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Beyonce Under Hypnosis November 2014

Even though countless of “us”[bloggers, etc.] are proving DAILY that MK Ultra still remains in affect (especially amongst ANY top “celeb”), I’m sure it’s still difficult for most people to comprehend.  Well… COMPREHEND IT! 🙂  I remind you of Bill Clinton’s actual apology for your governments’ role in MK Ultra (of the u.s. populace).  You can peep a clip HERE (for starters) along with another clip contained therein were he too looks like he’s under the influence (that spell)!  I could go on and on about the many pieces of evidence that’s been found but the search button here at “Why O’ Why?” does work pretty well.  🙂 Anywho…

For the longest– I’ve had NO appreciation for Beyonce.  NONE.  I think she’s untalented, can’t sing or even dance and have despised how our young girls look up to her “antics”.  But I get it (especially now)– she’s a “product” of the industry and that’s just how they’ve gotten down for the more than past 15+ years.  When I finally stumbled upon the facts of MK Ultra, lo and behold if Bounce (Beyonce) has not been showing the signs of a mind controlled victim (amongst soooo many countless others). 

Below is one of the latest finds from a Nets game about 5 days ago.  She’s certainly exhibited that famous “blank/dead/vacant” look in her eyes.  Before you review the below clip, let me preface it by saying that celebrities know the camera is always watching them [when they are out and about].  If she were “in her right mind”, her entire behavior would have been much different.  Beyonce “was in a zone”, not just “bored” as some have speculated.  For those who have eyes… peep it…

That was the most raw footage I could find but of course “my boy”, TheBlackChild on youtube caught this one too.  Peep his findings and assessment and see if it doesn’t resonate the truth about this dark side of what the elite do to women and children (in particular).  His video also details that fight in the elevator between Beyonce’s sister and Jay Z.  Beyonce remained in a corner, unflinching and unable to move during that bout (Solonge was kicking and everything!).  It’s speculated that the need for a blood sacrifice was at the root of their scuffle cuz the devil is REAL, YA’LL!!!  Hey!  But what do you say?  The below clip is really for the intermediate to advanced learned on the subject.  Beginners will have to start researching to “catch up” but this is certainly a clip worth noting…


This clip appears to be more of the clip TheBlackChild took excerpts from.  Far more detailed and ties it all back to as far as Aaliyah.  Check it out if you like below.  Thanks “T” for sending this one in just now! 



The evidence of mind control is all around us.  We just have to dig in and start researching to understand.  Clips/articles like THIS, THIS and THIS abound.  Knowledge IS power so don’t be afraid to learn about this truth.  Beyonce needs our prayers NOT blind worship.

Isaiah 41:29King James Version (KJV)

29 Behold, they are all vanity; their works are nothing: their molten images are wind and confusion.

1 Timothy 4:1King James Version (KJV)

Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;

“The Industry” is EVIL, ya’ll!  If the words of The HEAVENLY Father won’t “inspire” you, maybe the words of a former player ‘in that world’, will.  No longer part of a big label– listen carefully to the lyrics of this song.

18 thoughts on “Beyonce Under Hypnosis November 2014

  1. this video makes me sad. she is under hypnosis + she is a diamond presidential model MK beta slave. marilyn monroe was the first one. all hidden right in folks’ faces.

    when i realized, i had to stop being annoyed by beyonce. she is not really there for the most part. these folk require our prayer.

    it is for this reason that i also don’t suffer from envy. the price some folk pay for stuff = rough. don’t know if you know who karen mulder is. when she came out of her stupor/trance she belted out the truth in an interview + named names of the world famous royalty + heads of state that used her at will. of course, the powers that be made her apologize, say she was “crazy” + take it all back.

    the fame game= whack.

    thanks for the post. i love Black Child, too. he is gifted with the way he breaks it all down.

    • Hi there, lady! I believe they’ve always did them in public. We just didn’t know what we were actually looking at. Now, it’s hard to miss. It’s pretty amazing how the devils enchantments do work on us. We are clueless about what we’re participating in.

      P.S. Love “theblackchild’s” work! You know youtube has already taken his first channel down? I always feel like a channel that gets removed and then comes back are the channels spitting tha truth. 😉

  2. I definitely agree! There are some evil forces working in the industry. We have to realize Satan had the gift of music and his uses his power to reign control and persuasion to the masses. It is truly an evil world. We can only allow the Holy Spirit to guide us and protect us from these evil forces.

