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PepsiCo Says It Will Halt Use of Aborted Fetal Cells in Flavor Research (WTH? Plus A Dash Of Mt. Sinai)

Cleverly disguised Satan worshipers sacrificing babies in the name of Moloch, Baphomet, Baal or whatever name you chose to call the embodiment of the devil is what THIS is!  And Pepsi(Co) battled for the right to CONTINUE this practice for nearly ONE YEAR before FINALLY relinquishing?!  I knew farmers were using Pepsi as PESTICIDE (yum, drink up all you Pepsi fans) but aborted fetus cells?!  And by the way, the article was published on July 5 2013.  I keep telling you guys they are poisoning us.  Click HERE for the full read.

I’ve said it countless times there is a spiritual battle going on but we dumb ass humans with our limited views simple don’t give a damn (I guess).  We must see something tangible,  God doesn’t exist and neither does the devil, right?  Take a gander at this image and tell me what you think it is;

Mt Sinai Rock Moses Struck found in Saudi ArabiaIt’s the real location where Moses split the rock and water flowed to quench the thirst of the people and it’s located in SAUDI ARABIA not in the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt as we’ve been told!!  Lies upon lies, ya’ll to discourage us from the Truth (the way and the light)! 

I recently received and email from an actual reader who was trying to recruit MY ass into SATANISM!  Yep!  The muthafucka must not really read the blog here because WTF and HUH?!!!  Anywho– I’m presenting this alongside the Pepsi story because looking beneath the surface, it’s very clear that Satanists are involved in this because there’s no reason under the sun to go to dead baby cells to enhance flavor!  NO DAMN REASON FOR IT AT ALL other than the VERY REAL need to continue to offer the devil his REQUIRED sacrifices.  I hope you’ll make the time to watch the below clip (you know how they remove things really fast these days?) to enlighten you further on a very real discovery that correlates PERFECTLY with what the Bible actually describes! 

My final email to this character who wanted me to become a satanist (LOL for real ya’ll– craziest shit ever) was that the Bible (while I still feel it’s been tampered with) is truly the best source we have and there is certainly more truth contained in it than not!  Check out the clip…

Now… for even deeper meaning of what lies beneath the surface or in other words looking beyond our human (limited) perception, check out one of my favs on youtubes’ break down what’s REALLY been going on while most of you were watching your favorite tv show, Facebooking, Tweeting, jamming some Jay (devil worshiping) Z or drinking an “ENERGY” drink called (muthafuckn) MONSTER!!  Seriously.  Some of you make my head hurt really badly.  Peep KijaniAmariAK’s observations on some recent events and their correlation in the Bible– you know that book that actually describes Mt. Sinai and The Rock of Horeb (above pic)?  

A final note… Hyun Sook Na was 19 when she claims to have been called by God and has been given visions of Heaven AND hell.  She claims to have witnessed Jesus open the sixth seal in September 2012.  There’s only one seal left before the be sha-bang if she’s speaking the truth, you guys! Here’s an interesting quote by her you may want to ponder…

“In hell, there was hot boiling water and people were trapped under it. Struggling to get out. Their skin stripped off, melting down the body, but they could not die. In that hot boiling water they were screaming: “Help me. Help me!” Every time they moved, they struggled like a frog. They could not die, even though their body was burnt red and skin was melting down. They were screaming: “Please save me! Save me!” Even for us, it hurts when frying oil is splashed on to our skin. In hell their whole body was under the boiling water.”

Click HERE for the full read or listen to the audio of her more than 20 years worth of visions.  It won’t kill you that’s for sure.  I have to admit– one claim she makes is rather harsh.  Parents who never taught their children about Christ doom those children to hell according to her.  This makes me loath bad parents even more.  Yes, children can and do end up in this place called hell.  When you know right from wrong, you will not be overlooked.  Food for thought wouldn’t you say?


10 thoughts on “PepsiCo Says It Will Halt Use of Aborted Fetal Cells in Flavor Research (WTH? Plus A Dash Of Mt. Sinai)

    • Hi there, Brayingblog!

      If you shoot me an email with your email address, I can let you see a few exchanges?

      It wasn’t a formal recruitment letter per se (check out a comment under “Katt Williams Discussing Illuminati”) but instead a guy who started asking real questions about the illuminati and then segwayed into telling me he was a theistic satanist and eventually telling me how beautiful and kind lucifer was! English was obviously his second language but he began to try to convince me that I should consider serving him!

      He later started the name dropping of people in the biz and how he was going to be a big star and that’s the part I think might have swayed the unprotected mind. He wasn’t convinced that those people are part of “the brotherhood” because he hadn’t been initiated so he was in complete disbelief that they were bad plus as a devil worshiper himself, it didn’t seem to bother him that they might be. There are so many lost souls right now that is is ridiculous! I imagine Heaven to not only be indescribable but enormous and unfortunately, I’m convinced that it’s going to be pretty darn empty when the time comes!

  1. hi there-

    thank you for sharing knowledge. you have taught me much.

    i pray you check me out at

    i walk with Him and don’t believe that if you came to Him later in life, you cannot be redeemed. that message is not supported by Scriptures.

    time is quite short. i must pray, read and ask Him for more insight. it is a lot to take in and harness…when wide awake.

    stay prayed up sis. may Almighty Yahweh keep you.

    ps. the word ‘is ra el’ is pagan in and of itself. Almighty’s Chosen Mighty Ones as described in KJV Genesis 15:13-14 and KJV Acts 7:6-7, would be known as Yahuthim…the Ancients named after the Ancients of it is written;)

    much Love. Shabbath Shalom.

