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Obama “the savior”?! (Are They For Serious, Dawg??? WTF!)

Maaannn, I honestly didn’t ‘believe the hype’ when I first started getting wind of this but it appears to be another form of some truth.  Revelations 13:3 actually says;

… and the whole earth went after the beast in amazement and admiration.

Then I find out that Jamie Foxx’s ass is keeping his end of his blood oath (to make it big in hollyhell) and gets the sheep filled audience to laugh and applaud to this mess (they are idolizing and worshiping) :

And then I come across this, this, this… here! (CLICK IMAGES TO ENLARGE)

Barack Obama, Prince Charles, Gordon Brown, Nicolas Sarkozy

This handshake is known as “Pass Grip Of A Master Mason” as the illustration below indicates;

Pass grip of a master masonAnd going back to the beginning of Revelations 13:3 it states;

And I saw one of his heads as if it had been mortally wounded, and his deadly wound was healed…

Then I stumbled upon these images of Obama’s “skull scars”…

obama head scars

U.S. President Barack Obama talks to Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper as they prepare to have their photograph taken at the G20 Summit of major world economies in Cannes

Which appears to be morphing along the way…

obama with scar in head looks life a face

And the above image certainly reflects the image of an ‘alien’s’ face to me.  I’m not very good with “Paint” (use to sketching with a actual pencil and not a cursor and a keyboard) but I’ve given a general outline;

obama with scar in head looks life a face OUTLINED

And the final kick in the pants??


Click Here to Order your Obama-Christ T-Shirt

Obama Christ Shirt

ALERT March 5th 2009: The Church of Obama Christ has Reached 50,000 Members!

Welcome to the Church of Obama Christ

Join the over 50,000 people already members of the Obama Christ Movement.
Obama Rally Poster

A Note on Republicans

Republicans are E-V-I-L! They will try to decieve you about Obama’s plan on the Stimulus Package and Healthcare, but most importantly, Obama’s Plan for Salvation. The Church of Obama-Christ has been contacted by the savior, and Republicans MUST convert to the Church…or be eliminated.

Join the Church of Obama Christ Today!

Yes– there’s a church for people who actually believe that Obama is the Savior!!!  You can peruse the full craziness HERE.  Do be sure to click on their four tabs! Lost and confused in the worst way!  Obama might be a shapeshifting nephilim but Messiah he is NOT!  And people don’t think masses of folks have NOT been turned into sheeple?  Are you for serious, dawg?!!!

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