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Paul McCartney Died (And Was Replaced With A Big Eyed HYBRID)?

And so it lives on, I suppose!  Many have heard and many have not, but this is not that big of a secret by today’s standards.   One thing about this “tale” that WILL stand out will be undeniable as you’ll soon see. 

Paul McCartney died in an auto accident a long time ago and was replaced, is what’s been said (researched, etc.).  HERE’s one of many links to give you an overview of this mystery.  I’ve looked into some of what’s been uncovered and the evidence is compelling.  I’m finding that there’s one sure thing I can count on when trying to decide if a ‘celeb’ is “one of them or not”.   Dig back into the archives (past)!  And remember this.  Television first entered our homes by way of analog– NOT digital.  If we can find footage even before television became much more sophisticated, then I say; “SHA-BAM!  Another one bites the dust!”  Is Paul included among them?  Um… just based on the simple fact that any GRAND level of success means a firm; “yes”– they ARE involved in the darkness when one makes it that big within entertainment.   And most are probably possessed or hybrids/clones and let’s not forget about the rituals they must involve themselves in.  They must play to get paid.  Richard Pryor so much as CONFESSED IT.

Either way, it is ALWAYS very cool to find tangible proof that’s for sure, isn’t it?!  Try this one on for size.  Remember– television was only ANALOG back then.


What makes me lean towards this being something that was actually caught on tape back then was the fact that his eyes were different sizes when he was “switching them back” [to normal].  Examine it carefully and you can see that it wasn’t an “optical illusion”, or any other snafu.  Nothing is out of focus.  I believe it to be an ANOTHER authentic catch.  There’s also another clip out there years later where both of his eyes do the same thing (though I can’t locate it at the making of this post).  What that means is that this has occurred with Paul, twice.  The real Paul did die and was replaced.  Could have been done just as easily with a double, which Paul actually had.  Below is one of Paul’s “doubles” at a look-a-like contest back in 1965 where a man named William Campbell was the winner…

paul mccartney and william campbell together

The below pic is a comparison made between the first Paul and the replacement less than one year after Paul’s death.  Can you see a difference?  By the way– the car “accident” that killed Paul was on November 9, 1966.  I’m not into their astrology and numerology at all (it IS of the devil) but when you play with that date just a little, what pops out to me is; 9/11/66.  Just based on the events of “9/11”, I’M NOT IGNORING THAT! 🙂

paul mccartney was replaced by his mother mary a s.o.e. agent

Aside from this more than 40 year old debate, let’s not forget what those eyes did in the clip…

Paul McCartney Eyes Shift During Live Interview Analog Black And White TV

These “people” ARE deceiving us and it is truly time to turn our back on that force known as “entertainment”.  It’s not innocent at all.  A parting thought… is it me or does Obama’s “mama” look more like Paul than Obama EVER did?  

Stanley Ann Dunham with obama and sis

Isaiah 5:20 King James Version (KJV)

20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!



23 thoughts on “Paul McCartney Died (And Was Replaced With A Big Eyed HYBRID)?

  1. Great article so basically what you are saying is that back then TV was not advance or clever enough to cover up the distortment of the clip so this is an authentic version of what is real and what was even happening back then. The two pictures of Paul does look very different like his chin is completely differnet, and his teeth are completely different. I which that I could see his ears in this picture but you can’t. Also his face to neck ratio looks different one is much shorter then the one in the other picture. The real Paul’s noise was rounder and the fake Paul noise is more pointer and the same goes with the shape of the face. Thanks for the info.

    • Hi there, Ladybug! Long time! 🙂

      “what you are saying is that back then TV was not advance or clever enough to cover up the distortment of the clip”… GREAT QUESTION! I guess I am! lol!!! It’s obvious to me that even cameras were nowhere as sophisticated as they are today. Back then they needed actual people to move them (for the most part) while today, it’s with the flip of a switch. That limitation alone indicates they didn’t have the ability to “cut a way” as the industry does today.

