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PDF’s Of The New World Order Blueprint! Uploaded 11 Years Ago Too!! ( – French Website)

So my plans aren’t going quite as I expected therefore I’m still working on making this much more consistent.  The more each day passes, the more information is being revealed.  It never ends you guys BUT… it’s about to!

I stumbled upon another whopper of a youtube channel and this lady is something else!  Talk about dedication to research!!!  I tend to believe whenever a channel gets removed because of “copywrite” or whatever on youtube and then restored– it means they ARE revealing the truth!  Briefly, she was approached (because of her views which are clear in her videos) by another youtuber who led her to a website that has the blueprint of this “fake” NWO,   According to the website, they’ve been loading intricate PDF files since 2002.   If anyone knows anything about computers, the files are MASSIVE!  It will slow your machine to damn near a screeching halt!  And talk about flow charts to end all flow charts!!!

To anyone who reviews this information and still refuses to believe that we are in a gi-normous-web with roots that lie in the battle of Good versus Evil (which started in Heaven)– woe unto ya!   And by the way, they DO believe in the devil AND God which their PDF entitled; “Self Economy 2008”. clearly indicates.   Revelation 12:9 …

And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

Here’s a short radio interview with  UpNorthOfThe49th to give more insight to this amazing find!  I’ve linked some PDF’s just below so download and study them with the link to the website HERE!  There are so many though so pick an area that interests you and start there.  Options are many to include, Petroleum Cartel, Meat, Agriculture, Pharma and my personal favorite Psychological Complex which lists the word; MEDIA in parenthesis!  Think it’s a game?

You should also make the time to watch her film called; “Boom” which leads us down the unexpected path to the Madrid Fault Line.  I’m adding it just in case you’ll need a visual reminder.  It’s important.

Not only is it time to dig in deep but it’s also time to awaken to the reality which is, our lives have truly been orchestrated.  We have always been guided.  Nothing has been by chance.   May the blood of Jesus Christ protect us all.


Below, are just some of the links I’ve utilized so far:  (this is where the MEDIA ref. is)

7 thoughts on “PDF’s Of The New World Order Blueprint! Uploaded 11 Years Ago Too!! ( – French Website)

  1. sis-

    i was just reading this information tonight.

    there is indeed synchronicity in the Universe.

    ps. i did not recognize azazel when you asked, initially. the book of Enoch breaks it all down. thanks for reminding me that i first heard that name in the movie, fallen with denzel washington.

    passover…features prominently in all of this.

    Yah revealed this to me close to Passover last year. in my much hyped spiritual state…i mistook it to mean that Passover.

    it felt like a test to see if i would Stand + Speak what He whispered in my ear.

    i did.

    i have to tell you …it has been ON ever since!

    sis…go to KJV Genesis 15:13-14.

    WHO are the people that have been a stranger in a land that is not theirs? who was held in bondage for 400 years?

    folks need to know with a certainty that as it is written…the nation where Abram’s seed was held in captivity WILL be judged…+ those held will come out with great substance.

    the last shall be first…

    take a peek at KK’s 2014 xmas card when you get a chance…

    the hints are everywhere.

    yes…these leprous, lying devils believe in Almighty Yah + tremble.

    the dupes WILL learn…i pray sooner than later.

    there is more i would like to share, i just don’t want to write a novel in your comment section;) i have been doing that elsewhere with the professional class slaves that believe that suffering is for the irresponsible, no so smart poor people;(

    Q: sis, you indicated info re; cigs having demons attached. where do you get this info?

    i pray that you + your whole house will Stand Strong in His safety.

    Shabbath Shalom

    • Hi there “sister in flight”!

      Thank you for being the first to comment on this and what a powerful comment too! I’ve got a busy day ahead but wanted to pop in real quick to respond to your question…

      Anything that makes us addicted is an indication of demons. I’ve personally come to understand that is why God wants us to turn away from sin– it’s an opening for demons. How they possess, persuade, manipulate and skew our view is all a part of demons influencing us. There may be degrees (exorcist vs. addictions), but they are possessing each of us or an in other words, binding us. It also helped to run across the Japanese students who were urged/told to draw illustrations of hell because they were taken there by Jesus ( They drew the hell for people who were addicted to smoking and drinking (among other things to include cheating spouses) and I’ll just say it’s pretty vivid. We are to repent, ask Jesus into our heart and accept Him as our Savior and every single thing that binds (possesses) us (including mental diseases) can be healed. And consider this exceptional find… those orbs that people have filmed over the years? They actually have demonic looking faces trapped inside of them. Check this out…

