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Joe Rogan Is DEFINITELY Controlled Opposition!

Alrighty you guys!  This is probably going to be met with that closed-minded (idiotic) resistance BUT, handsome Joe Rogan is INDEED “one of them”!  He’s a fake!  A good (convincing) one, but a fake nonetheless. 

I remember an interview he had sometime ago where a guy on his show was talking about Whitney [Houston] and her drug problem (I’ve met Whitney— she really did have a cocaine problem but people blamed Bobby Brown which I know for a fact was incorrect– Bobby’s choice of ‘fun’ at that time was weed!) and found that interview entertaining and thought Joe was pretty darn funny!  So his name has sort of stayed in the back of my mind since then (not to mention that I thought he was attractive).  Well, just like countless others– he’s part of “the deception network” too.  It’s truly amazing how connected they all are!  So how do I know Joe is a joke? 

First, let’s just take a look at his logo from his show… I shouldn’t have to break too much down cuz even a blind man can see…

Joe Rogan Experience Logo Fill With Illuminati Symbols

We’ve got the obvious eye in the center of his forehead (Eye of Horus), those lightening bolts (which represent Zeus) and those lines around his head represent sun rays (Ra– Sun God worship).  Can’t believe I never looked at his logo before now because it’s just too blatant, you guys!   He, or should I say his handlers, are using the key signage of  subliminals BIG time!  And if that doesn’t get you to raise your brow… check out this image cuz DAMN!!!

joe rogan with grandson of lavey

Maaann… just look at that!  Not only is he hanging with a third generation offspring of one of the most evil men who ever lived while holding up The Horned Hand or “Cornuto” sign but he’s also wearing a t-shirt with FLAMES and friggin “666” on it!  Like, REALLY?!!!  A true believer in “the resistance” would never display triple 6’s!  And I’ve gotta say– the Joe Rogan “I met” on the airwaves looks very different than today’s Joe!  Here’s “yesterday’s” Joe…joe-rogan early daysTo me– he sold out and has given in to AND opened himself up for demon possession or he may now even be a hybrid (or Organic Robitoid).  He certainly does promote filth, sex and promiscuity with even inanimate objects while passing that off as humor.

And in case you didn’t know… Stanton LaVey (above image with Rogan) was actually arrested for the kidnapping and rape of a minor!  Falls right in line with what these satanist do.  Go for the young, rape and sacrifice them (in the name of Molech)!   And you know what the Bible says about Molech, don’t you (Leviticus 20: 2-27)?   And if you can believe this… some satanists out there actually think this news report is a false WITCH HUNT (see a clip HERE)!  

Thankfully, this victim definitely had warrior angels  with her cuz she got away!  Check out this news clip although the dark details are clearly omitted from this report, in which the charges have supposedly been dropped (arrested January 2011, I believe).  That network of pedophiles do look out for each other, no doubt…

Controlled opposition, shills or fakes are EVERYWHERE!  And I’m telling you– they are far more wise to the ways of deception than we are!  PLEASE… don’t be fooled.  I’ve already covered Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, David Icke, Benjamin Fulford, David Wilcox, Ron Paul, The Vigilant Citizen (and that’s the short list).  Tune in to reality fellow people, cuz it’s going to get crazy real soon! 

I’m gonna close with this last clip (HERE’s that original post) cuz people who think God or His Son is a punk or something OR think they don’t exist really need to understand!  He ain’t no plaything and you’d be kidding yourself if you think He’s not going to reveal his MIGHTY POWER!  Woe unto ya’ (us all) for EVER having doubt that He is ALIVE and ALWAYS WATCHING!


63 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Is DEFINITELY Controlled Opposition!

    • Joe Rogan caught the attention of the people who run NASA. He has inlfuence with a demographic that is young and impressionable. This is not a problem until he goes against the PTB. NASA has not benefitted America or man kind in any way. Joe, most likely was already a master mason before the UFC became so big because they don’t want you having a microphone and a big audience unless you have sworn loyalty to them so they can trust you not to say something about freemasonry on a large, live broadcast. Most likely, Joe was paid a visit and told to “stop with the moon landing hoax” stuff and realized he couldn’t just stop talking about it so he realized he had to start de-bunking it. Happens a lot. MAGA.

