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First Hand Encounter with “The Mass Controlled Mind”!

This is a real trip to me but I’ve got to get a gauge… is it just me or did I truly encounter a mind controlled person who is exactly what this mass-programming is all about?  First thing… I think this person is pretty smart so it blew me out of the water for this exchange to occur.  Peep it…

Even before I busted my head as I tripped down this rabbit hole I’m a firm believer that we can heal ourselves through more natural alternatives for example, I know that Epson Salt has a few health benefits besides the obvious of relieving tense muscles and aches.  It relieves constipation, exfoliates the skin and eliminates toxins from the body.  And I’ve been using this method for years now… Hydrogen Peroxide and baking soda for healthy teeth and gums.  I get the fresh breath by eating oranges and mint!  So here’s where the trip to Bizarro began (click ’em to enlarge)…

equate front and back label

Reading carefully both the front and back label of this particular product you see at least one major contradiction. 

Kills Germs that Cause:



Bad Breath

Not that big a deal right?  But when you read the back label under Warnings you see within the first sentence; “if  you have painful or swollen gums…”  Well, this person claims to have gingivitis (hence the bold & caps) BUT they’ve not been to a dentist!  Okay… I can dig trying to monitor what might be a minor thing at home first– dig that completely!  But it’s been more than two weeks and this person is still complaining about the gum-aches.  So my suggestion was simple– old school peroxide and rinse with salt and warm water 3-4 times per day for 3 days.  If your shit needs more than that– it’s time to see a dentist.  If not, you just have some bacteria fucking your shit up!  I’ve got healthy chompers you guys and even though I think I could use a whitener people compliment me on my grill CONSTANTLY!

So after a few weeks of this person complaining I finally said; “it’s the fucking toxins in that shit your using on your teeth and rinsing with!  Absolutely not convinced that I wouldn’t steer them wrong I finally made a $5 bet!  Read the label and I bet it will tell you not to use this product if you think you have gingivitis!  I was utterly amazed at the resistance.   Initially, this person flat out refused to read the label!  I even followed up with; you don’t have to believe me, just read the friggin label!  A few hours later I was shocked when this person said they read it!  WHEW was my ONLY thought but then this curve ball;

“But it didn’t say not to use it, it just has to work the bad stuff out before the healing can begin” (I am paraphrasing just to guard the exact words this person used).  What in the fo-cheesy?!!!  So if you read the front and back of this label would you walk away with their knowledge too or am I (silly ass me) over-thinking this?  When I finally made the connection that if you swallow your fuckin toothpaste we’re told to contact POISON CONTROL IMMEDIATELY, maaannnn, I was done with THAT shit! 

This is YEARS of mass mind control and I’m stunned to find I’ve got a friend (a good friend at that) who’s locked into the matrix BIG TIME!  For shits and giggles I just looked up a few ingredients that are contained in most mouthwashes; sorbitol and saccharin.  Here’s what says about them;

Mouthwashes also commonly contain fluoride, a systemic poison, and this product is no exception. It contains both sorbitol and more worryingly saccharin, which causes bladder cancer in animals.

I’m cool with anyone who’s settled and comfortable in the matrix but I’ll be damned if I listen to them complain when they are choosing to kill themselves or continue to use something without digging deeper.  THAT, my friends, is massive mind control!  This person is EXACTLY what the elite hoped to achieve– blind faith without ever questioning.  I don’t know if I should do a poll with this one or not but I could shoooo use the feedback!  I’m utterly stumped by this person’s reaction and behavior because to me, this person is their hard work realized along with what is it?  Approximately 85% of the population who are brainwashed?!

3 thoughts on “First Hand Encounter with “The Mass Controlled Mind”!

  1. I agree with you 100%. When I was a kid, I didn’t take good care of my teeth. Never brushed, ate sweets, drank Cola, and never had a problem. I remember going to the dentist for the first time when I was a teenager… around 14-15 to get my teeth cleaned. It was a two dentist office. So, dentist #1 looks at my teeth and calls his partner to come over to see my teeth… he said… these teeth are perfect!… Not one cavity, healthy gums, great alignment.