      And you are soooooo right… they TREMBLE and the mere mention of His ALMIGHTY name! 🙂 Gotta run for now but I’ll be back soon and don’t feel a need to censor yourself here! Write your “novel” because you never know how your words and insight might impact another. 😉


      • hi sis-

        forgive delayed response.

        thank you for your kind response.

        yes…i AM quite clear re: hell;(

        it is my plan to pass on all that hot mess action. thanks for your post on topic, it was very enlightening as well. there are folk running around ensuring people there is no such place as hell.

        i really appreciate your work and encourage you to Stand Strong in Messiah’s Name.

        my question was because i am not familiar with Scripture re: cigs/ tobacco.

        balance, harmony, peace, etc. is necessary in the Universe in general. + Yah is quite clear that there is to be nothing before Him/His Word. that if we Love Him, we will do HIs Word + follow Him.

        one can’t do this and follow an addiction as well.

        when you get a a brief moment, will you take a glance at KK’s 2013 h-ly day card?

        i would be most interest to get your feed back.

        i will keep you lifted up in prayer. please pray for me as well…

        as we head on into …One Yah, One Messiah, One World.

        forgive any typos.

        as time permits, i will be updating my blog roll with all of the different voices that help make the need to fall away + come out from among her- Babylon is falling.

        of course, your link will be there.

        i share my link + invite you to check it out as time permits:

        in His Spirit the Victory is won.

        Stand Strong sis.

        much Love + forget any typos please.

  2. Hey lady I see you doing your things bringing good info to the masses. This was definitely interest surrounding stuff that most of us know or finding out but it always great to have the connections to the dots. Hey did you ever take a look at that website I sent you the ministry one that also talks about all this stuff in great detail like a narrative? Like I told you I am always in the background even when I am not responding. I really wish they would have gone through a couple more PFD and would have shown more of what was posted because the truth is as they spoke of it will be harder and harder to get certain info out sooner then later.

    Sometimes I have to check myself on how I want to internal this information because it is very easy to do the human things and want to confront and fight but the truth is that this stuff is so entrenched with details, connection and power play that you have to make sure that you are on realistic ground with it. Right now all I can do is to be informed and to create a better quality of company that can intellectualize this because many can’t. Also as much as I like to know more I try to keep a since of normalcy for myself is because sanity snatchers are all around us as they mission the fake planted TV sources.

    I think that so many of us are losing our normalcy everything they all they can do is to run towards the fake light because I know that I struggle with holding on with how I was and who I am on the road of learning new information that is suppose to make my feet move into a different direction. When you really learn valuable information it hard to ignore and to forget but first your life must be your own. I just pray that GOD always keep me and that I always keep him.

    • Hi there, lady! Good to hear from you! Have had very little time other to keep logging the research I’m able to gather. Basement had a flood so have been spending my free time fixing that massive mess. Ugh.

      Still trying to keep a vigilant watch over the discoveries and at this point I feel a bit overwhelmed on where to start! I have pending interviews and posts out the wa-zoo! lol!!!

      By the way– the files are all there for anyone to view, just click on the hyperlinks on the website. I simply listed the ones I opened and reviewed. But they will slow your computer down big time!

      And the normalcy that you speak of is us being used to what Satan has created. He rules this world and everything we think is normal is really him tricking us into believing that without it, life would be bland (because we’re conditioned to think that following God is as bland as can be!). I’ll admit, he’s good at what he’s done but we WIN when we do just as the Bible tells us; turn our back on this world. Challenging? Of course– generations of indoctrination keeps us in that battle for normalcy because it DOES seem normal. It’s crazy, right? (smiles) And believe it or not, we are supposed to be just as radical in spreading knowledge as Jesus was! Calmly but FIRMLY introduce these truths to not only people we know, but strangers too! Put on your Armour and start being as bold as you are guided! Don’t resist the ‘nudging’ because I personally believe it’s God trying to tell us something! 🙂

      While many will be lost in this real battle of evil vs. good, we are God’s WARRIORS– He wants us to spread His word. The enemies biggest fear is that we will ever gain this knowledge. He knows his days are numbered too.

      Gotta run for now but as always more to come! 🙂


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