      I wish I could have found the actual side by side of William (the winner of the contest) and Paul. The internet actually had it a few years ago. Hmmm? 🙂

  2. sis, watch the signs. that medallion around baby BO means something…

    do a little diggin’. if/when i encounter it again i will forward the information to you…

    i have since forgotten. in the learning, there is much risk of programming and being triggered. forgetting things is how i remain reasonably sane. somewhere i read:

    “happiness is Good health and a bad memory.” i took that literally:)

    you are correct about “entertainment”…

    for me there is a method to the madness.

    digital tv is so that these “others” may communicate better one with another.

    it is also useful when they seek to torment souls like me that refuse to shut it up. for this reason i no longer even have a tv at all. add Yah showing folk spirits and it gets to be anything but entertaining. i AM Grateful that He has NOT given me a spirit of fear, but of sound mind, Power and Love.

    Love casts out all fear.

    many of these souls are caught in a soul snare.


    thinking it too late- a lie- for them to turn their hearts to Yah and be saved.

    so let US pray for not ridicule them.

    not sayin’ that you are.

    i pray that Almighty will turn them and all the souls that they influence back to Him/His Word, in Yahushua Messiah’s Mighty Name, before it is too late.

    Yahushua Messiah aka Jesus Christ around the world:)

    keep up the Good work, sis.

    please forgive any typos. i am movin’ fast. much to do, little time to get it all done, really. + i am behind schedule:)

    or so it seems to me. He whispers that all is as it should be…time on the clock= more souls saved.

    Blessings in Abundance to you and your whole house.

    • Hi there, lady!

      I’ve been trying to figure out a way to research just an image on the internet. That medallion is brimming with info but I can’t figure out how to find out exactly what it is (means). (ughs)

      And I’ve always felt digital tv was a way for THEM to communicate! It’s “crazy” that you’d mention that!!!

      You hang in there! There’s a reason you were pulled from that existence! You are suppose to share your knowledge. 🙂 I’m sure it’s easier said than done but I have faith like you wouldn’t believe! 🙂 Keep being one of God’s Warriors.

      O yeah– I never took for a moment that you thought I might be ridiculing them. 🙂 I not only pray for their release but I also pray that they know that they can still come to Christ even after they’ve signed the blood oath. God forgives when we ask (with all of our heart). You’re fine on the typos and boy o boy do I know what you mean about time! 🙂

      Peace and blessings to you and yours as well!

  3. Here is some more evidence to this story

    This is from the same page in the comment section:

    There’s a woman in Germany who was Paul’s girlfriend before 1966 who has always claimed she had become pregnant with Paul’s child & he knew about it. Paul was worried about his reputation and asked her to have an abortion because he knew the child was his. This woman had contact with Paul, but all of a sudden he cut it off post November 1966. Recently, she obtained a court order for a DNA test to prove once and for all her daughter is Paul’s biological child, and this woman knows she didn’t sleep with other men, only Paul McCartney. Faul agreed immediately to the test, he didn’t hesitate for one second. The DNA test was done, and to this woman’s horror it said “no DNA match”. As a result, she is on a crusade to prove that this Paul is Faul. One must remember that in those days things were different woman didn’t sleep around, it was considered bad enough if you slept with one person. Apparently, this woman has a lock of hair Paul gave her before 1966, she wants to have it DNA tested and compared to Faul’s DNA but guess what; she’s having a hard time finding someone to do it. They have Faul’s DNA profile but asked him to provide a hair sample just to see his reaction. Faul had a fit and won’t do it.

  4. I can’t believe I’ve never heard this story. It’s backed up with waaaay too many receipts. It explains sooo many disturbing things. Now I know why Stella McCartney has that ungodly otherworldly ice cold reptilian aura . *deep shudders* She looks just like the big eyed alien shape shifter Faul in that video. But it really explains that horrible story I read years ago about Paul –sorry Faul being an ogre and a tyrant who abused his sick elderly “father” and tried to make sexual advances towards his teenage “stepsister” So Faul bought them a house but he would come back to stay there several times a year and he would alternately ignore them by locking himself into his room and smoke pot (or shapeshift❓❓❓) and verbally and mentally abuse them by reminding them that it’s his house to do as he pleases and that every crumb of food that they ate was paid for by him. They talked about Paul as if he was a stranger invading their house to lord his power over them and humiliate them. And after reading this blog post, it turns out that this was a stranger it was Faul! The stepmother married his dad in 1964 and moved in her 4yr old daughter. So they knew the real Paul before the cover up. I believed them when I read their interview, but found it odd that their recount lacked any implication of any real kind of family bond towards Paul/Faul –even with his father. It was weird. I was thinking who was this guy? Did they even know him? It sounded like they were describing a series of targeted home invasions that they were the victim of. ^Deep Sigh*…And indeed they were. I can’t find the original article. But I have the link to the Cliff Notes version of the story. 👍