    • Hi there, denishiamacon! Love the pic by the way! 🙂

      I cannot tell you how difficult it is to try to get people to understand that! It really IS satan’s playground!

      You know… some have suggested that Al Pacino is really the antichrist. Though definitely part of the “fallen ones”, he’s NOT it. I believe this antichrist is going to be CAPTIVATING to both men AND women (when he does appear). He’s going to be enchantingly BEAUTIFUL and BEGUILING on ALL levels! He’s not going to be some short runt by any stretch of the imagination! 🙂 He’s going to appear “PERFECT” and as a ray of “LIGHT” just like the Bible tells us! Closed eyes will receive him well but the rest of us need to prepare for our “GRAND CHOICE”. Proclaim CHRIST or get beheaded!

      And I saw thrones, and they that sat on them. And judgment was given to them, and to the souls of the ones having been beheaded because of the witness of Jesus, and because of the Word of God, and who had not worshipped the beast nor its image, and had not received the mark on their forehead and on their hand. Revelation 20:4

      Welcome to the party, lady! Can’t wait to find the time to explore more on your blog as well! Thanks for subbing too! 🙂


      • You are right. The antichrist is yet to be revealed on this earth. But he will be charming to everyone, who does not know that he is deceiving all. But yes, I will definitely proclaim Christ because my soul is worth more than a few comfortable years on this earth. I like your views and I definitely will enjoy reading your blog as well.

      • “than a few comfortable years on this earth”… it’s my understanding those years will be hell on earth? Revelation 9:2-4. It sucks to be a part of that at all so I suppose we’ll eventually find out the ending to our stories one of these days, won’t we? 🙂 It’s crazy… I somehow knew I would be alive during the coming of Christ even as a child of 8 although my grandmother would encourage me “not to worry about such things and go play”.

        I’m just glad that we are able to see the things He’s allowing. Even now seeing this video– I had such disdain for Beyonce for so long it was VERY difficult to pray for her soul at first. God ain’t feelin’ that, you know? Just trying to get it right before His arrival and boy does it take a real change of heart to come close to the selfless love God has for us! Feels like there’s so much to do with so little time indeed! 🙂

        Glad you’re enjoying the blog and that it’s helping! Warms this sista’s heart to know that! 🙂


    • She should be right on schedule here shortly if she’s approaching 30 or in her early 30’s. They usually start to “break” around then according to the research. Hi there, Tracy and welcome to the (awareness) party! Strap in twice– it’s a bumpy ride!

      Jazz 😉

    • Good eye, Nina! 🙂 I can’t see it for myself but that portion has been analyzed by others. His eyes go black (I’m thinking he’s looking up because he’s aware of his “shift”). I still can’t get past that woman’s hand gestures behind them! So NOT “normal” even IF you’re a hand talker, you know? The whole scene makes me do my Ricky Ricardo voice… “somebody got some splaining to do”! All jokes aside– maaaannn… it is very hard to see her in that state. Where I once believed Bounce was aware/sold out willingly– she truly has the signs of MK Ultra. Just WOWZER. I’ve no doubt anymore that her mom and dad sold her (just like that poor Gag-gag girl

      He’s also been revealed as a potential doppleganger; Hey– aside from all that real heavy (above “our realm” of understanding) stuff, I will NEVER forget this about him so why is anyone STILL following this creep? Oh yeah– didn’t he make a song called LUCIFER?!! Sometimes the stuff in plain sight gives me GAS when so many DON’T see it! 🙂


  3. Interesting theory, though that’s all I read above, theory.

    Yes, celebrities are always in the spotlight and as an ironically introverted hypnotist myself, I found myself asking, “Why should she have acted ‘different’ as your blog suggests? She’s human, God forbid she just relax and zone out during her personal time.”

    There’s no solid proof of mind control here and Jay-Z is a significant other, not a handler. Unless you’re a lip reading expert (in which case I’d be intrigued to know what he said in the video), I invite you to either do better research if ever claiming “mind control” (providising more in depth (and preferably scientific/psychological-based proof)) in the future.

    Lastly, Background music (while it can set the appropriate mood for viewers watching a scene) was tacky here and in my professional opinion completely took away from the legitimacy of yoour blog’s influential purpose.

