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*** Must See The Obamas (INCLUDING The Daughters) All Shapeshifted During The January 20, 2013 Oath!! ***

This is pretty darn exceptional.  The entire family was caught morphing during the Swearing In Oath held this January 20, 2013 with Malia and Sasha doing the best of the morphings!  I try very hard to find evidence that what’s been discovered about these entities may be in error but to no avail.  These creatures are real.  I fell in love with Sasha (the littlest one) during the 2008 “victory” because just like everyone else, my eyes had not been opened to these entities at that time.  I thought she was simply ADORABLE in that moment…

Then of course, REALITY finally hit me!  These people have either been cloned, are part of the fallen angels (Nephilims) or just plain ole demonic.  And let’s not forget that images/statues have been recovered that resemble each one of them too…

the obamas are cloned

Whatever they are, shapeshifting is part of what they do.  Even the girls!  Check out the images below (click to enlarge) and see for yourself.  I’m starting with Sasha.  Her face takes on a demonic-alien like look just before she comes into full view during this years’ “oath taking”.  Malia’s face also distorts in this shot but it’s Sasha’s that takes on a distinguished look all together…

Sasha Face Morph Looks Like A Demon Alien

It’s not shadowing, lighting, or anything else you want to tell yourself it could be.  Plain and simple?  She morphed.  And using “Paint” (again, not my forte‘ but you get the gist) Malia’s face sort of ‘slides’ out of alignment.

Malia morphing during jan 20th taking the oath face slide

Now.  Check out the below images of Sasha’s HAND morphing wildly.  Look at that hand especially compared to Malia’s in that moment.  It’s morphing so much you can no longer see fingers as it’s become just a mass..

Malia Hand Morph During Jan 20 2013 Number 1 OathNothing but a mass although in the below shot it has become more elongated yet, still no distinction between fingers.  Look at Malia’s in comparison.  They are both in motion by the way…

Malia Hand Morph During Jan 20 2013 Oath

And when she finally wraps that arm around Obama her fingers do begin to form but look how long they’ve gotten.  From the wrist to the fingertips looks completely unproportional. 

Malia Hand Morph During Jan 20 2013 Number 3 During OathAnd keep your eye on her other hand that’s going to embrace Obama.  Malia’s hand is above it, also morphing.  Peep this next still…

Malia Hand Morph During Jan 20 2013 Number 4 During OathKa-blewy!  Tha fucks goin’ on there?!!  Remember– Malia’s is above her sister’s hand and it’s morphing too but Sasha’s is all out of control!  Friggin amazing, isn’t it?!  And here’s Malia’s doing their thing too.  Looking elongated and crinkled and completely unproportional as well.  And do note mama Obama’s hands.  They appear normal in this shot but just wait. 

Sasha Hand Morphs During Oath Jan 20 2013If look closely, below is a shot of Obama’s thumb looking retractable!  Everything else about his hand looks completely normal except that thumb!  

Obamas Retractable Thumb During Jan 20 2013 OathAnd here it is again looking retractable and BROKEN!  Even the tips of his fingers have extended in length.

Obamas Retractable Thumb During Jan 20 2013 Number 2 During OathRemember I told you to take note of Michelle’s hands as they keep looking pretty normal until all of a sudden… BAM!

Michelle Obama Hand Morph During Swearing In Oath Jan 20 2013That index finger looks like it needs to go on a DIET and the pinky finger looks as if it’s hanging on by “staples”!  And I can’t fail to mention how her middle and ring finger neglect to have proper spacing as they surely aren’t extending from her hand like a normal fingers would!  There’s a shit load of stuff happening in this clip but my playback tool isn’t doing the best job of capturing them all clearly enough for my taste but I DO think you get the general idea of what I’m presenting here.

A BIG tip of the hat to kgbonez on Youtube for THIS one!  Been searching for a while for some Obama finds but little did I KNOW they would all be caught on tape shifting their asses off!  So again– a HUUUGGGEE thanks to kgbonez for this particular find!!! 🙂  Here is his detailed analysis of just some of these findings…

And of course I like locating the original footage (which in this case is courtesy of Russia Today– another “news channel” which has a host of shapeshifters covering the “news”).  Below is the original clip that I used to capture these images.  I think now that you know what to look for… when you review this– they’ll LEAP off the screen!


Sadly?!  THIS is REALITY!  So the next time you’re waiting in a long line to “cast your vote”, it is with hope and wishes that you see that those “votes” don’t matter a hill of beans (never did, never will)!  Voting… AHHH, voting!  It’s been exposed sometime ago thanks to the grandmother named Bev Smith from the documentary known as “Hacking Democracy”.  It was posted a looong time ago on “Why O’ Why?” but as a reminder, here’s THAT LINK!

Reality STINKS, don’t it?!

4 thoughts on “*** Must See The Obamas (INCLUDING The Daughters) All Shapeshifted During The January 20, 2013 Oath!! ***

    • Simply not true, Julie. The original source is provided in this article (I think it’s HD, too). Download and it and it ‘give it a spin’ in your device. Frame by frame reveals truth.

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