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Sandra Bullock Hand Morph From The Movie: The Net

WOWZER!  That’s the only word that comes to mind for this one!  I honestly didn’t think I’d get such a good clear capture so just wowzer!  And I thought I’d need some “fancy” method to get this one too (hahaha) but I simply found the movie online, cued it up, paused it when I thought I was near the scene and… well just LOOK at it! (DOUBLE CLICK TO ENLARGE)

Sandra Bullock Amazing Hand Morph From The NetMAAAJJJOORR shout out to rebecca1972able on YouNazi for this one!  She’s been punching them out a lot lately, you guys and here’s something VERY cool.  She only began capturing these demons 2 months ago!  When you know to look for (“… for those with eyes let him see”), it comes easy!

And remember… “The Net” came out in 1995 so don’t kid yourself into believing they aren’t still around.  I was thinking… this latest gov’t shutdown malarkey… what if it was because all of those who are “in the game/know” and worship Satan were required to attend/participate in a some sort of mass ritual?  There has certainly been an increase in supernatural ‘captures’ (representing Light AND darkHERE’S the original source from 2007) lately that’s for sure.  Hey!  Just a thought.

Okay… I was ending this post with that last paragraph and then suddenly Firefox crashed so I lost the video but wanted to inform you guys of the mark (time in the film– scene hits at about 20 minutes in).  So I refreshed the movie and as I was cuing it to where I thought it might be, I accidentally caught another morph rebecca1972able points out in her analysis (AND BELIEVE ME, SHE CAPTURED MANY).  I’m in utter amazement that I captured 2 images without any real effort!  That’s crazy, ya’ll!!!  Check this one out (CLICK TO ENLARGE)…Sandra Bullock Amazing Hand Morph2 From The Net

And people don’t think this is real?

As a reminder, I’ll be back at this sometime in December but this one felt like it couldn’t wait.  So once again (as of late), this article is another rush job therefore it’s not tagged completely and all of that other stuff.  So if you dig it, “Rate It, Link It, Share It”! 🙂  Oh… A note to rebecca1972able: I got your email and have “locked you in” too!  🙂  Yet another great find, lady!  And who didn’t fall in love with “loveable” Sandra during the movie “Speed”, right?  This is an EXCELLENT FYI in my book ESPECIALLY with all of this [Pagan] holiday season activity comin’ around where movie watching is a big part of it (really?!! the “celebration of Christ?” lol)!!  Just more confirmation that the whole of entertainment is evil.


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