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Facebook Monitoring “Why O’ Why?”?! Here We Go Again!!

Remember a short while ago when I mentioned that CISPA was monitoring this lil’ ole site and trying to discourage readers from visiting a particular story?  (CLICK IMAGES TO ENLARGE):

why-o-why-is-officially-flaggedWell it looks like FACEBOOK is at it this time!  I usually only see a handful of Facebook referrals in my ‘at-a-glance’ area on WordPress but today for some strange reason there were nearly 300 of them!  And again, this is an area I pay very little attention to but for whatever reason, I decided to take a gander!  Considering I’ve talked so much trash about Facebook (check HERE and HERE) I was surprised to say the least.  So I clicked to find out which story people were cruising from over there to here for, and lo and behold if I didn’t discover ANOTHER cock-block!  Check out this screenshot;  facebook is monitoring why o why

I guess, DARPA, Facebook and all the other spies don’t won’t you to be aware of Beyonce’s possession at the Superbowl this year!  Hey, this site is virus free and not a scam or hoarder of your private info… THEY ARE so read on!  Don’t let their little fake-ass warnings scare you from discovering some truth, you guys. Beyonce DID become possessed!  Hell– look at this picture.  You mean to tell me you don’t think a demon crawled up in her ass that night?!!!!


Knowledge IS power!  That’s why they keep trying to block it!

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