    Please don’t misunderstand me, I’m well aware of those who misuse Hypnosis. However, again, I see no actual proof here beyond hyped self-believed information.

    • Well, HELLO Jon Wayes!!! Gotta remember to link a little diddy about “The Duke” aka John Wayne at the end of this reply! 🙂 Your screen name jarred that in me! 🙂

      Since you were so articulate (hopefully you did read the rules for commenting or you were raised from good “etiquette” stock) so I’ll reply in like manner! 🙂 I really DO appreciate good, clean debates. 🙂

      I’m going to go ahead and “knock this out the park” by planting the seed that hypnosis is indeed the work of demons. Just like tattooing, Yoga, magic (as in Magicians) or channelling spirits to name a FEW. I could link my findings but I’m sure the readers here are astute enough to research for themselves. 🙂 I encourage it as I’m ONLY “the messenger” [HUMBLE smile]. Before I forget, I’m not the creator of the clip (footnote– anyone who stops by should ALWAYS click the title of a youtube clip for its’ ORIGINATOR). I don’t upload videos ALTHOUGH, I’m STARTING to rethink that. 🙂 I happen to agree that content CAN remain on its’ own without any “extras”. 🙂 As far as mind control… I’ll let the following links speak for themselves to get us started… 🙂 Look for #4 on this list. … with a little “twist of Clinton” too, and DO VIEW THE LAST CLIP CONTAINED THEREIN (RE: a pair of Twins) Next up… … FINALLY read the book! DISTURBING! Though the clip I linked for THIS article keeps getting deleted (AND condensed) here is part of Mrs. Sharp discussing mind control (followed by the article) from 1980. Since she talked about “experimentation on soldiers”, check out Wayne Williams discussing (barely, but DOES acknowledge) some military training HE received prior to being known as “The Atlanta Child Murders” KILLER… Definitely dig back to Sirhan, Sirhan too. Yep… I’m kinda that OLD! 🙂 The lady in the polka dot dress is STILL his “hypnotic” TRIGGER. And for good measure, these “scary twins” (LINKED IN THE ABOVE article which I JUST RE-ADDED NOW) CONTINUES TO GET DELETED (VIA Youtube) so that clip (if it’s not within the LINKED article and IF it has disappeared AGAIN) IS also linked HERE…

      You call it hypnosis but what do you think it SHOULD be called when one is “hypnotized” out of their own MINDS? By the way, BOUNCE (THAT’S Be-YAWN-SAY to her FANS– she’s GOTTA BE one the MOST UNTALENTED “acts” to have ever been MANUFACTURED) is coined as a “DIVA”!! “Divas” LOVE attention AND the camera. Makes no sense that she’d think for a MOMENT that the lens is NOT following her (while at a PUBLIC EVENT). Her make up is “off” (compared to how she is ALWAYS seen), that hair looks like someone gave her a QUICK SHOWER and that shirt SCREAMS K-MART!! 🙂 TheBlackChild on younazi did a really good analysis of that fight between J-Z(ero) and Solange in the elevator. Bounce didn’t move ONE BIT… frozen mind AND body! Watch that TMZ clip CLOSELY. Even when siblings HATE each other, if someone is “attacking them” (or THEY are “squabbing it out”), blood is going to ALWAYS come to AIDE!! She didn’t move or even try to STOP them. Her sister is bean-pole compared to J-Z(ero) so you’d THINK the least she’d do is try to stop them even WITH a bodyguard present. And Bodyguards DO have permission to CLOTHES-LINE ANYONE deemed “suspect” or a threat. BARELY one inch did BOUNCE (aka beyonce) move… P.S. the voice in the clip is NOT TheBlackChild… link is video title.

      Never assume that ANYTHING is as it seems. This is our world, now. Question EVERYTHING and look BENEATH the SURFACE. Your SOUL will THANK YOU! 🙂 We ARE living in times of GREAT DECEIT. Always be mindful of that.

      Oh YEAH!!! And now… a “John Wayne” reminder! 🙂 I do need to make adjustments to this article, thanks to a reader, but simply haven’t had the time to devote just yet!

      Thanks for stopping by AND commenting (ever so POLITELY)! 🙂 Nice “breath of FRESH air” to get an inquisitive mind vs. a bon-a-fide SHILL! 🙂


      The Lady and Captain of THIS Ship! 🙂

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