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** Right In Our Faces! ** Unrelated Documetary Shows ALIEN FETUS!

Into The Abyss” is a documentary that deals with subject matter of death row inmates with Michael Perry (who maintains his innocence) being one of the the main focuses of the film.  Nothing else.  Towards the very end of the documentary one of the wives/girlfriends shares what sustains her while her man is doing hard time (and potentially never to return).  In this particular case, it was the knowledge of their “new bundle of joy”.  Well… when she takes out her cellphone camera to show off the ultra sound… THIS is the image we see…

Into The Abyss Documentary Shows Alien EmbryoBefore I show you the tight shot…  let me remind you that this documentary had nothing to do with “the supernatural” instead it was all about one man and the film came out back in 2011 which was acknowledged by “Sundance Film Festival”.  So this tight shot of an “fetus” is the last thing you’d expect to reveal any level of HIDDEN TRUTH.    Here’s the tight shot of the creepy thing she’s incubating…

thin arrow pointing to down

Into The Abyss Documentary Close Up Of Alien Embryo

I honestly don’t know how “T” spotted this one but good looking out, man! 🙂  Considering the content of the film, that was some serious “I Spying” he did!

The many captures that have been profiled here should be more than enough to make a disbeliever, BELIEVE.  But since “duty calls”, “Why O Why?” will continue to show them to you whenever they’re spotted.  The reason?  It should be clear BUT– God is real, alive and is going to turn loose His wrath one of these days on not only “them” but on us for not knowing Him.  This SECULAR world is truly a path to hell.  Hey!  Not being prepared for the day of their full revealing may actually cause you to have a heart attack and die right there on the spot!  I’m not kidding!  And if you don’t know God before you “kick the bucket” you WILL BE in hell FOREVER. 

“They” have ALWAYS been here and have been guiding us away from God for millennia.  Turn your back on this world and get ready, fellow people! 

3 thoughts on “** Right In Our Faces! ** Unrelated Documetary Shows ALIEN FETUS!

  1. So my question is, is the mother a alien or does she look at her baby as normal? This child looks like a baby banshee in the worm. I would be scared to see a pic like this of my unborn baby. The more I read these stories the more I think about the moive They Live and people seems to be under a spell and see everything as complicated and unnatural abd normal.

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