hand morph in plain sight tight shot1Look at her friggin index finger!!!!  And in this next shot, you can see that her face did a little morphing glitch too…

kristie lu stout cnn reporter face and hand morph in plain sightClick HERE for the clip.

Get YOUR personal relationship started with God NOW.  Who knows when the hour but Christ IS returning.  Even though we’ve been forewarned of that day, we ARE STILL going to experience a time when the “unseen” will be seen.  I’m talkin’ all kinds of winged and mightily strengthened creatures too.  No stockpiling of guns and ammo will save one living soul– THIS I know.  It is the acceptance of Jesus into your heart that is the only thing that will save us.  The Heavenly Father’s invitation to come to Him is remarkably simple too (once we accept that a battle for souls went on in Heaven).  I personally thank God that these entities clearly ‘shifted’ like they did.  “For those who have EYES…”

12 thoughts on “Proof The Queen (& Nem) Are NOT Humans!

  1. I would love to talk to you about some of this. I started digging and researching and wondered upon your website. After I read the Bible, weird things started happening to me. Spirits are so very real is all I can say and they are attacking me something fierce.

    • Hi there, Waiting4ayesu! I would love to chat! It’s a fascinating subject indeed! Oh– and those attacking spirits that are ‘hovering’ around you see the light in you– that’s why the attacks are fierce. Stand strong like you’re doing. They are no match for God! 🙂

      Glad you found the blog and that it’s helping (somehow)! Warms my heart to hear those things. 🙂


      • I know this will sound totally crazy but I’d be reading the Bible to MSNBC and there would be voices under the broadcast that would refer to me as Osirius. Pay close attention to the tones you hear in your ears. When I did I noticed a difference. I can hear the difference between the sheep and the goats. When I started following the teachings in the Bible and my exhusband started beating me. I was committed to the hospital where the CIA came to me to ask me about how radio and tv affect me. I have so much to tell and your site and tila tequilas freedom fighters opened something. I got to see the all seeing eye thanks to her and yt before it got pulled. God is truly watching and we don’t have much time left.

  2. I read the qaran and it tells me how to read the hidden codes in the bible. I know more than anyone on earth because I am the only one both god and Allah have told these things to. All the fighting must stop. There are more aliens then humans here but there are also humans on other planets and the other planets have also been visited by Saviors of their own. We must stop being afraid of those who are not like us. It is pure racism and ignorance.

    • I absolutely agree. Their master plan won’t win so it is foretold in the Bible. Love always wins over hatred. All that division to conquer, order in chaos never works. I’ve heard the other evil beings from other planets (Jesus did say space was immeasurable; try counting that sand scientists, each grain if you must!) I know the angels in heaven take charge of me. Know you are blessed for the knowledge you continually spread to others. Stay the course and in the Word; I’ll do the same and spread that mustard seed to those with ears and eyes to listen/see. God has great works he has yet to do/in store for his obedient children.

      • I just read your comments and want you to look up Donald Marshall…come back and let us know if anything he discusses/describes resonated with you. Perhaps Jesus is helping you break some programming you were unaware of? You have my prayers.

      • So I’m late to the party but I’m reading his book now. I think I’ve been made a REM clone (my dreams as of late are really dark and horrifying). Why do you suppose ‘they’ selected me?

    • so what you are really saying is that you have dipped your toes on both sides of the fence and have been made comfortable to straddle it by the convincing and deceptive demons that belong to the legion of Satan that are parading around as aliens, but are actually just tools of evil.

      I pray for you to leave the hunger for knowledge for a taste of wisdom. You cannot combine darkness with light. God and Allah are NOT the same nor is Muslims equitable to Christianity. We are here to offer Muslims light in their DARK, DARK OPPRESSED world, whereas they are taught fervently, that we Christians and Jews are to be avoided and never befriended or they will go to hell…there is a difference…it’s rooted in Abraham’s seed…Ishmael, child of Hagar, is the root of the Muslim branch on the tree of life, but it is a cursed branch and will be severed off.

      Study deeper, dear student, but pray for the Light (Jesus Christ) to guide your studies and your journey. Do not be caught spreading lies.

