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*** MUST SEE *** The Most AMAZING Shapeshifters Caught On Tape To Date!

As some of you might have guessed, I’m utterly horrified and FASCINATED by the recent discovery of these “entities” that are NOT human who walk amongst us therefore, “Why O’ Why?” has been flooding the entries with them lately!  Well, these three will be one for the records, NO DOUBT!  Since Oprah, John Kerry, Brian Williams and even Elvis (to name a few) hasn’t blown your minds, maybe these three will!

I thought discovering what my ex co-worker, Isaiah Carey’s tongue did was a jaw-dropper but apparently– I ain’t seen nothin’ yet!  Check out this, out of this world (literally) tongue morph (click ’em to enlarge them)!

Tongue Splits Like Repitle Snake CAUGHT ON TAPE 2013Please don’t  tell me you that you DON’T SEE THIS!  His name is Stefan Raab and he’s interviewing German Hip Hop artists Kollegah and Farid Bang on his little tv show.  The duo are hailed as “currently the most successful on the hip-hop scene in Germany” with Farid morphing his ass off during the interview…Farid Bang German Hip Hip Artist Shapeshifts On German TV

Although it should be very clear what’s happening with his face, just in case it isn’t,.. the front/side of his hair (our left view) disappears just as part of his skull as it shifts upward and so does a portion of his cheek bone under that eye!  Look very closely and you’ll see the image behind him is coming through seamlessly!  Check out the clip as they both do some more tricks for the camera;

HERE’S the original source.  I’ve added this one to a comment (hi there, “justpassingthrough” ;)) but it seems fitting to add it to this post just to prove (once again) that this has been happening since television first entered our homes.  I never watched the show but was certainly familiar with it and it’s my understanding that this show still lives on (with new ‘tv stars’ of course)!  For those of you who remember the original show “Doctor Who” which began airing in 1963, check out Tom Baker flash us his big ass eye slit!  Tom Baker As Doctor Who Eye Of Reptilian Morph

And peep this one that he does as well.   His eye goes from ‘normal’ to black in an instant!

Tom Baker Eye Shifts from Normal To Black

Tom Baker Eye Shifts from Normal To Black2

Check out the full clip of Tommy doing some SERIOUS flaunting (BIG thanks to johnellizz )…

Make no mistake about it– he did that on purpose!  But of course back in 1963 no one actually had a clue about what television was really presenting unlike some of us do now.  I’ve gotta say though– pretty darn impressive and BOLD as HELL if you ask me!  NOW do you believe me when I say this has been going on since the very beginning of television?  They’ve been here all along and I personally believe their primary goal is to INFLUENCE us! 

Are they really planning to wait until television completely turns our brains into mush so that they can scoop it out with a melon baller for a delicious snack like that Alec Baldwin commercial introducing HULU to the world, told us? 

Hey– I sure hope the fuck not but time will certainly tell, won’t it?!

Oh CRAPOLA!  I almost forgot to add a really kick ass morph so make that a total of four that are being highlighted here!  It definitely fits the description, “one for the records”!  Everybody loved the movie; “Matrix”, right?  Well, turns out, Keanu did some bold morphing in that film…

Keanu Reeves Hand Morphs WILDLY In MatrixIt’s his left hand (our right view) and arm that morph beyond belief in case this doesn’t jump off the screen at you!  Click HERE for the analysis as he shifts plenty of times throughout the film.  Keanu clearly must have been the inspiration behind the characters’ name; “Morpheus”.  And here’s another quick update on Facebook and their monitoring of “Why O’ Why?”… seems they’re now hip to the John Kerry morph that was posted here because it just got flagged the other day…

Facebook Is NOW Monitoring Why O Whys Story on John Kerry Morphing

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