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*** What Is This? Very Creepy! *** UPDATE

Yesterday as I was heading out the door, I noticed some very odd footprints.  The first was just on the side of the front porch and there was only one.  What in the world could have left this?  Please let me know your thoughts (CLICK IMAGES TO ENLARGE)…

Exif_JPEG_422Out of curiosity I surveyed the area to see if there were anymore and there were!  Another set in my neighbors yard!  The crazier thing?  This thing looks like it only had the one foot/claw as there was a line of them in his yard.  Not like a four legged animal at all.  From this vantage point, I’m standing on the sidewalk.  Look at how they seem to go in one direction and then another.  Check it out…

Exif_JPEG_422I was running a bit late but I plan to see if they are out there this morning and if so, I’ll add more shots to this.  Now… unless I missed a memo, I don’t know any creature that has hooves/claws/paws like this, do you?  If you have any ideas or have ever seen this before, please don’t hesitate to let me know!  I’d hate to start shooting up the neighborhood if this is perfectly normal. (smiles)

Update: December 10, 2013 @ 9am…

I was just able to take another look and this is the rest of that shot from the second photo.  I’m actually standing in my neighbor’s driveway to get this shot.  I’m totally perplexed and a bit freaked out by these prints, you guys.  Do leave your comments if you’ve ever encountered anything like them or have any ideas on what they are.  I’d love an explanation. (smiles)

Exif_JPEG_422UPDATE: 6:00pm

Okay… thanks to my buddy, Jarrett, the mystery is solved!  LOL!!!  Friggin rabbit tracks!  LOL!  RABBIT TRACKS!!  I couldn’t sleep because of these “creepy prints” and it turns out it was just Bugs Bunny?!  Clearly, I’m a “city girl”!  I even uploaded the photos on YouNazi (youtube) because I was so alarmed! LOL!  Hey– I need a vacation is all I can say!  LOL!  Wooo!!!!

11 thoughts on “*** What Is This? Very Creepy! *** UPDATE

  1. Looks like maybe Moose prints. I had the same prints when I lived up north on the New Hampshire boarder over 30 years ago and we were in the woods with lots of wildlife.

    • Hi there, Nina!

      I don’t think a moose was it… the area beside the house is super narrow and it was just that one print. I think Jarrett might have gotten it right because I have seen the cutest little rabbits on occasion. 🙂

      I’m just glad it wasn’t anything like what was caught on security cameras at Yosemite National Park! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ziB35K9shuI

  2. I hate to say this, but you don’t have a bunny issue. I’ve raised rabbits, and have seen them in the snow, and this is no rabbit track.

    • Hi there, Preston and thanks for the possible insight but I do think it was actually solved! 🙂 Saw a rabbit scurry across a friends parking lot with one of the snowfalls here and lo and behold if that little bunny didn’t leave those same type of tracks! 🙂 I’m hoping it was indeed Bugs Bunny cousin! It was a pretty near ‘perfect match’! 🙂

      With love and light,

      Jazz 🙂

  3. Yea I saw these tracks too and go on to my babies yard is was really spooked that I it was Alien tracks. When I hit home I looked up aliens tracked in the snow and I found the same image so I beived I was abducted for a long time lol

    • While I do believe there is major “strangeness” out there– I actually did see some rabbits leave those same tracks! 🙂 In this particular case– those wascally wabbits are the culprits. 🙂

  4. I found the same, but not rabbit Tracks. Some had a pad right above the bottom hole type print, the two finger ones were connected at the bottom, and above them were two claw prints. Otherwise they looked just like this. And they were the size of my size 9 shoe

    • Hi there, talesfromthepoor and WELCOME! Always nice to see a “fellow-wordpresser”! 🙂

      I’d love to see a pic as you’re describing something I don’t recall from that day! The size 9 is a good fit though (no pun intended– smiles). I wear a 6.5 and should have put my foot in the shot (for perspective) but that sounds about right. 🙂 I don’t recall seeing more than one set of “claws”! Yikes! Pretty freaky! We moved from there into the city so I doubt I’ll see these tracks again (produced by rabbits). We’ve already had some pretty good snowfalls and I’ve yet to see these prints pop up again. I was just so THANKFULLY it wasn’t “these things” that were caught on security cameras at Yosemite Nat’l. Park back March 2011 cuz WOW!!! 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ziB35K9shuI If you can send a pic, that would be COOL! 🙂


  5. Hello, today I have similars footprints like yu in the snow. They are very strange I have photos. I can share with you y private

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