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Demonic Possession Caught On Tape 2014 (Hell Is Real, Ya’ll)!

As some readers who’ve come to know the blog here may have realized, I believe there is a hell and that we can actually end up there too.  Make no mistake about it. It’s not a place that any of us should pretend doesn’t exist, take lightly or ignore because once you’re there– there’s no way out.  By the way– when I refer to lucifer/satan in lower case– it’s intentional (just like when I type america). Just an FYI 😉

I’m putting this out there because now that I know for sure that there is a hell (about 27+ years ago to be almost exact) for some reason, lately, I keep getting “an urgency” to share just how real it is.  Sooo… for all the Evolutionists, Atheists or anyone who’s strayed away from God and hasn’t taken advantage of His simple offer which is to accept Jesus and literally be saved from that place, is why I write this one.

There was a time when a portion of my faith was based on something tangible, unknowingly, but true.  I too “suffered” through the mass brainwashing that I now see so clearly.  Then one day my Pastor (at the time) showed me one mustard seed—a tiny little mustard seed.  It shifted my thinking drastically about how I should really lean on God. I felt; if all He needed was for me to have “the faith of a grain of mustard seed” yet I still needed something tangible “every now and then”?!  Hey– it forced me to check myself that’s for sure and with the quickness! 😉

Years past (that had to be around 1985-86) and then a few months back, I stumbled upon this audio recording; “Demon Talks Through Teenage Girl”!  That’s right!  A TEENAGER!  If a demon can possess a teenager, what makes you think they can’t possess adults too?

Really briefly– I feel a distinction is necessary. There is “demonic possession” and “demonic OPPRESSION”.  Oppression is more aligned with having “bad luck” which in turn can aide in making one lose their faith [in God] therefore making yourself a gateway for demons to affect your life very negatively.  I think the term” if it weren’t for bad luck I’d have no luck at all” is due to demons weighing someone down (making us forget all about the power of prayer to God).  Possession, on the other hand, can be extremely graphic which is exactly what we’ve been conditioned to believe/accept is TRUE possession (through film/tv).  But a demon that is literally COMPELLED to reveal themselves and speak the truth of the gospel (through the Power of Christ– make no mistake about that) can be “less theatrical” (by comparison) so we can doubt its’ authenticity.  Though there has been a recent account of some extreme happenings taking place in The Gary Indiana Case of Jan 2014, that prove demons, possessions, portals and even hell do exist… the point is; demonic activity is frighteningly real and remarkably active, lately and we should seriously heed the warning.

I’ve gotta say– it’s pretty darn clever (exceptional in fact) that the luciferian programming (which is ALL of entertainment since the day Television first entered our homes) has tricked our minds into believing that “less theatrical” appearances of demonic possession means it’s not real. Boy o’ boy has he (satan) ever amassed bundles of souls with that illusion.  So I’m hoping to shatter his spell just a bit by offering a couple of examples of those “less than theatrical” appearances so that you can see that they are indeed very real.  And if they are real, that has to mean there’s a place to house these demons, i.e. hell, right? Satan and his agenda is crazy simple– to separate you from God, make you think He’s a joke/myth and take as many souls to hell as he (and his demons) can.  PLEASE.  Don’t let him fool you.

First up?  I think I’ll go with what happened on a Canadian subway this year.  Some are implying that this was scripted but why would a lady get almost pulverized by a guy on a train (I think the guy was drunk by the way) with the only aim being to make people “laugh”?  I’m missing the “Smile, You’re On Candid Camera” affect of that cuz that suggestion makes absolutely no sense to me.  I believe this to be authentic because just as she lets out her demonic sounding “growl” there’s one that comes right before!  And “it” unlike hers, sounds really creepy!  A footnote; drugs maybe were involved in this incident as they are definitely a gateway that demons use but maybe not.  The way she collapses to the floor (it’s her hand that hits the wall not her head) when the altercation ends is highly suspicious to me. It’s as if something leaped out of her leaving her unconscious or immobile (think Whoopi Goldberg in the movie; “Ghost”). Check it out…

