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Justin Beiber Is A Shapeshifter Too

I suppose for the many, they’ll never be convinced that celebrities are nothing but minions working for the devil trying hard to send your soul to hell.  But hey– here’s another popular celeb who’s true nature gets revealed.  Just like Oprah’s eye’s shifted, so does Justin’s.  Check it out (click all images to enlarge)  …

Justin Beiber Eye Shift In Court 2014 Just Like OprahsHere’s the clip which it hits at the 9 second mark.  It’s the same type of shift that Oprah had during her interview with Tom Cruise.  It’s not a coincidence or glitch.  These entities do exist and they are getting you to worship and idolize them and are leading you astray.  

He’s completely aware that he shifted which is why he looked away in that moment.  Check out his image from a while back of Justin cuz he’s got slits all in his eyes here too…justin-bieber-eye slit no photoshop

We continue to get the opportunity to see the truth so hopefully we’re heeding the warning.  Celebrities are nothing but devils in disguise.  Always have been too.

7 thoughts on “Justin Beiber Is A Shapeshifter Too

  1. The documentary “I am Britney Spears” there are two “shapeshifting” times whereby the hands of Britney are very distinctly abnormal. She is constantly fidgeting and makes a point to say she is like her dad with wringing her hands constantly. She seems dead in the eys as many say and stiff in the mouth.

    The first time (at Thanksgiving) is when she is talking with her family to her sister Jaimie Lynn on the phone. She is pulling up or fidgeting with the back of her pants and she moves her hand to her hip making it seem like she has 6 or 8 fingers!!!!

    The next time is when she is in a prayer circle with her family just beore Thanksgiving dinner. One of her son’s is holding what appears to be her shirt while her arm seems to be missing (empty long sleeve shirt, while her then boyfriend is holding her wrist with a huge HUGE and I mean HUGE blob of wrinkly skin!!! To me its just last minute editing, photoshopping etc and made to scare and make the public curious and believe in this non-reality just like ‘Slenderman.’

    In many movies you can see the eyes with slits…however until I see it for myself, I don’t believe this is natural but just a HOllywood production to make you fear or worry or wonder about this nonsense. Until I see it for myself in daylight a few times I won’t believe it.

    With regards to Justin Bieber. It clearly is pixellation and some camera tricks. After Michael Jackon’s courtroom had a video on youtube showing stuffed animals and toys claiming it was like that on television showing the live court case with that idiot doctor, I won’t believe it. All is to confuse the public – misinformation, disinformation etc. and meant to keep them busy and focused on one thing while more important things are happening. The case of MJ is obviously the most youtubed out topic showing thousands of the same video each with something different in it while showing the same thing. ie. ambulance coming out of his driveway in one shows a shadow, in another shows something else etc.


    As for possiblties that that these stars are not who they are…that may be. There may be 3 of Britney as replacement clones or androids or humanoids, or whatever bc one person cannot do all that she does. It’s not physically possible.

    People like Taylor Swift are even asking their parents if they are related to people like Tim Bergling after putting up a picture with their faces split into one….almost identical. This is interesting knowing that there are situations of switched, inbred, incest situations and even they are questioning it. Just look at Jennifer Lawerence and young pics of Helen Mirren. Thousands of look alikes in HWood.

    • I’m pretty certain that none of these people willingly knew that they would end up in this kind of Mind control program . The devils are the handlers and the people who manipulate artists and use their inverted religion to abuse people into their cults . I often think some of these celebrities are suffering and have been trapped in a psychological labirynth .

      • Hi there FweFew and welcome to the party! 😉

        It actually goes both ways. Some know (like Madonna, Jay Z, Russell Brand to name a few) but others are true victims and most assuredly children who are sold into it by their PARENTS! Where I once thought Gaga was a willing participant. for example (, I now see that she had “no choice” ALTHOUGH– when their programming starts to break down– they should call out to God! I only say that because I truly believe that Amy Winehouse’s parents sold her to the industry but when Amy was coming out of her programming, she didn’t call to God. Some who’ve been granted by God to see hell (for the sole purpose of warning us) say they’ve seen Amy there! One describes a HUGE “anaconda” (he said it was MUCH larger) crawling inside Amy’s body and out of her mouth! He claims that she didn’t fully come to God therefore that’s where she is.

