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Washington D.C. HOAX Shooting! Here We Go AGAIN, Ya’ll!!!

If this actually happened on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 16TH… then when in the HELL was this article published the DAY BEFORE (courtesy of stinkin’ Associated Press once again)?! As usual– click images to enlarge.

navy shooting article date SUNDAY SEPT 15 2013

I anticipate that THIS LINK will be taken down at some point therefore the above is the screenshot.  Now… check out this image and you’ll notice a guy JUST STANDING THERE and off to the left, it actually looks like two guys are friggin dancing!!!  Oh yeah– where’s the blood on this victim?  Where’s the friggin blood?!!!!

Navy-shooting guy just standing there and two others look like they are DANCING

And to add more fuel to this flame, take a gander at this “interview” where “the reporter” and an “eye witness” broke out in laughter during a live feed!  Truly pathetic…

This was yet ANOTHER FUCKIN’ DRILL, ya’ll!  I wish I had more time to dig in deeper for you but I think does a good job of covering this fiasco!  Click HERE for their full write-up.  Sloppier than Sandy Hook, Boston and Batman combined!  If anyone is buying this crap I will personally come to your home and whoop you like you stole something– WITH an extension cord!

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