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I wasn’t even LOOKING for this one!  As a matter of fact, the only reason I was watching this movie was for research as it was mentioned to me that the movie tells us EXACTLY how they are cloning these people!  It was a long day, and I remembered to cue it up and I was actually falling asleep when I opened my eyes to this little diddy (CLICK TO ENLARGE)…

The Boys In Brazil Eye Shift

And remember… this movie came out in 1978, ya’ll!  When I say this has been happening all along, why do folks think I’m kidding, I wonder?  It’s funny, while I knew of the film all of this time, I never had a desire to watch it.  It’s one of those that my dad might have watched though.  He liked the westerns, espionage and of course the gangster flicks.  Turns out, this one is actually about Dr. Joseph (sick as they come) Mengele!  I plan on watching it all the way through (when I’m not so exhausted) because this little grab was within the first 40 minutes if I’m not mistaken.  The funny thing?  I honestly wasn’t thinking about shapeshifters at all so to fall asleep and wake up in time to catch this… you don’t think that God is trying to tell us somethin?!!!! (smiles) 

A little footnote… more to come on Michael Jackson shifting.  I’ve found quite a bit from his childhood AND early teens!  Seems he really did side with Satan so stop teaching your kids that “moonwalk”!!!

It is absolutely to time for EVERY LIVING SOUL to WAKE UP!

2 thoughts on “The Movie: The Boys From Brazil (UNEXPECTED SHAPESHIFT DISCOVERED)!

  1. amein! it is wakey wakey time. i have another post on mj as well. when you post yours i will cross link. as soon as He leads me to publish. the interesting thing is…all we have to do is listen. folk have to tell you what time it is. whether we choose to listen or not = free will.

    sometimes in his music, mj would say Scriptures with a demonic twist. it is truly is an interesting thing to look around with eyes wide open.

    blessings in abundance to you. Stand Strong;)

  2. ” it is truly is an interesting thing to look around with eyes wide open.”… AIN’T IT THOUGH?! (smiles) Completely mind altering and I’m soooooo THANKFUL cuz what we don’t know (or stop seeking, i.e.; TRUTH in His words) could lead us straight to hell!

    I’m hoping to post on Michael Jackson sometime in the next few weeks. Gotta “cross t’s and dot i’s” on this one for the MANY fans, especially as they are idol worshiping this KING of pop!

    Wakey, wakey, you guys while we still have some time! 🙂


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