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“P*ssy” Being Used As An Insult??!!!! Enough, ALREADY!!! (Slang SUCKS!!!)

I haven’t done “a rant” in a while cuz I’ve barely got enough time to keep this blog afloat!  Shoot!  There really only has been a handful [of rants] since I started this blog with the most “popular” being: “Being A Woman… It SUCKS!”.  Who knows?   This one might make the records here at “Why O’ Why?” as well so here it goes…

In my “crazy” mind… likening a WEAK person to “pussy” (a woman’s vagina)–  is HANDS DOWN one of the biggest OXYMORONS I’ve ever (EVER) heard!  It offends me to no end to hear a man or even a friggin WOMAN say; “stop acting like a p*ssy!”  Like the vagina is WEAK???  FOR FRIGGIN REAL?  Since so many seem to have missed the dang-gone memo– the vagina brings forth LIFE!  Ain’t diddly-do-da WEAK about that AT ALL!

I’m soooo trying NOT to use profanity anymore and ESPECIALLY on this blog (seems some of you are reading-smiles).  When I turn a “new leaf”– it’s straight up ASH (with me) cuz I just do it!   But this?!  This, this, right here?!!!  Maaaan!!!!  Talk about “panties in a wad”?  Yep– they are!  AAALLL wadded up! 

Why?!  Why?!  WHY?!  Because our “weak azz p*ssies” delivers babies every SINGLE day THAT’S FRIGGIN WHY! Though it [vagina] DOES need to be DILATED for BIG headed babies and shoulders– bringing forth NEW LIFE ain’t no joke!!!  There’s nothing “weak” about that at all!  So the next time you wanna liken a weak person to any part of any sexes’ anatomy– FRIGGIN THINK; “DICK”!!!  Try having that “fuka” pass a itty-bitty KIDNEY STONE and compare it to INTENSE LABOR as well as CROWNING and FINALLY BIRTH!!!!  You show me how “WEAK” is related to our p*ssies and I’ve got 50 bucks for ya!!! 

So PLEASE… shut that friggin NONSENSE UP, ya’ll cuz FOR REAL!!!!! arrow-down

Vagina NOT A WEAKNESS for the blog yoy50 wordpress

:: Mic gets SLAMMED to the floor and exits (for a while)!!! ::  And before you comment?  Read THIS!!! WHEW!! 🙂

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