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What Do Michael Jackson, Chris Tucker and Rick Ross Have In Common?

Well, well, well!  Looks like the jokester Michael is at it again!  I’ve already mentioned in a few older posts that MJ AIN’T dead– remember… he “died” on June 25 2009.  See those HERE, and HERE (focus on the final clip in this one) for starters. 

Well, it seems good ole’ “sha mone” Christopher Tucker left some more clues to this hoax during his recent appearance at this year’s BET Awards.  Thanks to the VERY dedicated sleuthing of my favorite I-Spy lady known as MJHoaxEvidence on youtube… you tell me if we weren’t given another HUGE hint that homey is still ALIVE and kickin it.  Don’t even know who Rick Ross is but here’s a hint for you; “Huh”!  (tee-hee)  Watch the clip to the end you guys. 😉

I’ll be back more consistently after August 16th but had to pop in and throw this one out there for ya’ real quick just so you guys know that I’m always near by. 😉 Take care of each and as always, keep your eyes OPEN… “they” are counting on us NOT to!

Love, peace and soul (TRAIN)!

Jazz– The Captain of THIS Ship

2 thoughts on “What Do Michael Jackson, Chris Tucker and Rick Ross Have In Common?

  1. Perhaps its just media manipulation to keep people guessing…dead or alive? and thus ignoring all the more important stuff going on in the world!!!!

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