The second one I think I’ll use is courtesy of EmmanuelTV.  I don’t believe this organization to be a hoax either because the first time I watched one of their videos it was on healing.  This woman had the scariest looking ulcer/infection (I think it was) on her leg.  The pastor told her to walk and as she did, all of this awful looking fluid and gunk came gushing (not dripping/leaking) out of it!  By the time it was done, the wound looked so much better– nowhere near what it looked like just moments before! I can’t locate that particular video at the moment (for this posting) but I remember the next one I watched which I did find.  Disease is also a form of demonic OPPRESSION by the way. This one is difficult to watch (can spoil your appetite) but you can check out a short version of that clip HERE

I prefaced the above to say that it definitely looks like EmmanuelTV caught something pretty extraordinary back in January 2014 and I don’t think they realized it at that time or possibly even now.  The description box of the video makes no mention on it either.  Since the camera and even audio can sometimes capture things that the human eye can’t, I believe this to be another authentic capture of demons in humans.  Though nowhere near as “theatrical” as “The Exorcist”, my point is that it doesn’t have to be. Here’s the short version… get ready at the :26 second mark…

HERE’s the original video where it hits at 10:41 (be sure to click the description box) and watch it in High Definition too because it’s pretty darn awesome to see the power of Jesus’ name in motion!  That demon KNEW its’ time was up and it left! The exact same thing happened in the case of the demon talking through a teenage girl (though her demon coughed/gagged upon exit but it definitely left)!  You have to admit it was pretty darn cool to see that dark mist/smoke/fog get on outta there!  And they don’t get to “party” when they leave either (which is why they can procrastinate).  Satan beats them for failing to get the soul they were assigned to.  So when we hear these confessions coming out of a person and it’s in their voice, don’t lose sight of the fact that it’s really a demon talking through them and man can it be revealing! Additionally, I’d like to put forth that it is “in the name of Jesus” that casts these demons out and the people who perform these are just the vessel.  I find that to be completely amazing considering the MANY (eleven-hundred thousand—tee hee) religions that exist BUT it is only one name that sets these people free (from their modern day bondage).  Jesus Christ.  No Krishna, no Virgin Mary and not even Muhammad.  God and his Son are no “playthings“.

One thing I am having great difficulty in understanding with all the non-believers is what about the archeology of it all?  What about the actual Biblical finds AND locations?  And there’s no doubt that Nephilim (giants) walked the earth either especially since Michael Tellinger, who back in January 2012 had this “little” find in Paluzzi, South Africa analyzed…


arrow-downGiant Footprint In Paluzzi South Africa

Below is Tellinger’s first recording of the structure, (I believe, and a shorter version) and be sure to click HERE to see what the expert had to say.  This [discovery] is old news to the people in Paluzzi, no doubt.  Aside from the massive size of the footprint (believed to be made by a ‘man’ 28 feet in height), it’s said to be GRANITE that it’s in!  Tellinger believes it’s the footprint of God… can humans leave their footprint in granite?


I say it all the time now… if this is all a myth, believers got it wrong– there’s no God, no devil, no Heaven or hell and if “walking with God” means all I “lost” throughout the course of my life was to be kind to my fellow man and nothing happens in the end?  Hey!  I’m still good.  BUT… if it turns out that the non-believers got it wrong– boy o boy are you in for the most frightening, terrifying/horrifying experience.  AND it will be for ALL OF ETERNITY.  Like I mentioned in my article (under “rant & observation”); “Some Thoughts About Hell”… I don’t like the heat (never have) and can’t STAND bugs!

Satanism’s agenda, which we are surrounded (saturated) by (via entertainment/pop culture mostly), is all about convincing you that God doesn’t exist and the Bible is a complete joke.  It’s exactly why we can see a picture of Joe Rogan (for example) in a t-shirt that has 666 on it and think nothing of it.  If he (satan) and those demons manage to keep you there (in a state of non-belief) until you die– you will get to meet this (beyond your belief) being who will enjoy torturing you as well as having those once unseen demons torment you FOREVER. 