  5. Hi, Y.O.Y.; whenever you find the time, feel free to check out — and follow — my blog in regards to celebrity/CIA-lebrity replacements, as well a other conspiracies that run rampant/amok in our modern society. Here’s some more links:

    But other than that I’m glad that you mentioned this; as unpleasant as it is, something as serious as this NEEDS to be brought to the attention of the general public, who idolize these people, putting them on pedestals and elevating them up to godlike status, when their private lives are anything BUT.

    I hope and pray EVERYDAY that I live long enough see people open their eyes up to this whole mess of celebrity murders and repla-CIA-ments — like many already have with this Illuminati/NWO mess — with both clones and look-alike impersonators, and this happens ever so often. Most of our celebrities, politicians and other public figures — whether small or great — are in fact clones (or other Test Tube/Petri Lab Dish ‘humans’ such as organic robotoids or synthetic humanoids that don’t live as long as clones) or look-alike impersonators, and NOT the original individuals, who have LONG since been killed and swapped out with these reptilian-shape-shifting, demonically/satanically-possessed, more-easily-controlled-and-programmed artificial lifeforms.

    But the thing that complicates things in addition to the ritual blood sacrifices of these celebrities, politicians and other major AND minor public figures (and their subsequent switches with impostors) is that even the original public figures have doubles or multiples that co-exist alongside them, because it is NOT possible for ONE person to do that many things [photo shoots/sessions, autograph signings, meet-and-greets, concerts, movies, interviews, music videos, recording studio time, engaging in demonic/satanic rituals in private, and other appearances] without winding up either in the hospital seriously ill of a nervous shake/breakdown, exhaustion, etc. or dead… it just is NOT humanly practical so this calls for the use of body doubles, both before AND after the original person — many times who I hardly ever see, especially shortly before their permanent replacement — disappears from the public eye for good.

  6. May The LORD bless the owner of this site.

    AND Vladimir Putin ALSO happens to be a Nephilim too!

  7. You’re all BAT SHIT CRAZY!!!! And you naturally don’t know it…so you’ll make an obvious attempt to prove you’re not crazy, which proves…you’re actually crazy, especially with these blogs as evidence. I hope none of you have children. Cause the level of insanity on this site would be child abuse.

    • During my tenure of this research of “Faul MCCARTNEY” as of October, 2014, I am glad that I had took notice of “Faul MCCARTNEY’S” evil demise against human race and it sure looks like it. I am sorry for what Mr. Jim McCartney Senior, his wife (Mrs. Angie McCartney) and step-daughter, (Ruth have had gone through. I wish this story was more outward, so the world could have had known “Faul MCCARTNEY”. I pray that this article will hold true somewhere!

    • I downloaded the original that I located at the time and it appeared in that clip. My computer recently crashed and unfortunately that file (among others) is not there. What I found recently doesn’t appear to capture the same anomaly. I still feel he was replaced. Thanks.

  8. ‘Aliens;’ are demons posing as creatures that people are used to seeing in sci-fi ‘culture’.

    As for the video, it is a hoax. You can see the actual interview with Dusty Springfield and McCartney’s eyes don’t become huge.

    • Hi Stewart Cowan!

      ‘Aliens;’ are demons posing as creatures that people are used to seeing in sci-fi ‘culture’. Agreed! I TRY to use language that is familiar but I agree– they are demons in disguise.

      The video was brought to my attention as mentioned in the last comment within this article. Could it be fake or was it edited? One of those Real Housewives shows do show that the network went back and edited out the anomaly that occurred on one of those episodes which TheBlackChild caught. You can see that here… His is a channel that is watched by MANY industry “personnel”.

      The networks do edit (when and IF they catch them) or they will delete it altogether just like the Brian Williams clip where his hand and wrists “morphed” right before our eyes! That ENTIRE shows airing was deleted from the networks archive…

      I’ll plan to allow it for now until I can find the time to revisit. But thanks for the heads up and so glad others KNOW these “aliens” are nothing more than DEMONS. 😉 Very rare (in my personal experience).


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