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Introducing “Why O’ Why?” T-shirts!

Hello fellow people!  I’ve finally gone and done it!  Launched the official “Why O’ Why?” T-shirt!  It’s pretty self-explanatory so I hope you’ll like what you see and get on board!  🙂  I’ve cut and pasted the image of what you’ll find when you go to the link; teespring.com/yoy50wordpress!

why o why tshirts

There are several options to chose from but with a drop-down box, just follow the screen and click your options (sizes, colours, etc.).  The link is also located on the blog towards the upper right directly under; “People Are Peepin”.  And be don’t shy– give me your feedback. 🙂  Some of you are familiar with the phrase (if you’ve been peeping “Why O’ Why?” for a while) and some “new timers” may be unfamiliar.  All I know, is every time I’ve mentioned this to someone– they’ve simply LOVED it!  I kinda do too! 🙂

Thank you for the amazing support and for inspiring me to “keep up the good fight” AND encouraging me to explore my creative side!  Happy shopping, fellow people!  Be sure to tell a friend. 🙂


The Captain of THIS ship! 🙂

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