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Paul Walker Crash: Car Burns Up But Not Tree? WTH?

This has got to be the fakest crash site I’ve seen!  His Porsche is unrecognizable but the little bitty tree still stands?  Huh?  PULLEEEZZZEE (please) tell me you guys aren’t buying this one (CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE)!

"Fast and Furious" star Paul Walker killed in car crashAnd before you start mourning a guy you didn’t know (worship), just remember that this dude was dating a baby.  Seems Paul had a thing for the “babies” too because it appears he had a history of dating teenagers.  Sounds like an Illuminati trade off and since they love to dance with the devil, it’s only a matter of time before their “contracts” aren’t renewed.  For the record, that was no car “accident”, fellow people.  I could easily fart a tree like that over yet this car, which is completely mangled, couldn’t withstand the impact?!  It burned to pieces but the trees’ leaves are still in tact?! Seriously?!  Maaannn… tell it to Stevie Wonder because he actually CAN’T see.

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