      • Hi there, Bill Cooper!! 🙂 Hope ALL is well!! 🙂

        While you do present a good “defense” (him being approached et al) but check out this flip of HIS “switch”! 🙂 I ONLY wish I could find that clip of Joe saying; “I wish they [Illuminati] would invite me, I’d lie about it ALL DAY”! I’m paraphrasing as I can no longer can find that clip and his words. POSITIVE it’s STILL out there, though, but I’ve had to replace my external hardrive so I can’t find this clip so readily, to include in my response right now. But I’m SURE it’s out there!!! 🙂 And I TOTALLY agree with you when you mention; he has a WIDE audience!! That’s when the “elite” taps a persons’ shoulder to be included! 😉 He invited it and THEY delivered!! And aside from ALL of that?! Well, are you familiar with the recent (on record) discovery that an “invisible shield” has been discovered? Yep! 🙂 Seems the University of Boulder discovered some “Star Trek” type of shield within our atmosphere!!! Here’s the article Why O Why?, was able to find… scroll to the very bottom of the article. 🙂 I don’t believe Joe got an unexpected visit. To the contrary… he actually solicited this visit! And he got what he asked for and is DELIVERED [on his PROMISE]. SOME really DO get “tapped” but Joe actually WANTED it! The ONLY reason I care? Is Joe is leading SO MANY unwitting SOULS to hell! When we FINALLY realize that this thing called; The Firmament, is real? Then we will ALL understand! I don’t doubt for a second (anymore) that these “elite” are real. Been awake since 1996 but ALWAYS find it interesting to see more proof of this reality. 🙂 Here’s a couple of “rappers” who talk of this elite group who believe in sacrificing (human beings and their souls). Starts out strangely “humorous” and then takes a turn down “dark avenue”. Awkward (at first), uncomfortable and then DARK indeed… Oh and PLEASE be aware… “Why O’ Why?” does NOT condone the use of the n-word. Ever. 🙂 I give this clip a “pass” on said usage because, they still make valid assertions. The ONLY way I got through this clip was to substitute that word for “mvthafka”. 🙂 Peep it… This dialogue, in my HUMBLE opinion, lends to the fact that TRUTH is ALWAYS HIDDEN in PLAIN sight. 🙂

        Thanks for the comment my man! 🙂 And thanks for possibly glancing at “New Rules For Comment” (on our Blog). 🙂 Your comment on this article is actually a “breath of FRESH AIR”! 🙂 When we enter into adulthood, maturity or wisdom, we absolutely know how to lodge an INTELLIGENT debate! 🙂 I sincerely appreciate you!!! 🙂 My apologies for the slight delay in a reply. Just insanely busy, lately. 🙂

        The Lady and Captain of THIS ship! 🙂

    • That is your response? Nothing of substance to rebuke or refute, just ridicule? You are retarded and you have been conditioned, that is why your attack is lazy and rude.

  1. You are like an insecure girlfriend, you’ll always find something wrong, even when there is NOTHING there. The guy promotes free thinking and getting off the governments tits. Secondly, you’re using his shirt as a premise for being in the Illuminati because it says “666”? Why don’t you use that peewee brain of yours, and do some research. The Illuminati promotes knowledge, it only gained a negative image by the CHURCH, who will associate Satan with anything is deems an enemy. Anyway, the Illuminati is made up of masons…for the simple fact, the masons still carry the ancient knowledge that the CHURCH was trying to eliminate. Hence, why they were a SECRET society. Duh.

    Additionally, Babylon worshiped gods that were associated with the sun, moon, planets and stars involved with astrology. Babylonians were the principle developers of astrology as we know it today and the pagan priests (masons of today) wore amulets called “Sigilla Solis” or “Sun Seal” which symbolized 36 constellations. In this system of worship, they had 36 supreme gods plus the god associated with the sun, which they believed to be the father of all the other gods and so was supreme over all. They believed that numbers had power over the gods they worshiped so they assigned numbers to their gods so that they could have power over them. They did this by counting their gods and assigning a consecutive number to each of the 36 lesser supreme gods, and then added up these numbers (from 1 to 36) and assigned the sum to the sun god. If you have not guessed by now, the sum of the numbers from 1 to 36 totals 666, which they assigned to the god associated with the sun. The calculation is below:

    1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 + 10 + 11 + 12 + 13 + 14 + 15 + 16 + 17 + 18 + 19 + 20 + 21 + 22 + 23 + 24 + 25 + 26 + 27 + 28 + 29 + 30 + 31 + 32 + 33 + 34 + 35 + 36 = 666

    The teaching of the Babylonian religious practices by the Babylonian priests and their direct descendants went on in the city of Pergamum for centuries afterwards. They taught astrology and the making of amulets with the numbers 1 to 36 on them in the special arrangements they commonly used. This continued until about the year 133 B.C. when the last king of the Attalid Empire, (Eumenes’ son, Attalus III) who had his capital at Pergamum, died without an heir and bequeathed his kingdom to Rome. Rome accepted the kingdom and set up the province of Asia, which included Ionia and the territory of Pergamum by 129 B.C. Sometime soon after this, the priests who were still teaching the Babylonian religious practices saw their opportunity and went to Rome. The Romans often adopted the religious practices of other cultures, which also helped the empire survive as long as it did. The Babylonian priests rightly calculated that the Romans would be very willing to learn and follow their teachings. Soon all of Rome filled with their religious teachings and practices. It eventually became so pervasive that people called Rome the “New Babylon.” Early Christians also used the term Babylon as a veiled code word for a particular city, so as to avoid persecution from that pagan power. That city was also Rome. See also 1 Peter 5:13.

