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What Do Oprah Winfrey, Lil Wayne And NBC’s Nightly News’ Brian Williams All Have In Common?

They’ve all been shapeshifting (along with the others)!  Yes, Oprah actually did a shift when she interviewed Tom Cruise during his meltdown back in 2011 (CLICK ALL IMAGES TO ENLARGE)…

Oprah Eyes Shift During Tom Cruise Meltdown

Here’s that same shot where I’ve inverted the colour.  You can clearly see EYES while her eyelids are closed…

oprah eye shift during tom cruise interview inverted colourCheck out the source HERE.  Hits super clearly at the :11- :12 mark!  Watch it all the way through and you’ll see one example after another that this isn’t eye make up or glitter.  So now we know that Oprah is “one of them” too which might explain her woes with her academy!  Sexual rituals  and sacrifices were more than likely taking place there as these satanic worshipers love to abuse children!  And Oprah has been spotted with her six toes exposed as well.  The bloodline of the Nephilim have 6 toes (and fingers; 2 Samuel 21:20)…

oprah has six toesNext up… this Lil Wayne character.  I honestly don’t know who this lil dude is so I had to do a listen or two to his music and all I’ve got to say is; “HUH?!”  People call THAT music?!!!  Anywho… check out his eyes as they turn WHITE during the 2012 Video Music Awards (VMA’s)!  lil wayne demonically possessed during 2012 VMAHere’s the link to view the full performance.  I think the way he walks to the edge of the stage is very odd.  It’s as if he intentionally flashed those eyes to see if anyone would notice it!  And people don’t think Beyonce became possessed at this years Superbowl?  All of these “performances” are done in the name of satan and are nothing but rituals.  And YOU, as the audience, are WILLINGLY participating!  Again… you guys dig THIS dude?!Lil Wayne Love Me CD Cover Sporting Devils Horns

And finally Brian Williams of NBC’s Nightly News, who by the way had his “little glitch” on May 7, 2013!  Go look for the full episode now and it’s mysteriously removed although you can find the ENTIRE month of May 2013 in archives!  Check out this still of his hand and do notice the wrist– HE certainly does!

NBCs Brian Williams Hands and Wrist Shifting May 7 2013It appears that this happened as they were going to a break in the first block. Even in a wide pan/shot you see some super creepy weirdness happen too and dude looks into the camera as if to say; “Shit!  Did you guys actually catch that”?!  HERE’S the only source you’ll be able to find because as I mentioned, NBC took it down!  A BIG thanks to Richard Bruce on Youtube for catching this one! 

How many more of these must be profiled before people accept this truth?  “They” DO walk among us and have always been, even when TV was in black and white!  They are clearly here to influence us, wouldn’t you agree?  Hell… just look what fields they’re in!!

9 thoughts on “What Do Oprah Winfrey, Lil Wayne And NBC’s Nightly News’ Brian Williams All Have In Common?

  1. …I have certainly perused lots of videos on youtube, of that strange phenomenon that indeed seems to suggest some kind of reptilian or otherwise in-human energy overlay that reveals itself in the technology of video. The peculiar pixelation of certain areas of the bodies of celebrities, politicians, and newscasters; showing the recurring trends of apparent skull ridges, greenish skin tones, eye slits and other bodily formations that do indeed suggest another entity is also on board. …There are hundreds of videos, varying vastly in how suggestive and convincing they are. But SOMETHING is definitely going on.

    …I’d like to think Oprah is still *mostly* a genuine version of herself, though I do see flashes of her personality protecting her image. And she certainly gets caught up being bedazzled by celebrities (including Obama). Yeah–kinda naive…and her pride can get her in a bind, too. She wishes for things to be “nice,” just like the rest of us. …Oh– wasn’t she invited to be a member of the Bilderberg Group? .. Okay, well, I still think she’s brought a lot of good to the world.

    I don’t know about that toe thing. Can’t that just be a bunion on her foot? lol … I doubt she’d be seen in public with it, unless it’s been lopped off via surgery, which I imagine a lot of people who have this do.

    I’m leaning toward thinking that we are ALL affected to some degree by these energies–or external energies of some sort–by virtue of living in this world. It is a continuing effort in life to clarify one’s essence, and slough off all that you continue to realize is “not you.” Our society is built on the belief that being oneself is not enough. The persistent agenda is to keep us feeling insecure about ourselves. In such an all- encompassing false reality is it a wonder that some people “sell their souls to the devil” to attempt to assuage that deep insecurity that’s been instilled since birth?

    • Oops! hahaha! I didn’t realize you commented here! I need to be a twin as I’ve simply been so busy lately! 🙂

      And not only was she asked to join the Bilderberg Group I believe she signed on! Remember that secret meeting that she attended and still has never discussed to this day? In attendance? David Rockefeller Jr, Warren Buffett, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg and Ted Turner. That old Oprah no longer exists (is my humble opinion)!

      “The persistent agenda is to keep us feeling insecure about ourselves. In such an all- encompassing false reality is it a wonder that some people “sell their souls to the devil” to attempt to assuage that deep insecurity that’s been instilled since birth?” Perfectly stated! And Oprah sold hers too! 😉

    • I find it no coincidence that the Bavarian Illuminati founded months before the Constitution was finalized. Although, there is no proof that the Bavarian Illuminati is the conspired Illuminati of today, I still think of them as two trains running on parallel tracks. It went from running the train company to hijacking our train.

  2. OPRAH and most if not ALL other celebs are MK’d. I am not sure about the shape-shifting part, but I did see Father Bush shapeshift slightly on HDTV when his baseball team lost to the White Sox in 2005.

  3. yes, definitely taken down….but perhaps these are all holograms or something else of technology!? or we are in a different dimension than they are?

    • You know… I happen to think that was actually a REAL capture even though it “looked like a glitch”!!! GREAT find and THANK you for sending it!!!! 🙂 We are INDEED surrounded by fake “HUMANS”!!!

      Peace, my friend!

      Jazz 🙂

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