    Well, girls took over. I decided to brush my teeth to look my best and things went OK for a while. Went to Nam.. and, of course, had to go to their dentist for cleaning and to get chewed out for not adhering to good oral hygiene, so I complied and then the problems started. It wasn’t long before I started to get cavities. Over the years, because of my profession, I brushed daily with a fluoride toothpaste and the cavities kept coming. It wasn’t until recently that I decided fluoride in my toothpaste wasn’t a good thing because it caused my gums to recede. I stopped the toothpaste, went to hydrogen peroxide and baking soda and now my gums are back, no more pockets, no more heat sensitivity, and my teeth turn white almost instantly. (I drink a ton of coffee.) I recently added food grade diatomaceous earth to the mix and get a great polishing effect to boot.

    Fluoride is a toxic by product from making fertilizer. Instead of paying high disposal costs for the hazardous chemical, our great fertilizer makers decided to turn the lemon into lemonade and touted this hazardous waste as a tooth enamel hardener. They could now get rid of this toxin without paying the disposal costs, and can now get rid of it by adding it to our drinking water. (Don Rumsfeld – Aspartame = brain damage… same same.)

    • Well, hi there, ejmiller and thank you for the response! Super cool of you to share this for others as well! 🙂

      It’s pretty amazing to find that what they were telling us about healthy teeth and gums is all a lie! Our great grand parents and grand parents had it right! Now… I’d never go as far as you did as an adolescent teen boy (you guys go through a stage of pure slobbery or extra neat) and girls are usually the catalyst for change (love the honesty on that one, man lol) but I can also confirm that I’ve never had a cavity either! I remember one toothache I had around 19 made me think that, but after a check up, turns out it was a wisdom tooth that was coming in (which by the way wasn’t needed to be removed until I was 48)!

      And I’m not sure if it’s related or not but when I was using our “fluoridated donald rumsfield surprise paste” my mouth seemed extra dry! It was if my salivary glands were being interfered with as well! And not sure if you’re aware of this little natural trick but strawberries actually can whiten the teeth! Take one nice soft one, smashed with a fork, dip the toothbrush in it and brush normally. I use to do that a while ago but now that we have to contend with what foods are genetically modified, hell, we might be getting fluoridated strawberries too! lol I know that blueberries are now missing lol!

      I hope I can get my friend to read your comment because it’s a perfect remedy to that stubborn (brainwashed) mind they posses! I like your smile, ejmiller! You rock, my man!

      Welcome to the party,

      Jazz 🙂

  2. What I find worrisome is that people not only do not read anymore but there is simply a lack of basic understanding. Let’s suppose all of the ingredients were safe then reading the information I would ascertain that it would help with early stages of gingivitis to help slow the progression (assuming to give time to go to a dentist) but at some point if it progresses then you have to seek medical attention. The way that you cannot rely on an antipyretic to deal with a fever because after a certain point it is indicative of something more serious that has to be dealt with.

    Another is the fact people do not want to research what is going into these products, more information about it etc. Even with holistic medicine it is important to know what ingredients are in it to prevent allergic reactions, if there is an interaction with a medication, or affect certain conditions (not sure if any would but am borderline anemic).

    Lastly, another thing that concerns me is how quickly people turn to medication. I have serious panic disorder and have been given the benzodiazepines. Now I am extremely cautious (they are controlled substance after all) but there can be times that I can feel as if I am having a heart attack however I am very careful with how I use medications. I often try to wait it out to let my own body have a chance to deal with the issue, or how can I say, let it tell me that I have to deal with the stress and what not. And if I do need to take it I take the minimum to help calm myself enough so that I can deal with the panic attack rather try and let it deal with it completely.

    I don’t use medications as a general rule unless I have to absolutely need it but I try to be careful of the medications to make sure I am only taking it when necessary, make sure that I take the foods I need such probiotics since for instance antibiotics kills all good bacteria as well as the bad etc. I always use plant based, home remedies first and foremost and if it does not work I try to evaluate diet, possible deficiencies then if needed the medication.

    I am taking Lamictal (bipolar) it’s one of those things where I wonder if I do need it and what not but I know that my bipolar was caused by small seizures. It is one of those situations where I need to research to see when in certain disorders it is necessary as part of a whole therapeutic regiment (exercise, diet, and medication)

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