    When the Christian Church came along, the practices and beliefs of the Babylonian religion followed right into the Church. Historians have said that it seemed almost the entire city of Rome converted virtually overnight to Christianity, but what actually happened is that the Babylonian religion was simply brought into the Church and the three supreme gods of the Babylonian religion were simply renamed as God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Lesser gods became saints of the Church. The pagan Babylonian religious practices came into the Church right along with it. This made it easy for the followers of the Babylonian religion to convert to Christianity, but it certainly was not a genuine conversion. God condemns pagan religious practices, but they brought these practices into the Church anyway.

    So the evidence presented here links 666 with ancient sun worshipping pagan Babylon and the Papacy of the Catholic Church, which is dominated by pagan practices and solar images and is referred to as Babylon in the book of Revelation. This is just a small part of the evidence that makes this relationship apparent.

    Oh man, what a silly coincidence…You do realize that the super elite…the ones you claim to be a part of the Illuminati, most likely love the idea that people like you spend countless hours wasting time, looking in the WRONG directions. Pat yourself on the back, you’re worse than a sheep, you’re worse than a dog who can’t hunt. And to make it absolutely clear. People like you are the reasons people like Joe Rogan and his fan exist, to expose and then educate people like you.

    • YAWN! Hopefully you and Joe like the heat cuz I’m hearing hell is crazy hot! After reading this AGAIN– I’m more than convinced this article has been “attacked” by paid shills. Even upon Anton LaVey’s deathbed– he saw hell was REAL. No bases for your “argument” other than misguided “knowledge”.

      For the record, for the future readers to come…

      DON’T come in MY YARD talking smack as it simply WON’T fly here! Read “The Rules For Comment” (it actually has its OWN tab– at the top). No further comments will be APPROVED if people don’t read the rules for comments PRIOR. Just like I squashed “The Vigilant Citizen” article which brought on/enforced “RULES” the same will apply to Joe’s article of exposure. And you can take THAT to the bank!

      Jazz (The Captain of THIS ship)

    • an imperfect imperfection. They (the children of Satan) want to live in a world which is perfect (no crime, no hatred, no worries), which is really imposible because they are lies and deception, and except they will not worship the God, the father of Jesus Christ, has taught in the Bible. 666 has been here for a long time and many have already passed away. Your actions, the words that you speak, all of them are already a product of an illusion made by greedy evil men. Tell me is it right to punch a guy’s face and call it a profession?

    • Your information is in some parts accurate however one fatal mistake you make, which many people seem to do also, is group Christianity with Catholicism and use the terms interchangeably. The Roman-Catholic connection to Babylon is correct but Christianity is not Catholicism. It was Constantine and the like that morphed Sun worship with early Christianity so that they could continue worship the same false Gods. They even just renamed their statues/idols with the names of Biblical figures. Check what the Holy Bible actually says about Babylon. It seems your argument is one-sided towards disproving Christ and the Holy Bible and I imagine you also bought into the lie that Jesus was a mythical character like Horus. A claim that anyone that does the proper historic research would know doesn’t hold any validity at all.

      You claim the illuminati promotes knowledge yet everything they do is about deceit and control. You fail to acknowledge the satanic connection between the illuminati and freemasonry and in turn neglect their actual agenda for humanity. Look up the famed Albert Pike letter on the plan for 3 World Wars and before you buy into the suggestion the letter is a hoax, the letter was published in Le diable au XIXe siècle, v. II, 1892-1894 nearly 20 years prior to world war one and both first and second world wars played out exactly as was written. The letter goes on to describe the ultimate goal of introducing the doctrine of lucifer to the world and a one world religion. Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, satanism and even witchcraft paganism are all awaiting the rule of a so called messiah in some form, yet they are all versions of the one the Holy Bible refers to as the anti-Christ. The beast system is coming and already here in many ways. It just seems that you stopped looking when you felt your research supported your current ideologies and probably got a lot of your info from the likes of Jordan Maxwell among others. I’m sure you also think that the Holy Bible was even written by the Catholic Church and that the current versions hold no accuracy in comparison to the original scriptures. Again, claims that are completely discredited with any form of serious research without bias.

