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If Jay Z “Invented” This “DIAMOND HAND SIGNAL”…


… then why in the hell was Aaliyah flashing this same gesture before she died In 2001??!!!

aaliyah flashing so called diamond way before jay z

Please stop making excuses and see the deception.  You are being so niave to this it makes my stomach hurt!  All of these “artists” know full well what they are doing when they flash these hand signs.  To take it back even further, I suppose Alfred Hitchcock was just a Texas Longhorn fan or down with Led Zeppelin? Yeah right!  And I’m 6’4″ and BLONDE!

alfred hitchcock flashing devils horns

A parting thought from Paul Mooney on these so-called “innocent” hand gestures… (p.s.  Monique knows full well what she’s doing so don’t let her fake innocent act throw you off!)

Music.  It’s not just for entertainment (DAMMIT)!!

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