    • Awe!! You’re too kind! I most definitely will be checking out your blogspot! I’m so glad to hear that the blog actually helps too. Always does my heart good to hear that! I do look forward to being able to get back at this full time as there are simply so many discoveries.

      We are absolutely turning a corner here and time is truly “upon us”. And I agree that it is an awful lot to take in when WIDE AWAKE. But I’m so grateful to be AWAKE! 🙂

      Love, peace and soul (TRAIN)!


  2. Just so you know, it says in the NIV Bible that Moses went to Midian, where Mt Sinai is, and that’s where he split the rock. Just because it’s called Mt. Sinai, doesn’t mean it’s in the Sinai Peninsula. It wasn’t a lie, but a false assumption maybe? It does state that Mt. Sinai is in Midian (at this time, Mecca was also in the area known as Midian, but it would’ve been inhabited mostly by various polytheists throughout the ages until the rise of Islam, and Medinah would also be founded here sometime within the next 1500 years from the time Moses lived, and Midian may be an etymological root for Medinah.)

    I only remember this because I literally just read these chapters like right before I came across your site. I’m not trying to be a contrarian, just pointing out some common misconceptions, but to be fair, I am using a study bible with alternate translation and the original Hebrew in the appendix, so it’s a bit more clear than your average Bible.

    • Hi there, roaroar roarar.

      I personally think what makes the bible appear as a hoax to some the most, is that there are many versions of it (and what a shame as I find it one of the most interesting books I’ve ever read). I tell people often– the toughest part about reading the bible is getting past all the “begats” in Genesis but if you stick with it– the bible will have you turning pages in the middle of the night like the best “romance novel, murder mystery” or any other page turner you’ve EVER read!

      It’s always been perplexing to me but I firmly believe that clarity is revealed when we seek it. I make no quip about which version people read as long as they read the word. God reveals to those who seek the truth. My reference to Sinai Peninsula was reinforced through bible study as a child (closer to 60 than not– smiles). It’s something I’ve retained since I could remember plus one bible I had showed a map that correlated with that as well– hey, someone made that map in the back of those bibles so either they were misled or simply lying. Since it (the SPLIT ROCK) has been located in Arabia (Saudi) it again lends to my understanding that there is more truth than lies contained it. 😉

      My family grew up on KJV. He’s been discovered to be a lot of things as of late (to include a Freemason). The trickery used to deceive us requires disclosure as well as truth. Just as God gives us free will so do those aligned with darkness but they’ve gotta give disclosure so there’s a bit of truth added in every version of this incredible book– that’s just my humble opinion, though. 🙂

      By the way– years ago my mom took notice that my first long time bible was falling apart. She bought me the NIV version as a replacement. Something in my spirit couldn’t get into it for whatever reason. Not a good or bad thing of course. Which version I read now shouldn’t matter as long as I’m asking God to reveal truth. I have no doubt He reveals to anyone who asks. 🙂

      Additionally– there are plenty who might argue the NIV version is the most “unsafe” (for the soul) to read– I have no opinion. I personally think there are a lot of choices that will lead us to hell (unknowingly but if we don’t know God, He won’t know us either) so we are suppose to ask for His wisdom. You mentioned you’re using the bible study “version”… I like to use a dictionary as well as a biblical dictionary. Makes those words we took for granted that we were sure we knew their definition seem “completely” unfamiliar. 🙂 Kinda humbling in the process which I personally believe that is the state of consciousness we need to be in (or child like), in order to receive the word from Our Lord. But hey– that’s just me. 😉 Not a theologist, nor am I an expert– just an inquisitive mind and spirit who feels deep in my heart that God is real– so is Heaven and hell. And as one who BELIEVES we are called to be vocal and not keep this amazing news to ourselves. Only figured that part out a few years ago, too! 🙂

      With love and light (for reals– smiles),


  3. salam!(peace)
    just a question. you sound like a wise person. when you know that Bible has so many versions or additions to it, have you tried to read the Quran? pick whichever copy you wish, you will notice it has no changes in it whatsoever. probably bariations in translation. but nothing has been added in or taken out 🙂

    The Word of God Almighty is pure. and only for Quran did He promise to keep it safe

    try reading it. it always satisfies a wise mind.

    oh and stick to what you said regarding bible. God shows you the truth if you seek it. absolutely true. If you seek truth, you qill be filled with awe while reading Quran, if you pick it up with sceptism, you will find it doesnt make sense to you. pretty miraculous right?

    Also, consider The Holy Quran as the only authentic First Edition update of the Holy Bible, Directly from God 😉

    • Hi there Sk! I hope you don’t mind that I mention this but I just LOVE Dubai although it truly is a spot for men, I found it to be simply BREATHTAKING! 🙂

      I have perused the Quran and I simply can only say that it is the name of Jesus Christ that sets us free in the many documented cases of possession. And possession is very (frighteningly) real. There isn’t any other name that demonstrates that power. I personally feel (just a feeling too) that there are so many religions because they are designed to keep us from the One True God. The Alpha and Omega. But hey– one day, we will ALL know the truth, won’t we? 😉

      Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope this reply finds well (and cool)!


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