      Before you think that I’m just a Christian nut, I actually used to believe many things that you stated and even identified my philosophies more with Hindu and Buddhist ideologies in regards to the nature of the universe, which actually even coincides with modern evolution theory (the agenda of evolution theory is not something I’ll go into here though). It was only when I truly looked at things objectively, without a point to prove but rather seeking actual truth, that I realized the things I believed challenged the Holy Bible and existence of God actually validated it in ways I didn’t imagine. Only when you’ve felt the conviction of the Holy Spirit do you know that it is completely real and tangible. There is so much manipulation of information and religion and I know exactly why you believe what you do. I would just say that accepting Christ is nothing to with religion or doctrine but rather salvation through the ransom Jesus paid for our sin. Let’s just say you believed that Heaven exists for a moment, how would you and me get into Heaven when sin cannot live in the presence of God? People will always challenge and argue many different aspects of these topics yet one thing that people cannot explain is the multitude of cases where people that suffer clinical death’s/near death’s/OBE’s, including atheists and people without any Christian faith whatsoever, see Heaven/hell or stand before Jesus/God and convert to Christ in the most unlikely circumstances. This is where I expect dmt/ayahuasca experiences might get brought up and so I end with this: the spirit world is more real than this world and so are demons. I recommend you research the Book of Enoch and how fallen angels manipulated many cultures around the earth and link to false gods, demons, giants and aliens. God bless.

  2. I think you’re onto something here. Keep digging, and don’t even think about coming up for air until you find what must be found! Fucking retard.

  3. I have read some pretty crazy things in my short lifetime, but this, this is up there in respect to a level of such stupidity, that I have a hard time figuring out if this is satire.

    Or if the authors actually suffer from some sort of learning disorder on psychological issues causing them to be so far detached from what the real world calls reality.

    Judging from the grammar and overall poor structure of the article, mixed with the use of bible quotations, it sadly may be that the latter is closer to the truth.

    Lets just hope these people aren’t having children.

  4. warrior angels? why didn’t J.C. just come down on his unicorn to help? or send Santa clause?
    you’re living in a fable world my friend. I was once brainwashed too. “thanks God” I woke up. you’re entire life is predicated on bullshit and you’re wasting valuable time on a religion that is false. I truly hope you wake up in time enjoy some of your life.

  5. I will soon take over the simple minds of the free world with my ever going preaching through Joe Rogan! All will hail my dark soul of Ra. I will sodimise your mothers and fathers in a seconds notice! For writing such arrogance I have now been able to fully open my gates for your young and elders as well. Praise me or let your life be lived in a world of pain and darkness!!!!!!

  6. The woman in the rape case that you say was a minor was 19. Where is that considered a minor? The one time you attempt to introduce fact, you got it wrong. The rest is just you making up stuff.

  7. So… nearly ONE YEAR LATER and folks get wind of this AND want to talk smack because they are idolizing a total stranger who could give two rats tails about any of you? Dig deeper you guys. I’m not the only person calling Joe out and even if I were, I stand by the article. Oh– I personally think anyone with a “teen” after their age is STILL a child so yeah– I wrote MINOR on purpose. The average 55 year old has the maturity of a teen more than you know so yeah– I stand by that remark too.

    Seriously defending someone flashing triple 6’s, devils horns and hanging out with the great grandson of the founder of the satanic church? And people don’t believe they’re possessed? The devil made you do– I have no doubt.

  8. You don’t have to go any further than the Offspring of Anton Levay for me!!! That picture tells a thousand words, but some prefer to keep the blinder’s on idk I guess it’s to much for their lil mind’s to handle.

    • Hi there, Nina!! Hope you got my email reply. 🙂

      I’ve been prepared for “attacks”! Seeing LOTS of triple 6’s, 33, 322, 9/11’s, 11:11’s in just everyday random stuff lately. I’ve concluded that these attacks are because this blog is disclosing truth. Oddly– being prepared, I’m not even unnerved by the darksiders. They make me chuckle cuz they are ALREADY defeated! 🙂

      Still can’t figure out why such convictions on a topic is only seen YEARS later (this article isn’t the first) cuz that just makes me laugh at ’em all! lol!!! Let them protect a kidnapping, rapist, satanist and a person (Joe) who sold their soul. They’ll be boiling right with them when it’s all said and done. 😉

  9. You Bet Jazzy and I am with you on being prepared and not unnerved, These people are no longer human and are souless, altered by chemicals , implants and torture, their time here is short.

  10. I can’t believe all of these people cannot see the same thing. JOE ROGAN IS A SHILL. That is the the fucking truth. Any TRUE TRUTH seeker knows that Sexual Promiscuity, Drugs, and Masonry, along with Aliens, and other New age Bs is all straight from the elite. Just as much as false religions are here to control people. And Joe Rogan is just pushing another form of mental prison for you sheeple to keep your eyes shut and feel safe in. Look at his track record :

    1) Claimed that Chem Trails are not real on his conspiracy debunking show. We know this is now 100% false as Chem trails are 100% real and being marketed under different lies such as “sunscreen for the earth”, “cloud seeding”, “jet fuel”, “contrails” and flat out denial.