And though “non-theatrical”, I think this is pretty significant.  Two different demons made the same ‘remarks’!  Just like the teenager’s demon, a man named Federico’s demon also said; “they hate Satan and that he beats them for no reason”. Of all the many recordings I’ve listened to (pretty much since I discovered youtube while living overseas–it was that long ago) it is the first time I’ve come across two separate incidents where both demons said something almost identical to one another.  I don’t think that’s a coincidence. The girl’s demon called itself; “Anaina” and Federico’s was identified as; “Legion”.  Friggin, LEGION, ya’ll!

According to one man’s Near Death Experience (NDE), he’d literally asked Jesus into his heart only 3 days before he died.  Do you know that during that NDE that God told him that he had indeed been saved?  God is far more forgiving than we truly understand I personally believe, so don’t let your ego block your soul

There are plenty of references to demons being cast out in the Bible but I think this one is pretty befitting…

16 And it came to pass, as we went to prayer, a certain damsel possessed with a spirit of divination met us, which brought her masters much gain by soothsaying:

17 The same followed Paul and us, and cried, saying, These men are the servants of the most high God, which shew unto us the way of salvation.

18 And this did she many days. But Paul, being grieved, turned and said to the spirit, I command thee in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her. And he came out the same hour.  — Acts 16:16-18

And here’s a friendly reminder of just a hint of what hell is going to be like.  Are you really willing to roll the dice?

Where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched.– Mark 9:48

This last clip is actually an example complete fakery.  My guess is that you’ll believe this to be genuine verses the real McCoy (shown above) because you’re perfectly conditioned now by the many years of programming.  I know you won’t believe me upon initial review (I’m ALMOST certain of it)… but it’s a certified fake. First, the clip…

Ask Him for discernment and He will give it to you.  This “chilling” performance was indeed put on by a “performance artist” who’s name is Nakia Secrest and she’s alive and fine.  I checked to see if she had the silly Twitter and Facebook stuff that so many are hooked on and she indeed has accounts and in fact she’s sent out “twits”(or is that nonsense called; “tweets”?) as recently as today.  HERE’s here facebook page and this is her without her fake head injury courtesy of her “possession”…


Nakia Secrest Actress of Fake Make Up Possession Video

Can you see how entertainment can blur those lines making you disbelieve in the truth, which in this case is that demonic possession is real?  Get on board with God now while we still have time because the demonic experience is going to be far worse than what Nakia did IF you land in hell. 

And here’s one for the road… do you think LeBron (with his odd looking self– money doesn’t change a thing for me) was briefly possessed in this clip?  It’s definitely no secret that he’s part of the illuminati machine.

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour — 1 Peter 5:8

17 thoughts on “Demonic Possession Caught On Tape 2014 (Hell Is Real, Ya’ll)!

  1. WOW! First off, I cannot believe there’s only one rating and then, not ONE comment on this?! Very well written, thought provoking and helps to direct anyone who WANTS to explore the truth yet not a comment and only “one thumbs up”? Deserves a double WOW!! Just subscribed!!! 🙂 By the way– the footage you found on biblical sightings and artifacts are simply HUMBLING. God IS real! Thank you for your time and effort!!! I added my rating AND COMMENT. I’m not afraid! 🙂

  2. I do believe in posession and all that but the emmanuel videos just didn’t do it for me, shall I say FRAUD omg… really they are so bad. the first vid seems legit.

    • Hi there, Nina! I gotta ask… why do you believe them to be a fraud? I searched lots of what the skeptics have to say but found nothing to substantiate that. Fill me in on the skinny, please. I realize that during the end times there will be lots of false prophets performing miracles, but I haven’t found anything tangible on EmmanuelTV being part of that. And TB Joshua has had a very amazing life, dedicated since 1989 from what I understand. Help a sista out. 🙂

      • I did watch the demon leaving a woman’s body again and I saw a smokey mist behind her as if it came from her and I do believe it is real as I saw that same mist around a floor lamp I have in my living room that I captured in a photo and I do believe that was a spirit not sure if good or bad but I have seen it.

