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Justin Bieber’s Hands in Eleuthria (More Shapeshifting PROOF)!

Seems yet another glimpse at “Justin” shapeshifting has surfaced!  Not sure if this is before or after his court appearance, but I’m SURE some foulness was going down!  No doubt! 

This image is from Bieber “celebrating” one of his birthdays at an “exclusive and elusive” location that few know about.  A little known place called; Eleuthera .  Just like “Anthony” LaVey (though I’m not able to confirm that Anton actually had a son named Anthony,) yet another describes the type of rituals these kids (who grow up and become your favorite “celebs”), DO endure.  Even Cathy O’brian (for example) describes these same sorts of goings on! It simply can’t be “by coincidence”, any longer.

BlackChild (on youtube) just released another “mind-bender” but digestible to even the newest comer to these subjects, that puts the signs right in our faces!  First, below is a zoomed in look at Bieber’s hands in one of the images released.  Just like he shifted in court, he shifted during the snapping of this photo, too…


justin beiber in Eleuthria for birthday

BlackChild even introduces you to what “Victoria’s Secret” actually is (to those who’ve never had no clue)!  By now… we should AAALLLL know that anything with global success (i.e.; sports, music, etc. and yes, to include fashion) is nothing BUT satanic!  Get ready for the eye opener you won’t soon forget (shoot– I HOPE lol) ;)!  You’ll definitely want to download this one, too!

 16 This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh. —

Galatians 5:16



8 thoughts on “Justin Bieber’s Hands in Eleuthria (More Shapeshifting PROOF)!

  1. I read your Beiber post last night before seeing this video of the contortionist Ross sisters that was filmed in 1944. It is soooo creepy. wtf who are they? I can’t find anything explaining them online. Their shape shifting telekinesis game and talent is eons ahead of Beiber’s. They also had that disturbing programmed Sex Kitten on steroids thing going on as well. Can you please look at this and explain wth is going on here in this video??? Also is “Solid Potato Salad code for something that is completely over my head??? Here’s the video link ==>>

    • Hi there, Ms. K! And welcome to the party! 🙂

      At first I was looking at your link from the eyes of a former gymnast and remembered a set of twins I grew up with that had a serious ability to contort themselves with ease. But the sex kitten programming was hard to ignore– it was quite seductive for its’ time, too (1944).

      I believe the objective was simple– to seduce men and send their imaginations swirling! There is this underlying dehumanizing essence that eeks through during their performance as well. If it ain’t light, it ain’t right. :). Most with their moral compass intact should have gotten a “creepy feeling”, in my humble opinion. For some reason– you’ve prompted me to want to go back and re-examine The Nickolas Brothers! Dancing can be demonically influenced as well. A near death survivor describes seeing demons in hell who “moonwalk” just like Michael Jackson did. Very interesting clip, Ms. K!

      • Watching their facial expressions in the video about how the Nicolas Brothers originated the moonwalk reminded me of old footage documenting automatic writing, seances, and that old creepy movie Serpent and The Rainbow. They were also waaaay too chummy with Cab Calloway not to be “affiliated”. Also a lot of the same footwork is still used by The FAMU marching bands and so called “divine 9” Black Greek step shows. Everyone watches the feet of the Nicolas Brothers, so their sneaky hand signals go right over everyone’s head. It’s always done in code onstage. Watch out for the men with the white gloves (we all know why they have to cover their hands!) and the women with the white shoes. Not to mention top hats, canes, hand fans, tiny hatchet lapel pins, pearls, “special” hat pins, ominous rings, etc. The movie Cabin In The Sky shows the same type of dancing only it’s decidedly crass and is very blatant with the masonic hand signs and the ritualistic jazz set frenzys that few people caught onto. I remember back a few tears ago Andre 3000 and Big Boi (2 more tried to capture the jazz voodoo thingy with that horrible Idlewilde movie. The club in the movie was named “Church”. While the Nicholas Brothers most definitely were supernaturaly talented (unlike most of today’s stars), this picture of them closes the case for me about “who” they really performed for. #dropsmic 👍

    • just watched the vid.

      wished i hadn’t.

      obvious sex kitten programming complete with red shoes. the costumes and the movements were beyond risque for that day and time. knowing what i know ’bout h-llyweird…


      don’t know what “solid potato salad” means. not even trying to find out. i want to protect my heart as much as possible.

      Blessings all!

  2. sis, take a look at this and the post:

    i post it here ’cause i thought you could appreciate due to Understanding.

    what do you make of this? i have many thoughts + much to say…

    however, He has told me today is NOT the day to do all that. but this info is banging around in my head. thought i would share here to get a different perspective/point of view.

    Blessings in Abundance to all!

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