        It’s a dark industry no doubt. Still can’t believe so many aspire to become part of it.

  2. The post went missing or perhaps I went forward and backward and it screwed it up.

    Referred to: I am Britney Jean Documentary.

    There are two places her hands are odd – shapeshifting as you say.

    1. Talking to Jaimie Lynn her sister on the phone right before Thanksgiving dinner (her dad holds the cell phone speaker up and her entire family are talking to her). Her hand grabs the back of her jeans and pulls a few times and she moves it to her hip it suddenly looks like 7 or 8 fingers! she is extremely fidgety the entire documentary and says she is like her dad wringing her hands all the time.

    2. Holding hands during family prayer (Jesus is mentioned) before Thanksgiving dinner. HEr son holds her long sleeved shirt which has her arm missing, and her then boyfriend holds her wrist. Attached to it is a HUGE and very disturbing blob of wrinkly skin!!

    I don’t beileve in shapeshifting until I see in a few times in real life. I honestly think its photoshopping, editing ie. making her body elongated as the link above shows which makes her look skinnier. I met a guy a long time ago who worked in editing and graphic design and he did the final product of hollywood movies…he was actually given an award for his work. This guy had NO CLUE about the added edits on the movie. ie symbolism, subliminal, eye slits etc. He only stated that sometimes he would add in a little signature graphic hidden on something to make it his work –only he would know.

    I think this shapeshifting, android, humanoid, etc. bullshit is meant to keep people guessing, wondering, in fear, worried, tense and talking…it is meant for people to focus on this bullshit while MORE IMPORTANT events are being made to happen by higher ups inthe world. If you focus on aliens, ghosts, shapeshifters, hollywood etc. you will NOT FOCUS on reality and the world events that are really happening. The policy changes in government are always happening under our nose.

    Many movies recent and in the far past have had eye slits etc. but its really just a joke on you. It’s like Slenderman – the boogeyman which made kids focus on it that they actually killed someone so that Slenderman would show his face. That is the level of deception and beilef!!

  3. Just Bieber…the real court videos show him normal. This shows him ‘shapeshifting” – again trickery and deception and pixellation. Before anything is put on TV there is always a few seconds of delay to prevent a swearword or indecency from happening LIVE. Who’s to say that they don’t edit things and then put them on TV.

    Court videos for Michael Jackson on youtube were the same way…showing a bunch of childrens toys allover the court room. On TV there were no dolls…maybe a few odd items again placed symbolically or sumbliminally….but nothing like stuffed toys!!! So many videos of Michael Jackson have been maipulated. The best ones were the funeral and the ambulance backing out. Each version had somethign new in it ie. Tree, oh wait no tree in the next video! Shadow inside the ambulance, oh wait next one shows his head etc.

    ALL meant FOR DISINIFORMATION, MISINFORMATION, HOLLYWOOD PRODUCTION TO MESS WITH PEOPLES HEADS and make them focus on one thing while ignoring more important things!!!!

    • I just wanted to pop in and acknowledge your many comments. 🙂 I only have a smidgen of time to address them all, but I was once an non-linear editor and know well about live feeds, playbacks, etc. Nothing gets on the national airwaves without a ‘greenlight’.

      One must view these matters with a clean slate (mind of a child), as it were. Your refusal (or anyone’s for that matter) to accept this, is not ceasing the fact that matters outside of our LEARNED scope, ARE occurring. “For those who have eyes…”.

      Re-examine Justin’s mouth area. Looks like something pretty massive is moving around in there if you ask me. I happened to have worked with THIS GUY and his tongue did something VERY odd as well as UNDENIABLE. I highlight him in THIS PIECE. Dig deeper. Your decision not to believe doesn’t affect me at all when you think about it. I simply have nothing to gain being among the many shills and disinfo folks out there. I don’t get a dime for what I do here and I’m certainly not gambling with my soul. My goal is simple. Enlighten those who want to be enlightened.

      Love, peace and soul(TRAIN)!

      Jazz (“The Captain of THIS Ship”)

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