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7 thoughts on “Facebook KILLED The “Why O’ Why?” T-Shirt Campaign! WOW!

  1. Crazy, this just makes me happy with my choice to never sign up for facebook, twitter or any other social media sign beyond blogging like this site and a few mothers. I do believe that all of these sites are data collectors and many of them have been brough out by the Justice Dept now. You FB page are nothing more then profile information collectors I liked have you handled the situation all that information is a lot to ask for considering that facebook does not end in .gov. People think that I am crazy for not having a cell phone right now in my life used to have one but haven’t had one for 3 years + now and it all cool to me. The only things that I mess is texting as it is another form of communicating that works and is fully functional. Texting does also get people in trouble as well and I also never used my phone for really important matters like depositing a check into my account nothing along those lines something things just need to stay manual.

    • Hi there, ladybug! Yeah– their nonsense was ‘EXTRA’! I’d like to know if any facebook users have forwarded “their acceptable forms of I.D.” for an internet account (not bank account– well, like that really matters anymore). I mean– have people really bowed down to this vs. a security question (which my online bank account does– a little more important than facebook)? It would be shocking to discover. And I’m also not a fan of texting. Never liked it either. My cell is for emergencies and rarely used and I still listen to my voicemail. Proud of it! 🙂

      I feel bad that the account was shut down (because it wasn’t mine) BUT I’m very glad to have stumbled upon this! It’s no longer a “conspiracy”, just a fact.© 🙂

  2. Hey Jazz, where have you been? Have not been keeping up with you, drats.
    Been busy making chemtrail videos, but we are finally getting some weather with rain and snow over here on the west coast, such a unique concept!

    • Hi there, Dan! I saw your videos on the chems! So bold, they are these days. Add a little HAARP to the situation and everything get’s jacked up! Have you ever seen this clip? Of course you can no longer find it on CNN but its some of the most STUNNING evidence that they’ve done CRAZY unnatural stuff through chemtrails AND HAARP! Check it:

      Keep up the good fight, my man! 🙂

  3. I know this is an old blog post but I permanently deleted my personal account a few weeks ago. I found that while Facebook showed everyone when I posted cat pictures or something trivial but it seemed a lot of links showing Youtube videos or articles on conspiracies etc. were either hidden from others or mysteriously disappeared. I am so much happier without it, Twitter and Instagram.

    • They are as dirty as pigs! I’ve heard it said that even if you delete your account, they are still watching the former accounts activity! And it doesn’t surprise me that they limit who gets what (just like Google).

      I don’t dig Twitter either ( and am only become aware of Instagram but it would be nice to find a real alternative to facebook so a mass exodus can occur! Every time I re-read this article, I get so peeved by just how cocky they are!

      Anywho… thanks so much for stopping by AND commenting! 🙂 Welcome to “the party”! hahaha Cute picture by the way!

      Jazz (The Captain of THIS Ship)! 😉

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