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If You’re Still In Doubt About Hell… Listen To This

I sincerely hope that by hearing this your life will be changed.  We ARE being guided to a place some seriously doubt exists.  After listening to this I think you will have no further indecision.  Just listen.

*** UPDATE June 19, 2014:  This video was deleted and TheAprilandWendyShow is being taken down by youtube.  For what?  Exposing DEMONS?  Youtube is off the charts!  Download this now as it could be lost in the future.


8 thoughts on “If You’re Still In Doubt About Hell… Listen To This

    • Well hi there! I have anticipated the doubt by the way. 😉

      I can dig where you’re coming from but it’s not just about the demons. What made this powerful for me is the anguish in her voice. Even though this demon managed to get 18 minutes of freedom from hell, the anguish appeared so deep that it wasn’t allowed to be in even THAT moment. Our pain and anguish is nothing compared to what hell is like.

      There was I time that I didn’t wholeheartedly believe in hell and that changed long before ever hearing this too, but to hear it describe what lies in store for anyone who ends up there is difficult to ignore. It certainly is for me. It’s also the first explanation (for me at least) why he’s known as Lucifer and Satan (I’ve asked that question a lot over the years to no avail). I can also imagine that reluctance remains (for anyone for that matter) is because this demon wasn’t sounding like something we’re familiar with (i.e.; “The Exorcist”) so it simply can’t be real. Well. just like scripture tells us that we can heal the sick and raise the dead it also tells us that we can cast out demons. I believe we feel ‘theatrics’ is a necessary part of that is because of what we’ve seen (in movies). God is sure, calm– through Him we are given this power too. That Pastor was calm and as far as we’ve been trained to think, “too calm”. So this can’t be real.

      I do believe God can (does) sweep through situations and binds these demons so tightly. It is because we are protected through Him and that Pastor knows it. And these demons represent many things which all stem from the flesh– the demon’s jobs are in fact there to tempt our FLESH. I do believe that is why God wants us to stay away from sin (drinking, smoking, etc). Remember when the demon said; “I couldn’t even whisper in her ear because she was so high on The Lord!”? That Pastor calmly cast that demon right on out because his faith is in tact (because he accepted Jesus as the way) and the demon knew it. It did say, “I gotta go”. I believe when “exorcisms” are done and there’s “resistance” (on a demons’ part) it’s because the person who’s performing (confronting the demon) the act, their faith may waiver in and out. The Pastor let the demon have it’s say (confession) and then calmly told it that it had to go and it did. We complicate things, God makes it simple.

      When I see people who are also performing healings (again– just doing what scripture tells us that we can) they don’t do it with theatrics. Pete Cabrera, Jason Westerfield (among many others) do it with a burst of enthusiasm we might not readily recognize because they KNOW God will do this through them because He said it. It’s not just about the demons at all. It could be an honest look at eternity in hell. It’s difficult to overlook that demon SCREAMING as it tried to describe just how hot it is. Hotter than our comprehension no doubt. And when it said; “we’re suppose to be heavenly beings– why just hurt?!” (talking about the demons when they were angels and before they were cast out)… call me a sucker but I found the entire thing remarkably convincing. It leaves me to once again ask (to anyone); “what if?”. I’d simply rather remain on the right side. I’ve heard anguish before and it’s nothing like this. Chilling.

      EDITOR’S NOTE (Oct 2 2013): An interesting find as described in the Bible for anyone who cares to see ;); https://yoy50.wordpress.com/2013/08/25/pepsico-says-it-will-halt-use-of-aborted-fetal-cells-in-flavor-research-wth-plus-a-dash-of-mt-sinai/

      After hearing this tape of that demon speak, it makes sense to me that THE VERY BIGGEST DECEPTION (bigger than shapeshifters, satanism in hollyhell/music, etc.), would be that Satan has us believing that there is such a thing as “a little sin”. I consider smoking and drinking to be “little” (of course as long as you’re not an alcoholic). But we humans do like to place things in degrees (hence our “little white lies”). If the little sins could actually place you in hell, would it be worth it?

      • you starting to remember. we are happy. now, you must understand that one must die before one can be reborn. continue to remember. we are almost ready.

  1. hi Jazz-

    thanks for your kind words at my blog.

    i really enjoy reading your thoughts. i learn from you and am appreciative.

    you asked if i knew the name of a certain demon? no.

    when i study the occult…it is for a specific purpose. i have learned my mind is too strong to focus on anything with great intensity for too long. it is best i direct that focus to Him…understanding that what we focus on expands;)

    to the point of this post…i believe that hell is real. i know that Almighty is real. i have also seen the enemy to our soul.

    i have drawn my line in the sand and now stand strong with Him. for me, there is no other way. in doing so…He has seen fit to reveal much to me. i am excited to follow Him;)

    great post. keep up the great work, sis.

    blessings in abundance to you!

    • Hi Ray!

      I just checked this and it’s working on my end! Hmm… By the way, it’s all audio with written text. This was an audio recording of that event to protect the privacy of the under-aged, teenage girl this happened to. Here’s the direct link from the daughter in-law who’s father in-law performed the exorcism… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yuer_zvPR0o

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