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Vikings: Season 2’s Trailer Shows A SHAPESHIFTER! Pretty Darn BOLD!!!

Thanks to “T” (my partner in crime) for this one!  I don’t watch TV (except maybe the “Dog Whisperer” guy every blue moon) so there’s no way I’d know of this show without a heads up!  From the looks of the trailer– it naturally wouldn’t be my cup of tea either as it appears dark and dismal (and definitely promotes satanic imagery).  So riddle me this, Batman– if the show is about Vikings, what’s up with this CLEAR shapeshift?   I’m certain there are no “monsters” in this TV show (or is there)?  (CLICK IMAGES TO ENLARGE)

Vikings Lead Actor Shapeshifts During Season 2 PromoHere’s another shot as they actually allow a full 2 seconds to see if we notice his shift!  It’s pretty incredible in my opinion…

Vikings Lead Actor Shapeshifts During Season 2 Promo Second ShotWhat’s been done in the dark is coming to light and now, the demons who walk among us are getting bolder than EVER!  They’ve got us just where they want us– in complete and utter denial that the devil and his minions DO exists.  Their only purpose is to influence and guide us away from all that is good.  Aside from that, it’s such a dark looking show how can anyone be drawn to something that is clearly the opposite of good?  They look barbaric and that’s just my perception from watching this one minute promo!  Check out the clip below… he appears at the :25 second mark.

I’m sure this promo will eventually be deleted by the producers once the word gets out that their cocky shapeshift was caught by the masses so download it for the future.  Oh yeah… I don’t want to see one comment about those “shapeshifting” contact lenses that are supposedly the big craze!  Why?  They are simply idiotic (to me) and another way to get your money from you (make you a consumer nation).   Waking up to reality is our only chance at not being deceived by “that GREAT DRAGON”!  He doesn’t play fair in case you hadn’t noticed.

12 thoughts on “Vikings: Season 2’s Trailer Shows A SHAPESHIFTER! Pretty Darn BOLD!!!

  1. I believe there is a lot of truth to that song and its meant for us. we’re comming for you and you can try and take us but vicktories encage us. I am not sure about the word encage though but the meaning is that they are always vicktorious. I definately believe that reptilians walk amoung us every day. I believe that most if not all of hollywood are reptilians.

    • The song is off the chain with hidden meaning! Satanism reigns in this show for sure! I’ve also become convinced that all the big names in hollywood are reptos and always have been! TV (film) was a perfect lie from the beginning. None of it is innocent. And by the way… I recently watched a few movies (online and for free of course) that have been released and one film after another keeps having the same undertone of fallen angels/aliens, witchcraft, “doomsday” and a whole lotta promotion of homosexuality floating about (disguised as COMEDY). So far;

      1) This Is The End
      2) The Watch
      3) 21 Jumpstreet
      4) Your Highness

      And those are just a few. Hollywood IS satan’s playground. “… but the meaning is that they are always vicktorious”– for some reason, this makes me automatically think of Obama during the dedication to the new twin towers and stated; “we remember, we rebuild, and we come back stronger”. The Nephilim/fallen angels/aliens/demons are only fighting to take more souls to hell because in the end… they STILL loose! 🙂 God ain’t no joke and He will have the last word.

  2. Now I went home to watch this to see if I can get a feel for this show and it is nothing like this video. I did see no one who had eyes that shift or a woman a pregnant women with wings. I only watch one episode and it was more violent then anything. I think this video is just an exaggerated image of what they want you think that they show is about.
    I do understand what you were saying but the beginning part seems nothing like the actual show. Not down playing what you were saying either because can obviously see that changing in DNA on the clip. Just about a much of rebel show are killing each other Viking style I guess. I really didn’t understand the point of the show other then it is on the history channel.

  3. The song does not say encage us it says Victory’s Contagious!!! This show is merely an over-dramatized depiction of the infamous historical dark ages of Northern Europe! If you know it research the history of Iceland, Norse, Scandanavian and German and Roman anthropology you would understand where this show gets it’s influence! The Norse people were the first Barbarian Kingdoms! They served darker Gods like Odin and Valkry! The pregnant winged woman was a representation of her preternatural powers believed to be inherited from being the daughter of Brunhild (Queen of Iceland) and the legendary Dragon King Seagirt watch the movie (Ring of Neiblungs) which shows her powerful parents, this pregnant girl is their child and not your average Jane, she has super natural powers and visions! And in those times they weren’t friendly to any outsiders especially Christians!!!! So YES you may see some disturbing details of the old ways, such as human sacrifice and pagan imagery! But it is to be expected! If you don’t like it…. Turn the channel!

    That wasn’t shapeshifting, it was after battle scars because they constantly fight to survive and expand! This show is not as gruesome as Game of Thrones!!?!?!!

    All who seek the truth can find it….and those who seek with eyes closed will find what they want to see!!!

    ))))))-As above …. So Below-((((((

    The time has come to Light the Beacons

    • Thank you for defending what your research has yielded thus far but it’s not the side of his face that this article highlights. Look at his eye…

  4. Oh wow, I think you are looking too closely at this imagery. Lmfao. Yes, King Horik has a reptilian eye, he also has scales on the side of his head. I’m almost certain that these are images to describe the character. And King Horik was very snake-like in the show.

    Nice try though.

  5. Definitely shapeshifting on this show. I’ve seen every single show. I’ve seen many. They do it in every single show.

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