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Maaannnn… it seems lately while just glancing at things I seem to stumble upon the most absurd findings with the many lies that have been spun for the american public! 

I finally scaled back my Sandy Hook (Line and Stinker) “investigation” cuz it was simply TOO ridiculous, you guys.  Hole after hole, crying parents yet not one of them could produce a real tear (fluid) couple that with Glen and his non-acting self and Robbie (the daddy caught smiling at his FIRST “press conference” just moments after finding out his daughter was “killed”– like, WHO DOES THAT?!  I mean… it’s totally ridiculous what’s been presented before us as truth!  WHEW!  So this rant is courtesy of RandomShots174 on youtube and thanks to them, I found yet another GLARING discrepancy with that entire farce!  I don’t know how to capture a complete website or blog’s content BEFORE it’s deleted (other than doing a screenshot) but I’m certain when the word gets out– this site will be GONE!  LOL!!! And… it’s a WordPress site, too you guys! 

RandomShots has a keen eye (well… if you know the human eye– this one is really staring right atcha–pun intended).  Zooming in on the human pupil, if it’s non-existent, something ain’t right!  Dilated or non-dilated– the human pupil will DEFINITELY be visible in photographs but in one of the children’s eyes of “sandy hook line and stinker” her pupils are missing!  And guess which child it is?!!!  Emilie Parker– the daughter of laughing Robbie!!!

So first, let’s take a look at a very simple chart of the human pupil…

pupils dilated and non dilated

All I’m demonstrating by using this lil chart is that you can see the pupil and it’s round/circle– nothing else.  Reflections or other imperfections will always show a pupil, is my simple point.  So check out what RandomShots spotted on good ole Emilie…

arrow-down(Click all images to enlarge)

Emilie Parker And Her Strange Eyes PupilsDoesn’t that look like one of those silhouette shots of a couple on the beach looking out at the ocean ESPECIALLY in her right eye (our left view)?!  Those aint’ stinkin’ pupils by a long shot, you guys!  Crazy, right?!!!

Now… since the first logical guess is to suggest photoshop– let’s go with that cuz now I actually have a “theory” (not a fact).  I’m guessing the person assigned to create or doctor this photo was not really morally okay with what they were doing (forced to or otherwise) so I’m thinking they actually, in their own way, tried to drop us a hint– you know… “for those who have eyes”.  OR it could just be their way of flaunting their knowledge while they take your donations.  Either way– photoshop is definitely at work in this “perfect picture”.  And here’s the other little diddy that popped out for me… exactly what colour is this childs’ eyes anyway?!  lol

Emilie Parkers Eyes Go From Blue To Brown

When you enlarge the above picture it looks as if Emilie and the one in yellow have slits too!  Now… aside from that– betcha didn’t notice the little one in the purple?  Her fingers/hands are JACKED UP (shapeshifting)!!  Her right one actually looks quite claw-ish to me, don’t you think?!  And the other one is pretty indescribable if you study it hard.  Hey– just saying (that non-humans do walk among us.)  Again, I’m pointing out we indeed have been given photoshops of these girls cuz one shot after another seems to show eye colour shifts!  Unless they’re related to Linda Ronstadt– what’s making their “brown eyes, blue”?  Here’s another shot of Emilie with brown eyes…

What Colour Are Emilie Parkers EyesAnd when you zoom in on this one, you’ll see what looks like a slit in her eye again.  Hey– just sayin’

In yet another among many other things I find disturbing about this charade, is this child’s supposed drawings.  Okay– I’m no expert but I’m telling you– I know children and some of the drawings found on this site by Emilie (a 6 year old) don’t really “match”, for me.  Here’s one “she drew”…

Emilie Parker Drawing At Age 6  I Aint Buying ItI don’t know maannn… to me– it looks like the artist of this drawing is far more talented and is ‘holding back’.  Below is from a 6 year old that created a card concept/campaign for something called; “GameStop”.  Can you tell the difference?

Drawings By Six Year Old For Card CampaignThat’s just my observation cuz as usual, something is truly foul with everything about Sandy Hook and these families keep giving us clues.  Here’s one more shot of the girls with those blue eyes instead of brown…

Emily Parker and sisters with blue eyes

What in the fo-cheesy?  Click HERE for the video where I captured these images.  Below is RandomShots174’s find.  Oh yeah– HERE’s that WordPress blogsite that the Parker’s created which they call; “The Parker Five”.  Talk about a campaign to keep contributions coming?  They are getting PAID based on a lie, by the way.  This entire story was so obviously a fraud from the start (to me)– it made me dizzy!  But this is a SUPER capture by Random Shots so just spreading the word that the Parker Family is credited for all the images you see!  Photoshopping is definitely courtesy of them as the images used in this article came directly from THEIR blogsite.  From the brown eyes to blue (and vice verse) to the “couple silhouette” in Emilie’s eyes– it’s all the Parker’s!

And before it’s even suggested, why would her parents want to photoshop clawish looking fingers and hands on even one of their children?  Remember this photo (where the two younger sisters are highlighted)?  Emilie Parkers Yonger Sisters

Her hands look different, don’t they?  I’d call that some “shapeshifting,” and NOT photoshop, you guys. 😉

2 thoughts on “*** BREAKING NEWS *** SANDY HOOK HOAX INFO June 2014

  1. My daughter was born with her left hand kind of like the little ones hand…I do agree with most of what you’re saying but just to let you know my daughter isn’t a shape shifter some kids are born with a congenital deformity… And I really hope she doesn’t ever have to hear someone say this even if it is because of ignorance…So cut the kid a breakn

    • Hi there, Paula! And thanks for commenting! 🙂

      It’s important to note that I LOVE munchkins and would NEVER make light of any condition a child has. Though it may appear there is something there, to the contrary, dad is holding the one daughters fingers that way while the other placed a “perfect Baphomet” symbol into her mouth. I hope you noticed Emilie’s ‘pupils’… there’s an image INSTEAD of actual pupils there! 🙂 They tried their best to trick us but thankfully, we can zoom in TIGHT on images!

      P.S. If someone ever BULLY’S your child, you just let me know! 🙂 Bully’s are the WORST! Children are PRECIOUS GEMS if you ask me! 🙂 Here’s a lil something to make you SMILE! 🙂

      With love and LIGHT, Paula!

      The Lady and Captain of THIS Ship! 🙂

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