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The U.S. Government Patent On The Ebola Virus

Evil beyond belief but this is your government that you still hold so dearly and for some reason, still believe in.  Why O’ Why do so many refuse the truth?

Ebola Virus Was Patented by U.S. Government

HERE’s the link.  Remember Steven Jackson’s card game?  Nuff said.

7 thoughts on “The U.S. Government Patent On The Ebola Virus

  1. It’s a hoax. Easy to set up. Whenever they want to roll out a pandemic from darkest Africa and monkey-hugging heathens, you can bet there is a spanking new Mercedes Benz parked in the staff parking lot of any cooperative hospital.
    The pandemic scenario has been planned and rehearsed for decades, after the amazing success of their Spanish Flu (over-vaccination plus a hint of aspirin–research it) and the earlier prolongation of smallpox where it should have faded away naturally with improved sanitation.
    Incidentally, wellaware1 is down. Related to outing of Elvis?

  2. It’s no joke when the people in that country opt to kill the workers etc. bc they believe they are intentionally spreading the virus. They know it is happening and there is no other option for them! Unfortunately the media says this and now white people have more division against the black nations bc they are made to think “they are just trying to help them and now they are thanking them by murder?!” wow! unreal

  3. While a hoax is possible bc every few years another “outbreak” happens ie. SARS, Swine Flu, and now Ebola…sometimes it is just used to wipe out a population.

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