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Michael Jackson Was One Of “Them” Too??!! Say It Ain’t So!

Alrighty– as most may have become aware, I was a firm believer that Michael did indeed fake his death and every now and then he’s been making appearances and flaunting it.  Sharing that knowledge with his friends such as Chris Tucker and even making appearances as Dave, Dave on occasion.  Well… it seems they may have made a “hybrid clone” of him too or was he actually possessed by demons?! 

Gotta thank richblakman for this one cuz it’s a doozy!  It does CLEARLY appear that Michael shapeshifted during his music video with his buddy Chris Tucker entitled; “You Rock My World”.  Now… this is the very same video that MJHoaxEvidence uses in her evidence that Michael is alive as Chris makes a reference to Michael and Maybach Music– well AFTER Michael was supposed to have died.  You guys think I’m playing when I say the rabbit hole is “crazy deep”?  Hold on tight!

First. lets look at this shot of Michael and Chris Tucker…

Michael Jackson and Chris Tucker From The Video You Rock My WorldNice and clear, right?  Look at Mikey’s eyes and keep that in mind.  Now… brace yourselves because this next shot is straight from the video.  I went right to the spot that richblakman found too and sha-bam there is some bona fide eyeball shifting!  (CLICK ALL IMAGES TO ENLARGE)Michael Jackson Eye Shift in You Rock My World Video
Look at those eyes!  Notice that you can barely see any whites in them especially the right (our left view) eye?  And that’s not shading from the hat!  Here it is again where I’ve only brightened the view…

Michael Jackson Eye Shift in You Rock My World Video Brightened ViewBig ole alien grey looking eyeballs, right?  In case you’ve not seen images of those big eyed creatures (demons in disguise, ya’ll) check it out….

Alien Greys Big Eyes

This goes deeper still as TimeWillTell0509 caught another morph on Michael while he was performing the song; “Ben” on American Bandstand from waaay back in 1972!  His fingers morph right before our eyes.  Again… waaayyy before our little funky digital age.  He only has 3 at one point!  Check it out:

Michael Jackson 3 finger morph from 1972Crazy, right?!!  I actually remember watching this back in the day too!!!  Here’s the clip.  It hits at the 2:20 mark:


JANUARY 7, 2013 ADDENDUM SO PLEASE DO NOTE: seems the original video that was loaded for this article was removed/deleted or whatever by younazi (that’s Youtube, you guys so thanks “T” for the heads up!!!) but I found it again and guess what?!  I still went to the same location to find that screenshot for the above photo THAT YOU SEE (look at his hand– our right view)!  I won’t tell my exact age (not because I’m embarrassed or ANYTHING like that) but I do remember this so well as it was just DAYS shy of my birthday!  Many a girl (back then) may have had a crush on Micheal, but I was totally diggin’ Jackie!  hahaha and winks!!  When the TV Guide listed Michael appearing on Amercian Bandstand that year (a VERY popular show back then), since The Jackson Five was actually a group (OR should I say became a back up) for Michael, I simply thought I could get another glimpse at Jackie!  Just in case no one (besides me :) ) remembers just how fine Jackie was… check him out…Jackie Jackson 2 (and that’s just his face– he was RIPPED, you guys)!  Now… back to the original posting/article…


And then I discover that Repto Exposer caught Blanket being possessed by Michael while he was dancing to “Billy Jean”.  At one point, you can clearly see Michael’s face pop on top of Blanket’s!   Repto explains that this demon has possessed Michael over the years and it looks like the pact that Joe Jackson made with the devil lives on as Blanket’s face clearly shifts to Michael…

Blanket Jackson Possessed By Michael While Dancing to Billie JeanClick HERE for Repto’s analysis.  I don’t know how old Blanket is here (looks to be about 6 years old in the clip to me) but this is definitely proof that children can possess demons so you’d better BELIEVE they can go to hell.  

As difficult as this suggestion is going to be for some of you, I’m throwing it out there nevertheless– get rid of all of your Michael Jackson stuff and DO NOT LISTEN TO HIS MUSIC!  This is absolute proof that John Todd was telling the truth when he said that record companies take the master (DAT) to a special room and conjure demons to follow every single album!  It’s truly wild to think this is real, isn’t it? 

I won’t lie that I dug the idea that he might have faked his death but at the very least he was a victim of Satanic Ritual Abuse.  After this discovery I’d have to say Michael actually did die in order for us to be able to see his face on Blanket’s, wouldn’t you?

And unfortunately for us, Michael actually wasn’t that innocent.  I now see that he voluntarily sold his soul and in fact became one of Satan’s key players.  That “moonwalk” he “invented”?  Inspired by demons as this is the way they’ll “walk towards” us, if we end up in hell.  He may not have had a choice when he was a kid, but he certainly made the choice as an adult and as usual, everything has always been IN PLAIN SIGHT…

And that’s just Part 1.  By the way… Pastor G. Craig Lewis is NOT the only one to make this analysis either .  They are The Nephilim offspring– [the original person can be killed/replaced and inhabited by] demonic spirits.  Don’t let your inability to grasp this cause your soul to land in a resting place that it will NEVER escape.  It is truly time to separate from the world, fellow people.  1 John 2:15-17:

Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.

And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever.

Angelica Zabrano was a young Ecuadorian girl at the time she died and who, for 23 hours, was shown visions of Heaven and Hell.  Here’s what she said Jesus revealed to her about Michael…

Michael Jackson is literally leading millions of people to hell, sadly.  There are many layers to this but I hope this will be enough to “get you started” on the search for truth.  Become wise to his deception and the role he played for Satan and do remember that he is a liar and the Father of it.  Just like anyone who follows him– they are MASTERS of DECEPTION.  It could truly save your soul.


Just a brief update on “Why O’ Why?” and this unscheduled “hiatus”… I FINALLY got the word that I will be able to get back to this on a more frequent basis in December!  Yeah!!!!  :)  This extensive project (though fun, it took way more of my time than I truly anticipated) is finally coming to an end!  This particular post has been sitting in “draft” for nearly 2 months (for example)!  So for all who’ve been emailing (Dan, Bonnie, Mister X, among others) I will be back at this soon and very soon and following up to your emails shortly! :)  I’m so glad (and humbled) to see people have continued to support the blog and for your unbelievable patience.  I’ve mentioned every now and then, there’s simply too much that has been uncovered so just know that this ship is not abandoned!  So much love in the room! :)  As always, take care of each other and keep your eyes wide open… “THEY” are counting on us NOT too!

Love, peace and soul (TRAIN)!


5 thoughts on “Michael Jackson Was One Of “Them” Too??!! Say It Ain’t So!

  1. por favor cuantas mentiras y cosas raras…el demonio es es cara dura que esta ahi diciendo estupideces!!!el o los que estan ahi sentados escuchando a ese chanta estan libres de los pecados terrenales?? viven y estan en el mundo,planeta tierra y mientras estemos aca vivos somos todos iguales…

  2. Once you die you don’t go to hell you sleep until the second coming then you RISE as the living dead as the world is ending will the war of evil and good is happening but its state that you are giving a choice to join God or Lucifer then after that God destroy all evil and covers the earth with good That is just a summary so don’t take overboard

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