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A Brand New Twist To Eye Shifters! MUST SEE (NO JOKE)!!!!

I only translated this in google (can’t stand google by the way) just using the title of the video and the description it lists.   The title is: “Full StopHam Lawlessness zhestkach” and the description reads; “Featured StopHama conflicts. Moscow lawlessness on the roads. Not for the faint of heart!”

I skimmed a few comments (the video’s in Russia) to get a feel of what might have been said between the two “main characters” I’ll be highlighting and noticed that “bydlo” was suggested to describe one of them which means;   



  1. (pejorative) Someone who is backwards, lacking refinement and culture.

Well, that’s all well and fine but it does NOT explain why his eyes went RED!  KID YOU NOT!!!!  This was uploaded LAST YEAR, May 5 2013.  Think “they” are not among us?!!!  Check out this still…arrow-down


Russian Guys Turn Red During altercation A SHAPESHIFT FIRSTBelow is the short version.  You can click HERE for the original.  I wonder what the Shills will say…



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