      • Wow.. what an idiot, sorry for being so blunt but listen to yourself, all mainstream religions are tools of evil and deception, get off your high horse about christianity its one of the worse religion, after the crusades which lasted almost 400 years and the inquisition how can you act like chrisianity is any different from islam. You sound ignorant and uneducated. Stop picking the pieces out of the bible that suit you and only focusing onbthe good messages in the biblical texts cause there not many, the god you give yourself to is a hateful vengeful and spiteful being, not our true father and creator ( enki) so your confused and leading yourself to damnation unbeknownst to you, but as long as you believe god and jesus are waiting on the other side youll continue to follow blindly, ahhh the masters of deception. But it annoys me to hear people spreading the decption still today as if they know personally how it all works, when the source of the information comes from plagiarized biblical texts all taken from the sumerians texts, the original detailed accounts and backed up by science and the real events, so educate yourself

  3. I’ve seen a few freaky things that were quick and could just be my wild imaginings, but on DWTS this past season, Lea Thompson, after finishing up a raunchy, ridiculously lame routine, went into full-on demon mode while exuding with excitement and animalistic reeling. I had it saved on my dvr for the longest time, just because in slow-mo, you could really see the demon take over as her tongue snaked out and her eyes bulged.

    Most recently, on this week or last week’s American Idol, one of the female contestants who snaked through a group audition (of four girls) eyes flashed when the innocent sheep was sent to the slaughter…Apparently the vicious young women edged her out of the group, so she was not as prepared when ready to present, not to mention she was emotionally stung…so she was cut.

    It is getting more and more noticeable, these demons coming through in times of “sweet victory”. But their victories will be short-lived in the long-run. The Eternal run. ❤

    I have read so many horrific stories involving the royals, especially the Queen and her evil husband, and his namesake, that arch the realm of dark subjects, that I can believe almost anything…but whether lizards or not, they are rooted in supreme evil and will be cast out of the Garden along with all their blind, sick followers. They root from the snake who hangs out in the tree of knowledge…and we all know the snakes that hang out in that "holly wood tree" these days, and the snake is wrapped tightly around it, yup. I just pray when they come upon comments such as this, that the Good Lord Almighty, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit help them interpret my riddles. So that they too may escape the bondage of wealth, power and secrets…dark secrets. God forgives.

  4. I like your posts.. but please stop mixing christianity in with your revelations. Educate yourself on the sumerian culture and history, it is there that you will realize the hebrew bible (revised from sumerian texts) and the christian bible (revised from the old testament or hebrew bible) and pretty much any other holy text from any culture around the world over hundreds of centuries were deliberately alteredd to cause change in awareness, war, destruction while the powers that be profited and gained all control.. why did constantine jump from egyption beliefs and giving praise to ra, to christianity? Im sure there was a reason for it and it wasnt divine. Also the texts of the sumerians detailing every account from both testaments in greater detail, not to mention where christianity lacks scientific evidence especially with timing on events, the sumerians claims all check out. one can clearly see the christian bibles characters and their events were from a much older account, and those accounts were experienced by the people recording them.. unlike the bible.. so when you say praise the lord and accept him into your life make damn sure you know who your referring to, lest you be led down the path of darkness rather than righteousness, while the powers that be keep leading you to false truths with things like religion and biblical texts meant to confuse and not enlighten. Understand that enki is our true father and sole creator, it was with a hravy heart he had to leave his adams (first earth humans) is the correct meaning of the adam, but heir to the throne and leader of the annunaki passed down from their father anu to enlil saw that this happened due to the fact he did not like enkis creation homo sapien. He did not like the mixing of their royal blood with a primitive beast (neandrathals cromagnon etc.) He wanted us extinguished but enkis love for his children was great and he wouldnt scrap humans and start over instead he upgraded his adams to the point of awareness.. that way we wouldnt just be flesh droids built to follow orders and never seek the enlightmen that the light of the annunaki were capable of, as were we with training and learning tobunderstand.. which enki took responsibility to teach us along with astrology, astronomy, mathematics, writting, language and a plethera ofl other knowledge.. so understand and educatebyourselves everyone.. its enlils will to turn us on each other., that way we cant learn from one another we will just pas judgement and disagree with one another and kill one another.. basically seems like islam christianity and main religions all agree with killing in the name of their god.. this is all the work of enlil. Posing as the real leaders or gods and changing the natives to the areas belief systems frombhelp your neighbor to kill your neighbor so long as its for religion or if they dont agree with your beliefs. Understand what your up against those whobpreach religion and jesus saves dont know theyre marching right into the inferno because the decievers have them convinced that the pearly gates and jesus christ andbeverlasting life await them onbthe othersidec because they put too much trust in the ones in control and thebonesbwhobdidntbcare who they had to kill to get there, just look at the crusades the inquisition, all for what? Does anybody think after these events alto push christianity around the world, that these samebpeople pushing the propaganda care where you soul ends up? No!! They have no problem leading you astray to keep you ignorant and a slave to their agenda

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