    2) He has masons on his show and promotes joining masons. Anyone who is serious about waking up knows that their whole organization is compromised from the top down (and linked directly to Devil /Lucifer worship) to the roots and the symbols they seed everywhere in the media.

    3) He promotes drug use for enlightenment which is the same bs they told the hippies and are pushing in the new age movement to keep you idiots doped up and dumb as shit. Sure there is some benefits here and there but this mainstream “cool kids” drug abuse culture is just creating drop outs, burn outs, bums, losers, crazies, and dumb shits. They don’t care whether your too doped up to fight because of illegal or legal drugs they want you doped up either way on something. So pick your poison cuz promotes them.

    4) He is a GLOBAL WARMING pusher. Family to the argument that there is too many people on Earth, scarce resources lie, and population control. He obviously is in favor of killing you all off as if you are a virus just like the elite think. Global warming is debunked long ago and Joe Rogan is riding the “climate change” train as if it’s something Man is doing.

    5) Other than promoting Masonry, Drug use, Sex, and False Ideas about the world he is also a dumb shit who focuses on things like UFO’s and BIGFOOT when there is more serious things to talk about. He is either a paid shill or a dumb shit that doesn’t know he’s on the enemies side. I think he started long ago in stand up with an idea to seek truth and was vastly led astray.

    6) The shirt and the logo are signs someone is “blind” to what they are promoting or wearing…or they know exactly what it is. Either way he is NOT a source of truth.

    7) Fear Factor. Nuff said. This guy is been Hollywood which is also a compromised state.

    • Thank you, shnast! 🙂 People have been showing up as of late on this trying to pass as regular ‘joe blows’ but the paid shill industry reaches far and wide. None of their ‘rebuttals’ rang any truth. They showed up to try to discredit the blog because as you’ve pointed out, Joe is a shill. Sold out paid controlled opposition. It burns my undies just how many will sell out. Thank you for your comment and I didn’t know he was on a tv show. I knew he was once a stand up comedian but to have a show in hollyhell (called Fear Factor no less)… maaaannn, people need to wake up BIG time. 😉


    • Bingo! That was a great breakdown! I never liked Rogan. Something just always seemed off about him. I never really trusted that guy. I think he’s a shill just like Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura. Many of them are controlled opposition disguised as “truth tellers”. Thanks for your great comment.

    • Hahaha! I’m not telling your secrets, YOU ARE! 🙂 When one does the research, they are as blatant as the nose on anyone’s face. Hell… even Stevie Wonder can see it!

  11. things are going to get Much worse for you… this was just posted on the JRE Facebook Group… 10k members strong.
    I really think you misunderstand independent thinkers as opposition. disagreeing with someone does not make them an enemy. The symbolism in his logo, is a shout out to his interest in theology, especially in his stand up

    • Misguided, Jacob. The symbols displayed in his logo have VERY significant meaning. Do your research as “independent thinker” would. And much worse for me? Really? Who tha hell is JRE Facebook Group? lol


    The Captain of THIS Ship

      • Hahaha! Enough of the nonsense already, right?! Here’s what I don’t get about these late chimers and “advocates”… if they DON’T understand the symbolism used in his logo, um… don’t they see he’s rockin’ a shirt with TRIPLE 6’S?!!!! No man (or woman) of God would DARE walk around showing the SIGN OF THE BEAST! Still can’t get past him even taking a picture with Anton’s grandson either. They are satanists with the most “blantanist”, and in the faces of anyone who can SEE! 4 comments DID NOT get approved by the way (which is a first for “Why O’ Why?”).

        How u doin’ by the way?! 🙂

  13. Why hang with levey. Thats like chilling with the pope. Plus 666 on the shirt and devil horns. Thats pretty obvious he supports the message of agnostic. He doesnt appear to be.

    • Plain as the nose on our faces, isn’t it?!