      • I’m SO glad you re-reviewed this! I TRULY believe they (EmmanualTV) only became aware of until WELL after the fact! 🙂 I THINK it was a LIVE telecast too (if not mistaken)! 🙂

        And this photo you mentioned… care to share it?! 🙂 You KNOW I examined CLOSELY those orbs you sent (via offline email a while back)! 🙂 I’d be HAPPY to examine this further!! And just for the record (for the future readers of this article)– there isn’t any good or bad when visited by these things. It’s ALL bad (or a DECEPTION). As Job 14:12 states; “So man lieth down, and riseth not…” Demons WILL use our loved ones, for example (because we as humans, can’t but “dabble” in nomenclature)! They disguise themselves. Why do/did “1-800 PSYCHICS” charge MONEY so that we can “chat” with our lost loved one? Hmm… and I genuinely THOUGHT when my father past (back in ’89) I was visited by him! No one is allowed to come back when they’re gone! My interpretation only on what the Bible tries to tell us. 🙂

        I was PRETTY sure this was in your past– it DOES appear (though) that there are some residuals! Hey! Check out some stuff regarding Pete Cabrara Jr. And look for a guy named Westerfield (from CT)!!! We’re told that we CAN cast out demons! These guys (and there are MANY more INCLUDING TEENAGERS) are putting the HEAVENLY Father’s “commandments” into ACTION! “Furious Love” is a film that shouldn’t be missed (it’s the “sequel” to “Finger of God”)! An AMAZING documentary! 🙂

    • You gotta understand GOD is REAL! Its not that far fetched after all we are living organisms on a giant rock floating thru infinite space but if that wasnt proved yet then you would say im crazy. Ive seen ghosts, ive got chased by a demon. Not someone possessed, the actual demon itself like it was trying to get me but i ran into my room and prayed to god and this went away. This happened after i lit an ouiji board on fire in my house but the point is i have seen it, i thought it was all fake until i saw ghost for myself well big mistake. Do yourself a favor and just believe in god and stay with him.

      • I will try and find it, I have litterally thousand’s of photos, I will put it up as soon as I can and I will check out those names, very interesting.

  3. I have watched exorsisms and you talk about horrific, this just does not even compare to that at all. It just did not strike me as being legit in any way, I have observed phonies and that is what the emmanuel videos seemed to me, thats my story and I’m stickin to it 😉 the rest seemed reliable and I absolute do believe in posession I have a couple of family member that could probably use an exorsism 😉 I experienced demonic spirits growing up…

    I remember as a child hearing heavy walking and breathing from an unseen entity that I and other siblings would hear at night, and there was a death. I was 6yrs. old when we moved into a new house in Waltham, Mass.

    My mother spoke w/ a neighbor and was told that there was a death in every family that moved into this house,
    well, she wasn’t wrong.

    My mother was watching her friends baby, Linda, she was sick with a cold, I remember that night well.

    I heard the usual heavy footsteps, that occured frequently, there would always be a thump and a drag, almost like someone with a peg leg is all I can think of in comparison.

    This night, the steps were going over to where Linda’s crib was,
    we (my sister and I) heard Linda coughing, we knew she had a cold and was on medication.

    Linda died shortly after we heard those footsteps, I called my mother when she came up to check Linda
    An ambulance was called, Linda passed, they said it was Lobar pnumonia but to this day, I don’t believe that is what killed her.

    It was a few days later, we (my sister and I), heard the footsteps again, they were headed over to my bed.
    I could hear the loud thump and drag, as it got closer, I could hear the heavy breathing,

    I put the covers over my head, I could tell it was just standing there watching me… then it was gone.

    I remember too, that I had to hold on to the bannister to be able to get up stairs, if I didn’t hold on I would fall backwards every time, almost like an invisible force pushing me back.

    I remember my mother showing my oldest brother what would happen when I didn’t hold on. He stood behind me and witnessed it, he thought maybe an equilibrium prob. I knew it wasn’t anything medical as young as I was.

    Another night I slept in my mothers room where she kept her closet light on at all times and I felt safer there,
    my dad came in and cracked the closet door to emit less light as it was a bit bright,
    I remember laying on my side facing her dresser and saw what appeared to be a short, maybe 4 foot stocky figure with a full round face, with what appeared to be a fur hooded coat on, I would say it resembled an eskimo,
    it just stood there watching me.

