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Edward Bernays Was A Shapeshifter Too!!

Hey– I don’t know why I’m so surprised but I am!  Then I think on just how much sense it makes for him to be credited as; “the father of Public Relations” because he appears to have been “one of them” too!

Funny thing is I wasn’t expecting to post today (really don’t have time) because I had no intentions of actually looking for this.  I was replying to Nina under the Suri Cruise article and was making a reference to Bernays.  I decided to link an old article “Why O’ Why?” published and when I checked the clip, of course it was gone (blocked– by BBC).  So I had to spend some time trying to find it again and when I did, I could only find the full documentary so I had to watch it to get the time stamp on where the excerpt begins/ends.  Once I found it, for some random reason– I decided to just see if Edward was sporting slits so I found some pics of him, zoomed in and guess what?!  Well, you tell me… are his pupils round?  Is that just a reflection?  I don’t know man… looks kinda lizzy to me!  (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

Edward_Bernays With Reptilian Eyes

His success is remarkable and it’s certainly not a far cry to think that he was partaking in some sort of satanic sorcery.  After all– a spell was cast on the masses in a grand way and it did in fact, change our society.  Here’s the full documentary which was released in 2002 and now all of a sudden BBC wants to prevent it from being seen?  I can’t find this on youtube at all (though I only searched for 20 minutes today)– all were blocked by BBC.  Seriously– download it as this is part of REAL history which could potentially be forever lost.  And to think this shift in the consciousnesses of the masses might have been courtesy of a devil worshipping shapeshifter?!  He was definitely part of the “down with the eye of horus” pack as THIS was spotted by a very sharp eyed youtuber during a documentary featuring Bernays.  Yeah… now that I think about it, this does have the hallmarks of some real wickedness.  To trick half of a society (back in 1929) into smoking because tobacco companies wanted more money is nothing short of wicked.   And that’s just a smidgen of his contributions.  If nothing else, you owe it to yourself to at least watch from 08:00-20:37.  It’s about the same length of the original clip that’s now been blocked.


EDITOR’S NOTE: NOVEMBER 23, 2015!!!  JUST noticed an influx of hits on this one and decided to (for WHATEVER reason) make sure the clip was there and lo and behold if it’s gone!!!  Just a BIG empty space where the clip WAS (back in 2014)!   Here’s a re-upload for YOUR knowledge!  Even though that original clip on DailyMotion IS STILL THERE, (click HERE for that with time stamp and all for THIS article) SOME (friggin) how, it’s NOT showing up on this article anymore!!!! 

Gonna link the “younazi” (oops, youtube) version but don’t have time to view it right now for the time stamp of the notations contained within this article.  I WILL on another day (again– youtube link is HERE).  Hey– when I notice a post WELL after its’ posting is getting heavy hits (LOTS of them by the way) I like to make sure a video (if linked) is still WORKING!  I simply found this was NO LONGER THERE!  Hmm… I wonder why?!  (Snark implied OF COURSE 🙂 )!!!!

The “space above” is to prove this IT is not showing up on my blog anymore but here AGAIN is that youtube link (RIGHT HERE). WATCH IT IN FULL ESPECIALLY now that “the shopping season” is upon us!  🙂

Nothin’ but LOVE for YOU GUYS (cuz knowledge IS POWER)!!!


P.S.  JUST as I was about to jet out tha door– did ANOTHER quick preview and now the DailyMotion video is NOW showing!   Me thinks they are f-ing with “Why O’ Why?”!  Anywho… it’s been duly noted! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Edward Bernays Was A Shapeshifter Too!!

    • Hi there, Nina!

      And there it is again! Pretty remarkable that no matter how far back you dig– they are there!

      Sidebar– I got your email! Just trying to find time to get to everything. I did it to myself again– bit off more things than hours in a day! Need to be a twin again. 🙂

  1. I can’t believe they were there in plain sight and no one ever noticed! Busy gal 🙂 no idle hands for you that’s for sure 😉

    • Hi there, Nina! It makes absolute sense that Bernays had to be “one of them” and in plain sight. He beguiled a nation!

      I really am trying to slow things down so that I can get back to this like I really want to! I cannot tell you how much has been uncovered! 🙂 More to come…

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