      I’m gonna share again (I’m sure I’ve mentioned this in at least one comment on a different subject perhaps) what my Pastor hit me with once YEARS ago. She said; “We all know Christ is coming back, we just don’t know when. How would you feel (paraphrasing here) if you were droppin it like its hot with a drink in one hand and a cigarette in the other, turned around and He was looking RIGHT AT YOU”?! Pretty good stuff for a person of (about) 24-26 yrs old at the time! I think it was the first time I felt like I might actually have been ashamed of myself! We gotta learn who these ‘dark forces’ are and DISCONNECT from them! Oh– lol @ “That’s like chilling with the pope”! hahaha Welcome to “the party”, Carl! 🙂


  14. Joe rogan is an evil man tainting the feeble minds of misguided sheep, give the ignorant something to be mad about…then let them tear each other apart l, nothing he SAS promotes unity for the common good, he spewes hatred into the minds of those dumb enough to listen, if you can’t see how he aims to divide those, it’s called propaganda and it comes in many forms, his favorite is the granfaloon, the u against us attitude, this tactic has been used many many times in history to disrupt populations, and Joe is a master at it, first give the ignorant uninformed man some thing to be angry about the give them an enemy, then what they need is a leader, joe rogan has you numb skulls by the balls preaching his slander. He wants you divided, dumb, and awaiting your next order. Of you cannot see that then you are not truly following the aspects of rogans teachings…

    • Best comment on this article that CONTINUES to bring out the shills! More than a year old and every now then they TRY to come “hard” for a sista! lol Thank you for giving them something else to swallow! 🙂 That man is LEADING AAAALLLL of his followers straight to hell! It’s truly sad when you think about it too. Hey– one day we’ll ALL understand! 🙂


  15. It seems I’m commenting late on this, but I happened to just come across this info while researching something else, which is always awesome being led to a new place full of more great exposures.
    Unfortunately, the great majority of the human race is deceived; just by reading half the comments here it’s apparent. People love to quote textbooks with all of their purposefully inaccurate information, along with things they read on CNN, other MSM sites, or see on TV because most of them are ignorant. They do not understand that major news and media outlets are all owned, run, and paid for by the very people that shove lies down the publica throat in order to distract and mislead them.
    Make no mistake, this waste of space Rogan is human garbage. He pushes their agendas constantly, all while trying to hide under the guise of being a “free thinker” and “opposition” WRONG. He has been bought and paid for. This is why the government continues promoting their lies every day and indoctrinating the public day after day…Most people are either too lazy, too ignorant, or too narcissistic to research whatever they are being told. That’s why people have been lied to for so long and it just continues.
    Case in point, even this idiot has people fooled and he does a terrible job at trying to hide the fact he’s controlled opposition. People need to wake the heck up…He promotes the homosexual agenda!
    I was a brainwashed die-hard Liberal for a very long time, because I had been indoctrinated and fell for the BS that it’s not a choice and blah blah. Then, I was lucky enough to break free of that brainwashing and then I finally learned of the hidden agendas and the influence these people are trying to push on very, very young children, trying to push them into believing they are transgendered before they’ve even developed their gender identity!! Or, their plan to destroy the nuclear family…and familial values with both strong male and female parental values.
    AlMost all of the “facts” and “research” they’ve obtained on these things, they were all the thoughts and beliefs of known pedophile/child molestor Kinsey, who used to coduct these gender and sexual tests and research on super young kids and babies!! WHAT KIND OF PERSON RESEARCHES SEXUAL BEHAVIOR IN INFANTS?!! This is he source of all the ideals and lies of these disgusting people pushing these “free thinking” ideals on society, they’ve taken information from a pedophile and they push that as fact, when it’s completely irrelevant…
    I just hope these brainwashed people wake the hell up. It’s highly unlikely but one can always hope.
    Anyway,thanks for the site, thumbs up

    • Can I just say I LOVVEE your screen name?!!! 🙂 Thank you soooo much for your kind words and diggin’ the site! ALWAYS warms my heart to know! 🙂

      There are so many things I’d like to touch on in your WONDERFUL (insightful) comment but that might make this the length of a MOVIE! lol I am VERY glad to see that people “got hip” to the Kinsey Report! We were SO naive! Pedophiles from the start! Thank GOD there are few creepy “insane asylums” left– those children society tossed aside were nothing but TORTURED TEST “DUMMIES”. It’s remarkable just how much blood is on each and every hand, out there!

      It’s real sad to find another testament to people selling their souls, cuz Joe sure did! I think he’s super creepy now and find it hard to believe that so many still follow him. And narcissistic is dead on! More than ANYTHING, our society is FULL of them (can you say what tha heck is a SELFIE?)!! They’ll NEVER break the spell, sadly because LITERALLY, they’re in their OWN way! 😉 You and I (and a few REMARKABLE others) are really fortunate to be “awake”, especially during these times. Many will be lost (it is written) so we are only doing what we can to help others (and I do believe The Heavenly Father is not pleased when we don’t share these things).. It’s up to them to do their due diligence.

      And thank you for commenting to show ANY FORTHCOMING SHILLS, that even if we disagree, you better have a command over the English language before your comment is approved! If you’re really NOT a shill, that should be easy to do! 😉 Comments are NEVER closed here. 🙂

      I’m so glad you’re digging the site! It’s become a true passion (just wish I had more time) so thank you again for your WONDERFUL comment! Thanks for the “ThumbsUp”, too! You MADE MY DAY! 🙂

      Love, peace and soul (TRAIN)!