    There was a lot of family discord in that house, arguments between my mother and father. We finally did end up moving out.

    My first encounter with a shadow being…

    When I was 13 yrs. old, I am very embarrised to admit, and something I would Never, Ever do again, I tried to commit suicide, that was my first encounter with a shadow being, and that being was Me.

    I remember lying there after taking an entire bottle of over the counter Excedrin pain med. I don’t even know if that would have killed me or not.
    As I lay there with my eyes open thinking, my body got feather light, and, all of a sudden, a solid black shadow figure rose up out of my body, sat up at my side on the bed, and then proceded to stand, all I can think of is it reminded me of a peter pan figure it was so quick in its movements, it ran to my mothers bdrm. door looked form one side to the other, as if looking for something, then, to my brothers bdrm. door.

    then I remember my body getting very heavy, and at that moment, I in my mind, I said to myself, I better do something if I wanted to live,
    I rolled out of bed, crawled to the top of the stairs and dragged myself downstairs and into the bathroom where I made myself vomit. luckily most of the pills were not totally dissolved and came up.

    I think back on that night and remember that experience with my first shadow being and it was myself! I have seen shadow beings since then, and they are different shapes and sizes like solid sillouetts and they are fast.

    2 brushes with death one with a cougar or mountain lion the other with a dimond back rattle sanke the size of a Boa constrictor! the cougar when I was 9 yrs. old and the snake when I was 40 yrs.

    I have had and encounter with a cougar right above my head, a Huge diamond back rattle snake slithered right in front of my legs, when I was calling my cat the got out of the house. Animal control came and after looking at the imprint in the grass, they said they were not equipped to go in after a snake that big and to keep my pets and kids inside until they came back to remove it to another area.

    Both the cougar and rattle snake never seemed to be a threat to me even though they very well could or should have been, they both seemed to be just as curious about me as I was them. I remember admiring how beautiful they were.

    • Hi there, Nina and WOWZER!!! First off… I’ve gotta say I’m so sorry to hear that darkness of this nature has ‘plagued’ you starting at such a young and tender age. Breaks my heart DEEPLY as that is exactly when satan and those demons try to get us as they know WAAAAY before we do that we are CALLED TO GOD! They CAN see the light in us and try to terrorize our thoughts instead of us being able to take all of that (those experiences) to God. Of course at ages 0-6 yrs– we hardly understand the true meaning of God and the AMAZING power of prayer because during those times in our lives, we only know The Lords Prayer, maybe, but not a clue of its’ powerful meaning. But demons and satan (shadow people, aliens, etc.) sure do! Paralyzed in fear can make us EASILY unable to recite the [possible] ‘one prayer” we know which unfortunately allows them to grab at us before we are old enough to truly understand the reasons we’re here! And again… they know us just as God does. The ones who are called to really serve God WILL eventually do just that and THAT is one of their biggest threats! Kids and even babies are fair game in the war on souls! I imagine that little girl was probably the youngest in the house (not to mention being the weakest because she was sick). Just like a lion on the Serengeti, that’s only viewed as prey to demons.

      When we forget (haven’t fully realized that God’s calling us to do HIS works) they will be on the rather constant attack, too. I do think your experience at such at young age to start and following you through your teens was their attempt to try to encourage you to commit suicide and keep you away from God. I can see where years of that sort of torment, fear and “waiting for something to happen” constantly can just make a person want to end it all! It’s their trap!! PRAISE BE TO GOD ALMIGHTY for moving you back to life (He gave you the strength to get up and throw up)!!! I find it utterly AMAZING that God will actually forgive ALL THINGS (when we COME TO HIM) EXCEPT suicide!!!! Don’t be embarrassed to share that because EVERYONE needs to know that is a “go directly to hell” card and it’s NOT YOUR FAULT because quite literally, “the devil made me do it” truly does apply!

      I also wanted to point out that you grew up in my neck of the woods!! 🙂 Some of those old houses around any part of Mass, maaannnn… I don’t even like to drive down the street” (thank GOD we never lived in any of them)! A rich history of tormented souls lie in Mass no doubt! It is the distinct possibility (imho) that these were more about the lost souls who remain on those lands and estates and the unfortunate families who are given no history on a house (other than rumor) WILL get “caught in the crossfire”! Case in point: The Gary Indiana Case in this article.

