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Still Don’t Think Disasters, “Tragedies” (Including Ferguson, MO) and More AREN’T USING CRISIS ACTORS?!!

Well, please accept this “wake up pill” courtesy of “Open Your Doggone Eyes Productions”!  (smiles)

I honestly haven’t really watched the news in “ages” (or at least since the Boston Bombing Hoax) so anytime I hear people chat about the latest “tragedy”, I actually start to yawn.  Without a doubt, highly publicized or heavily covered events are ALWAYS loaded with really smelly horse crap!  This Ferguson “event” is absolutely NO EXCEPTION.  First, let’s take a look at TheBlackChild’s ‘eye spy’ on this heated racial event.  Keep, “divide and conquer” in mind as you watch this too…

HAHAHA LOL Woooooo!!!  Hey– that was some of the worst acting EVER, wouldn’t you agree?!  And Lemon should REALLY stick to what he’s programmed to do– read a telepromter and never do a LIVE SHOT again in LIFE!  Everyone there was ACTING. Badly, but acting nonetheless. 

Here’s some more for you to digest.  These companies that hire crisis actors used to be a bit difficult to spot.  Now… they could give two rats tails as they are actually advertising on Craigslist! hahaha!  And if you want to know why the people they hire never actually come forward?  Hey!  Forget the fact that they should out of just the shear moral conflict that it is to participate in something like that (ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY SEE THEMSELVES BROADCASTED on the news as if it’s a REAL EVENT)… well… just read below

Craigslist Ad for Crisis Actors In Houston July 4 thru 6$200 DOLLARS to sell out their souls and brainwash you all?!  That’s all it actually takes, fellow people (plus that Confidentiality Agreement and a  lack of nuts to break it).  Pretty deep (and disgusting) if you ask me.  A note to the forthcoming shills.  Please don’t bother coming in my yard trying to stir up anything.  This is “CASE CLOSED”.  You dig?  What’s currently happening in Ferguson truly is a “tragedy”.  smh

ALL the world really is a stage, ain’t it?!!!

4 thoughts on “Still Don’t Think Disasters, “Tragedies” (Including Ferguson, MO) and More AREN’T USING CRISIS ACTORS?!!

  1. Good Point when you start to be critical about it this clip does seems fake or off. So do you think the whole Ferguson situation is fake you know I saw and heard clips that said that they Trayvon Martin situation was built on the same kinds of lies. From his parents, to his age to the trail.

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