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More Evidence of the Off Spring of The Nephilim (Do You Know Jesus, Yet?)

Only have a few minutes but wanted to pop in and say “hi” to all and let you know I haven’t forgotten about you!  There was a time when I had no emails from readers and now that I’m “crazy busy”, I can’t keep up!  I hope things will settle down for me soon so I can really get back to this.  When I say so much has been discovered, I’m not kidding.  Thanks “T” for the clip!  This one needs few words except to mention that if you’re still having a hard time accepting/realizing that Nephilim are among us (always have been– that flood did NOT get rid of them all– read the Bible!) this clip is for you.  I’ll be tagging it and things later.  Gotta run, now!  Jazz 😉

APRIL 22, 2014 UPDATE:  They actually took home skillets channel down on youtube so the video was lost for a minute.  Download this one, fellow people.  It’s changing every mind I’ve personally shown it too.  And it’s not just Obama who does a dramatic shift– the white lady right behind him is equally frightening!  I still find it hard to believe that so many people are so clueless to the battle of good vs. real evil.  Thanks William Tells for putting this one back together again!  You rock, my man!

2 thoughts on “More Evidence of the Off Spring of The Nephilim (Do You Know Jesus, Yet?)

  1. The flood was not intended to rid the earth of the Nephilim tribes. It was to destroy an ancient grid that was used in the times of Noah to psychologically control mankind. This grid has been wisely re-formated in modernity as the World Wide Web, satellites, and Cable television.

    • hmm… interesting. I think they wanted television for sure but the web? I do think they fear that because it is opening doors to truth… something I don’t think they anticipated (hence all the angles they are using to shut it down/control/limit it). Very interesting though! 🙂

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