      The Captain of THIS Ship! 😉

  16. i just happened to stumble upon this site by accident. i know I’m coming to this a bit late, but let me just say something from the bottom of my Norwegian heart, THIS has to be about the craziest, most mental thing i have had the honor to read. holy shit! you guys have to be the funniest bunch of silly gooses who ever had the pleasure to walk the face of the earth. i can’t belive this is even real.
    i sincerely hope and wish the great Joe Rogan him self could read these comments.
    he would absolutley roll on the floor laughing his nuts off.
    Best regards from Norway.

    • Yes, you’re late. And THIS is the most “craziest and mental” thing you’ve read? You haven’t lived long enough. Joe is wearing 666, flashing the Baphomet sign but YOU don’t think he’s telling you he’s SATANIC? Here’s LaVey’s GRANDFATHER explaining that hand sign AGAIN… (the clip is near the bottom)

      I think Norway is very pretty but if yours is the example of the Norwegian thought process, I’ll skip the tour. Got MORE than enough Jethro’s here in “ass-merica”.

      I’m SURE Joe’s seen this just like Paul Watson saw my write-up about him. They’re EVERYWHERE. Sell outs and demons is ALL they are.

      • You’ve got that right Jazz, All, are sell out’s and Demon’s but for the Ignorant Braindead, you will Never get through to them, Ignorance is Bliss, LOVETHYNEIGHBOR is a perfect example of this or better yet the lengthy comment sounds kinda shilly, not really Christanlike in my opinion. We ALL Christian’s know the Devil is a great deciever and that it IS a Fact, there are Many Satan worshipper’s and those posessed. Mr. Rogan shows who his master is and it is plain to see.

      • Hi there, Nina!! 🙂

        It was “kinda shilly” wasn’t it? Good one by the way! lol But it would be a first (for me) to see a shill go through the trouble of referencing bible quotes. I would think in order to be a shill, you wouldn’t go near scriptures or else you wouldn’t be able to “shill for your check”. 🙂 Oddly, I got the impression she (not sure why I feel this was a woman) was sincere and represents “today’s christian”. And they are even afraid to speak against homosexuality cuz everybody and their mama is POLITICALLY CORRECT and doesn’t want to offend the person– nevermind that The Heavenly Father says it’s an abomination (smh). Hey– it’s not to say that this isn’t “shilling with a new twist” though. 🙂

        I’m still FASCINATED that people chime in on this one though. Joe left the building (i.g. SOLD OUT) when he did his reverse on The Moon Landing (flat earth). Once believed it FIRMLY now, he’s got “memory loss” and won’t ever voice that again. I’d say about 98% of the comments on this article are “shill-a-fide” so Joe’s got support out tha wa-zoo!! Must have a hellava budget is all I can say. I hope shills get paid more than $50 bucks a day. Crisis actors can get paid at MINIMUM 50 per day but at least they get to be on TV. 😉

  17. You’res and others soul filled with hate, will never reach the pearly gates. Jesus did never cave in to Satan’s terrible plan to plant seeds of Hate in him. What this is, what you are doing, is hateful. by filling you’re mind with thoughts the devil feeds on, he has taken hold of your attention. and Satan is actually planted in your heart through good intentions. Beware your feeling of greatness through putting yourself higher than others, just because you Feel you are right, the path in front of you Must be pure like Jesus wanted. <> Matthew 5:44

    I have no hate for what Joe Rogan believes, his heart is filled with good intentions, just like yours. But this talk of Satan’s presence in him is much like not accepting the real issue in your self. We must start with acceptance of others.

    Mat 5 14-16 “You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”

    I feel sad for your spreading of ignorance and hate. turn your attention too love and compassion for any human life. and you’re mind will be set free. words are just words, pictures are just pictures, you will find what you are looking for. therefor fill your heart with compassion and Love, and that is what you will find.

    • Wait a minute… WHAT? There’s no hate. None whatsoever. I’m about my Father’s business and it’s clear (to even Stevie Wonder) that Joe is misleading MASSES of people.

      Since you’re defending him, have you listened to his raunchy humor? A sample is within the article. You’re excusing his behavior why? He’s shown you exactly what he believes and pictures are not just pictures (9/11 should remind anyone of that as this image is evidence of FOULness. Buildings crumbled to NOTHING because of “intense heat” yet SHE was able to walk to the edge of where “the plane JUST hit”?? ).