      I had my fair share oddness but they were connected to relatives– 3 to be exact with my last encounter being around the age of 27. I’m recalling (can’t remember the book or number right now) a scripture that even talks about “familiar spirits” so any contact should not be had if I understand this area correctly. Demons can disguise themselves as loved ones too. I just knew those footsteps and breath as well as the sitting on the edge of the bed I felt one night (2 nights) just after my uncle was killed, was a real person in the room. I understand all too well what you must have felt when that sort of thing happened to you. Brief backstory; my aunt did not want to sleep in their newly remodeled bedroom and all the kids were piled in only two rooms so I took that beautifully remodeled (HUGE) master bedroom all by myself until that happened!!! It’s a trip because you just KNOW someone is there!!!

      And I can’t forget to add this– the cougar and snake were indeed threats but when we know who we are (God’s child) we actually have dominion over them too (just like ‘healing the sick‘! That safe pause in time you had (even during those threats), God gave you a hint of His presence by making those DEADLY animals move past you! It’s a BEAUTIFUL THANG, I tell ya! 🙂 Hey– one thing’s for sure… when our time is up, ain’t nothing gonna change that!

      With that said, I know you’re sticking to your belief that ETV is a fraud but I’ve gotta disagree. The point of the article is to definitely point out that there are occasions when the demonic presence can be much more subtle. I now believe (know) we all have them attached to us in much more subtle ways than we can truly comprehend and that’s why I point out that disease (for example) is yet another way of identifying them within us. We’re operating in pure flesh and that is our weakness while it is their strength (at least until we fully come to God).

      I do believe that ETV caught something that day back in Jan ’14 as I just went back to the video’s description and it seems they actually did catch-up to this event (almost 3 MONTHS after the fact) hence the short version I use in the article! 🙂 ETV has been around since the late 80’s to my knowledge and though there are many “casting out of demons” I don’t there’s ever been one like this. Humans are complicated– God makes it simple. “In the name of Jesus” and POOF– GONE! 🙂

      People gotta remember just one thing about lucifer/satan– home skillet was THE MOST BEAUTIFUL and MUSICALLY TALENTED angel OF THEM ALL! He and his demons know all about how to use subtlety.

      And an addendum to the part in the article where I mentioned why they can sometimes procrastinate; it also depends on the level of faith of the person who’s trying to cast out a demon. JAMES 2:19– Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and TREMBLE.

      Thank you so much for sharing, Nina! I have no doubt it’s gonna have an impact on someone who truly needs to hear it! Also… send me a Lobster Roll!!! lol!!! Lord knows they have no clue here! 🙂

  4. ah yes, lobster rolls lol! They don’t have them here in florida , I did manage to find a resturant that has the New England clams with the bellies though 😉

    I should mention that my fathers side of the family are very religeous and that my father wanted to be a priest but didn’t because in the Catholic faith they were not allowed to marry after being ordained.

    What do you think about orbs? I have so many pictures with orbs. I did an experiment and called my dog who passed to a specific spot on the couch, I told him to go to that spot, I took a picture before and after, the after clearly showed a very bright round globe of light that actually had what appeared to be a shadow under it! I have the picture it is unbelievable. I have another that inside of it looks like my cat that passed, I had my husband look at it without me telling him what I saw, and I asked him what he saw in the orb and he saw the same thing I did.

    I have seen staircases in orbs and animals. I honestly don’t know what to make of them.

