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Even The Movie “Fatal Attraction” From 1987 Had Some Shifting!

I’m so impressed with the captures more and more are discovering and I LOVE that they can find this occur even in the older films!  The very popular “Fatal Attraction” had some really good ones too!  Way to go  johnellizz on Youtube!  Check out  his video entitled; “Psychology Of Hollywood’s Reptilian Shapeshifters for more amazing captures of Michael Douglas and especially Glenn Close as she does some remarkably bizarre shifts! 

I always like to see if I can spot them on my own and as ‘luck’ would have it I did!  The final scene in the movie when the wife is confronted by the mistress, Glenn’s eye is off the charts BUT, remember… it’s in the bathroom so the steam does a great job of blocking it from our literal view (but our subconscious sure took it in).  I grabbed some snapshots of what I found and I just have to say it’s pretty impressive that he was able to simply see them with the naked eye.  Johnellizz is pretty “famous” on youtube.  Even the hollyhell shapeshifters (actors, producers and directors) peep his knowledge.  I had to brighten the below images and sharpen the sigma only a smidgen to see it but when I made those minor adjustments… well, just check them out.  As always DOUBLE CLICK ALL IMAGES TO ENLARGE. 😉

Glenn Close Eye Shifts From Fatal Attraction 1987

Glenn Close2 Eye Shifts From Fatal Attraction 1987

Glenn Close3 Eye Shifts From Fatal Attraction 1987

   Glenn Close4 Eye Shifts From Fatal Attraction 1987

I still couldn’t catch the best one that Johnellizz caught so it’s definitely worth the watch.  You remember the scene when Michael Douglas told her to go “f” herself just after they had sex?  “Dude” did it right when he said; “f-yourself” just like the cold blooded creatures they are in real life.  I could actually see his shift very clearly and did not have to do to his what I did to hers…

Michael Douglas Shape Shifts In Fatal Attraction 1987

But I did it anyway and could see something else occurring.  The right side of his face (non-circle) looked off.   So when I applied the same adjustments to his, not only do you see that eye, the other side of his face looks totally reptilian but clearly edited to try to camouflage it.  Although I didn’t put a red outline around it I don’t think you’ll have trouble seeing it. 😉

Michael Douglas2 Shape Shifts In Fatal Attraction 1987

There’s simply no way around it… hollyhell  (Hollywood) is completely filled with demons.  I could use all the other words out there to refer to them– I’m just cutting to the skinny cuz they ain’t human!  Countless proof that they exist yet so many don’t believe or are even aware! 

Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;

1 Timothy 4:1

Think about that movie, it’s theme, it’s message and combine that with how popular it was (still is I would assume) and understand that their sole purpose is to influence us.  Someone asked me why?  What’s the point of that?  Very simple– they are steering us away from good therefore, God!  Masses of people worship hollyhell.  Women and even men go ‘crazy’ at concerts or sporting events shoot people even kill over tennis shoes.  It’s all worship.  And that’s gonna send anyone who’s down with that straight to hell.  There is truly a battle for our souls.  I pray more people come to understand cuz…

Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble.

James 2:19

3 thoughts on “Even The Movie “Fatal Attraction” From 1987 Had Some Shifting!

  1. The movie Fatal Attraction was based on Rita Klich from Birmingham, Alabama. She is currently married to James Klich who she had an affair with. Glenn Close studied Rita Klich for years from a distance. Glenn Close noted she slept with so many married men I lost track after a month. Rita is just like the character in the movie except she enjoys anal sex and swallows.

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