      You can associate yourself with demons who rock the beasts’ numbers or someone who hangs out with satanists, I simply don’t get down like that (“Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?” Matt 7:16). And while it’s true we should pray for the lost, it is already written, many will NOT come to Christ. And I’m sorry, Joe has “good intentions”??? Leading people to hell is not a GOOD thing. I don’t know, I don’t think you actually heard the clip in the article because if you did you couldn’t write any of these things. He’s perverted and demons are all around him. People really do sell their souls. They’ve been doing it for CENTURIES. But hey– I appreciate you making a comment. At LEAST you read the rules beforehand. 😉

  18. Quoting Leviticus while almost certainly wearing 2 different types of fabric (punishable by death) says who the fake here is. Babbling about his logo… You’re making a judgement here. Doesn’t your silly book of fables mention something about judging?

    • Hi Chris and thanks for a comment! 🙂 Now…

      You can quote whatever YOU like but my position remains the same. Scroll down (in THIS article) to my LATEST comment for Joe (and DO click the link by Joe himself)! It’s audio and the VERY LAST, @ THIS point). In his OWN WORDS BEFORE he “flipped his switch”. By the by… sounds like you’re UNSURE that God is real… start HERE to begin to GET “slightly familiar”!! 🙂 Shills view this as “CRYPTONITE” but REAL souls will inquire (dig), MORE!!! 🙂

      P.S. TELL me, you’re NOT a shill and with EVIDENCE!

    • Chris… you’re simply uninformed. My most recent reply has a clip of Rogan. I don’t know how people are missing this but you should definitely watch before you defend someone who by the way, could care less about you. Study up on the signage. It’s as old as time.

  19. I only just found this article! Looks like you were right all along! I’ve seen rogan, sucking Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s dick in an interview ….. thats tantamount to an ADMISSION if you ask me! Well done for putting it out there! x

    • Hi there, ben and WELCOME! 🙂 Been a LONG time since a “non-shill” hit this article! Joe’s “flip” is very apparent that he was “gotten” when people listen to a convo he had about his belief in Flat Earth”/NON-moon landing (linked in one of my most recent comments to a SHILL). It was a firm belief but like the flipping of a coin, he switched. And Degrasse sounds like he’s been “smokin’ de-grass”!!! lol

      It feels me with JOY that some people out there do RESEARCH! Thanks sooo much for the compliment! We do, TRY! 🙂


      P.S. Sorry for the edits– was rushing out the door when I gave the 1st one! 🙂 You MIGHT like this too… 🙂

  20. Not sure whether you have heard of him Jazz but you would love Mark Devlin. He has written a book called Musical Truth. I haven’t read it but I’ve watched many of his talks on YouTube. Mark is a really nice guy, who responded to me immediately when I contacted him, even offering to meet up with me when I asked his advice on something. What he doesn’t know about the Satanic music industry you could write on a postage stamp. Look him up if you haven’t already.

    • He sounds right up my alley! Gonna check him out! 🙂 It’s funny, younazi (YouTube) has COMPLETELY shut me out! I’m always on the hunt for new researchers but for the last quarter or so, youtube “recommends” are not new (for me). In fact, youtube “recommends” items that I’ve already seen (some as OLD as 8 years)!! When I refresh, it is the SAME channels over and over. They also recommend sports (I’m completely anti), video games and other subjects that am not interested in. Channels I’m subscribed to get “unsubscribed” and the whole nine yards! It’s pretty blatant so THANK you again for a recommend! 🙂 Free speech, open info? HA!! 🙂 “Only in Ass-merica”! 🙂


  21. If you googled “Stanton Levay” , The 8th search result is an 404 error website which i have screenshotted, however this is what it says:

    Hell is for children. « Joe Rogan

    My friend Duncan is a very talented comedian, and he’s got this bit in his act where he becomes possessed by his dead grandfather’s evil puppet. Stanton Lavey, the grandson of the famous Satanist Anton Lavey asked him to perform it at his unholy wedding. I had to leave early because I was supposed to be on loveline that …


    Can’t click the link though? 404 not available

  22. I agree. I saw a few videos — he seemed very down to earth and, as you said, attractive. He has a strong sexual vibe and is good looking and charismatic. Reminds me of guys I dated in college. Then I noticed there were things he would say, then not say, which reflected controlled opposition. He also pushes promiscuity, degeneracy — and appears to be part of atl-right disinfo group.

    Anyone notice how many of the YouTube “stars” have been cloned and replaced? Take Jimmy Dore, for example. Compare how he looked a few years ago and now. He is completely synthetic as are all the contributors to his show. Milo Yiannopolis (sp?) cloned and replaced. Alex Jones — suddenly smooth, synthetic skin, at one point reptilian eyes.

    How can these people just be ordinary citizens with a conscience and a platform when they have access to elite cloning facilities.

    Joe Rogan is a fantastic talent., even though he talks about waxing his butt hairs. There is something off. I perceive controlled opposition in him as well.

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