    • Hi there, Nina! And I’m so glad to know Florida knows a little something about New England cuisine! lol Feel sorry for anyone who’s never had a lobster roll with some hand cut fries on the side, though. 🙂

      And I’m so glad someone has asked about those orbs. About a year ago or so, I got to digging around (like I always do 😉 and found some folks on youtube who were curious about the same thing. Seems they too may not be as innocent as once thought. When we understand that there were LEGIONS of angels that fell from Heaven (not just 1/3) we have to understand that there are many ways that demons can make their appearances and through orbs is one of them. I eventually landed on one guy and it seems 101777truth found some interesting images in those orbs. Check this out… Gives good explanation to the cop-out of “bi-polar” if you ask me cuz there was no such thing when I was coming up. Happy then sad, laughing then fighting– up and down with no reason? Well, I think we found the reason for that. I would LOVE to see the images you’ve captured, too! In case you don’t see it near the top of the blog under; “Got Somethin Say”– my email is; I promise, it’ll be offline unless you give permission. 🙂

      And I have to say, your father wanting to become a man of the cloth but segwayed due to the Catholic constraints does make perfect sense to me as to why these experiences may have come upon your family. Sometimes as parents, our “shortcomings” can not only affect us but the next generation. The way I see it? It was meant for him to go forward in that pursuit (through another avenue of course) but he chose not to and because of that, a possible gateway might have been opened. When satan knows our calling he’s gonna try everything to dissuade us and for the most part, he CAN be very successful. If we have that knowledge and still turn our backs on that (calling), I’d beg to venture– life can be very challenging. And our “good deeds” alone are not going to be our salvation. I recently accepted (had to) the fact that Jesus is TRULY the only way so when we have that knowledge but fall short of “the call” EVEN if we are kind to our fellow man, it’s not gonna get us written in The Book of Life and demons are definitely ready to “latch on” to us (as subtle as their influence can be).

      Some people who’ve had NDE’s do talk about “men of the cloth” being tormented in hell far worse than ANY soul because they had the knowledge but did not act. We are also charged with helping to call as many souls to God as we can.

      It may sound tremendously harsh to us but when I jotted down my “Some Thoughts About Hell” entry– I get the clear sense that Heaven was indeed purified TO THA MAX when those fallen angels were cast out. We really do have to be “child-like” in our pursuit of Heaven as I personally believe that God will not take any chances on an un-repented heart. Heaven is soooo pure that there will be no one allowed “who straddles the fence”. Is that easy? Uhm… NO WAY JOSE’ (at least to our flesh-selves) but it is remarkably easy when we have given ourselves COMPLETELY to Him. We can take “the Nestea plunge” so easily in relationships before marriage for example (I’m guilty too 🙂 but not trust God with all of our heart? One of my personal goals before I kick tha bucket is to get out in the streets (literally) and try to encourage as many strangers who’ll pass by to come to Christ. I’m pretty good at the one-on-one but to my eyes– even that’s not enough! I need to put myself out there to let people see a face and testimony of the Power of God (AND… not be embarrassed). I “OVER-stand” that I need to be as RADICAL as Jesus was! 🙂

      Now… aside from that– now that we know that there are truly demons in disguise who walk amongst us, what can we do WITHOUT Him to overcome what lies ahead? All the guns and ammo just ain’t gonna do it because as it is written, “as in the days of Noah…”. It’s about to (gonna) shift gears in ways FAR beyond our comprehension.

      Hopefully my reply does makes sense to you (or anyone who comes across it) and that you will DEFINITELY send me those captures of the orbs you caught! 🙂 Looking forward to it!

      With love and LIGHT– your buddy (home skillet from the Mass), Jazz.

      Love, peace and soul (TRAIN)! 🙂

  5. Wow, I just watched something that completely blew me away… a friend on facebook posted a rat getting caught in a trap, not a humane one :((( and he didn’t post for that reason, about 45 seconds into the video when the rat finally passes you see a green Orb fly out of him, I watched it over a dozen times and I was totally Amazed, the only conclusion I can come to is this was his spirit body being reborn! I couldn’t get a link from the vid so I asked him if he could get me one and as soon as I get it I will post, Amazing!!! for now here is a facebook link

    • Wholly guacamole, Nina! For some reason your email went to the SPAM BOX! Not sure if that was Yahoo or WordPress! UGH! I just got it and will be taking a full look here shortly so thank you soo much for sending them! 🙂

      And the video of the mouse– it just reinforces what some have said during their NDE’s and saw Heaven. Quite literally EVERY ONE OF GOD’s creatures will be in Heaven and they will all praise His name! Even flowers if you can imagine that! One of the coolest ones I remember running across was the guy who talked about seeing horses and even lions playing with children and when Jesus strolled by, they bowed and said; “praise be to Jesus”. Didn’t I say that sometimes the camera (even audio) can pic up things we can’t see with our naked eye? 🙂 Wanna re-thing what EmmanuelTV caught? 😉 I wish I could find the one where a lady is walking through a house, tells the demons (though she couldn’t see or hear a thing) to leave and right at that moment (on her hand-held audio recorder which she played back later) you could hear this unworldly scream as if something was being tossed out and down a well (the best way I can describe it)! By the way– it wasn’t one of those EVP recorders that “ghost chasers” use, just a regular Panasonic! That realm is real.

  6. Hello lady

    I wanted to comment on your heaven statement about flowers praising GOD in heaven. I watched a clip of a man who said that his family were 4 generations of voodoo priestess named Earthquake Kelly and how at a very young age the demon were waging for his soul and how he did spells a very young age. Fast forward later in his life he gave his life to Jesus and become a minister. He has a clip on you tube about when he died in the hospital and saw heaven but eventually was brought back to life. This was one of the prettiest images that I have ever seen of heaven created and in this clip. The trees, the flowers and the grass all bowed down and continually sung to GOD what we all might think of as a very heavenly sound. He said that all of the blazes of grass have diamonds, rubies, and emeralds on each piece of grass. He also said that the water in heaven was like liquid diamonds and how the street were paved with GOLD and how the mansion were as big as football field which were also made of gold. I just wanted to confirm the imagery with you on your comment of Heaven. In this clip he also went to hell and talked about the torment of hell as well and how GOD told him that his time was not up yet and if he were to die today that he would end up in Hell because there was still work to be done.

    • Hi there, Ladybug! Good to hear from you again! Long time no “see”! 🙂 Hope all is well! 🙂

      And thank you for concurring what is shared by the MANY NDE’s that have been documented (AND taken seriously)! I’m actually familiar with Earthquake! He’s a brave one to share his experience like so many others! Just like Pete Cabrera Jr who I aim to work with very closely one day soon (Demonstrates the Power of God) because it so very real. Can’t wait to (HOPEFULLY) make it to that TRUE reality (way beyond our comprehension) that we ALL have the opportunity to one day see! Diamond filled water, blades of grass singing (swaying to) the praise of his Holy name (and without hesitation). A buddy of mine chuckled (gave me straight up side eye) when I tried to introduced the concept of EVERY LIVING THING SINGING AND PRAISING GOD’s name [in Heaven]! And I’m so not kidding when I say that I hope there is a section of Heaven where I can forever be with babies, puppies (and now kittens/cats)! 🙂 No matter my travels or experience in this life so far– the above mentioned is a HANDS DOWN my most cherished time here! 🙂 Beats being in front row seats at ANY concert ( )or the 50 yard line at a (silly) game! The more we know, the more we grow! Thank you so much for sharing! I’m sure it’ll reach the ears that need to hear. 🙂 Here’s a parting clip by Earthquake (for anyone who needs to hear this) on SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Nothing is without reason.


      • It is so nice to talk to you as well ladybug! right back at you. I am fine going though some financial struggle, while trying to complete school and getting a new job but I know that I am still blessed and highly favored just waiting on GOD to open some door with most things in my life as I plant all of the seeds that I can on my end. Like I said that I am always in the background and I think this post in particular caught my attention because I have been learning a lot of good info on witchcraft demon possession as you speak about in this article. Yeah when I same upon Earthquake Kelly I found it very interesting and starting looking for all of his clip when he was talking about his eperience as voodoo priestess which finally led me to his clip about Heaven and it was had great imagery one of the best that i have seen so far. He was talking about children in heaven who has been molested and killed or who died in a very abusive way. He was also talking about children in heaven who has been aborted too and how GOD cried and was very hurt for the parent who didn’t believe that he would help them provide for the children in this life. Here is another man that I was listening to Tireo who is suppose to be a Chirstian rapper he talks about the danger of selling your soul for a contact and he also has a good clip on witchcraft throughout the century and about celebrity who are praticing witches very interesting. I am about to send you an personal email right now please respond thanks.

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