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Boston Police Are MURDERERS! The Slain “Bomber” Suspect Was Ran Over And Died Instantly!

I’m sure most thought our only focus is those darn shapeshifters… NEVER!  While it’s going to be a heavy focus for a bit, you know “Why O’ Why” tries to cover all the corruption and evil there is and it’s a lot! 

This Boston event was shittier than a baby’s diaper on laxatives and since Massachusetts is my home state, you guys must know I’m watching for the latest smoking gun on that!  Betcha ass on it!  Well… get ready for a gun that’s got so much smoke your lungs just may shut tha fuck down! 

Seems “BAWSTONS finest” got a straight up license to kill that kid in the supposed shoot out.  First, check out Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s dead body and tell me if you see bullet holes in this kid…

Tamerian Tsarnaev Murdered By Boston Police

Maybe a few but look at that gash… when’s the last time you seen a bullet do that?!!!  That’s much more conducive to a muthafucka who was ran over by a vehicle and this next image clearly shows a muthafucka was knocked down and stuck under a moving vehicle….

Boston Bomber Suspect Blood And Tire TracksI think it ‘s super tacky that someone used his blood to make the red U in USA by the way.  How do I know this is Tamerlan?  Well… seems “Linda” called in anonymously to a radio show called; “The Dennis and Callahan Morning Show” and spilled the beans on what she saw while we were being fed straight bullshit!  I know this was a false flag event but these two kids were tracked and one of them was actually killed so my deepest apologies for going off of the other templates when no one is killed when these two boys were actually made into Lee Harvey Oswald patsies!  Check out this interview, maaan…Tsarnaev brothers both leaving with BACKPACKSNow… why do I believe they were made into Lee Harvey Oswald patsies?  They were actually filmed leaving the area with their backpacks still on them!  Friggin AAAaaaa, man!   Here’s another shot so that you can get a CLEAR view of how their backpacks ACTUALLY look… the boys backpack from another angleAnd look closely at these backpacks… neither is the one found shredded from the explosion…

fbi-black-backpack-bostonLast I checked… that’s the colour BLACK!  Solid black at that!  And guess who was carrying an all black (with the exception of the white square dead center of it)?  These muthafuckas right here… blackwater craft at boston bombing with backpacks and earpiecesWho tha fuck are they?  Their company was once called Blackwater, then XE, and now they are calling themselves “Craft”.  Ironically, when I was in Kuwait, our housing was right down the street from theirs!  They indeed had a license to kill over there and they took over the roads like Mad Max!  They are definitely given a license to be mercenaries and these heartless fucks are NOT afraid to complete their assignments!  Believe that!  Here’s a shot of them after “mission complete” (friggin bullies and cowards)…no backpack after boston explosionI’m so pissed right now because shit… even Stevie Wonder can see this was nothing but a HUGE LIE!  Ass-mericans better wake up!  They will be locking us down before we know it!  Oh– you know what?  Nevermind!  Keep playing your simple ass Xboxes, watching “reality tv”, sports or eating the garbage they feed you and tell you it’s ‘USDA certified’!  Matter of fact, just keep your friggin heads in the sand!  All is well in lala-land!!!  By the way… here’s the reminder of the lie by Ed Davis that ACTORS were used (the fat fuck)  Major KUDOS to “Linda” for sharing the truth with the world!

8 thoughts on “Boston Police Are MURDERERS! The Slain “Bomber” Suspect Was Ran Over And Died Instantly!

  1. I was thought something was up with that…. and I thought the same thing about the guy who put bombs in the movie theater

    • Hi there, SunnyD!

      Yeah– this one stinks as bad as sulfur and cow shit! And to find out that Blackwater had anything to do with this simply blows my mind! They said it while I was overseas that they are training that companies ‘men’ to become mercenaries right here in the u.s. and dammit if it ain’t so!

  2. Interesting….Eyes Wide Open….I like how the man in the video was talking about how people were emotionally connecting to the lies and getting mad at him. I was just listening a sermon that was talking about the different between feelings and emotions and how people often form an emotional bond (bondage) with a lie or fantasy fighting the person full force that is telling them the truth. We all have done this but recognizing it is a very different view or demon to conquer. The truth is that we are our thought, words and mind state until we are not meaning changing our courses and foundations.

  3. I dont get all of my information from one source except for GOD’s word. Reflection, evaluation and examining are usually how you entering into a place where you start to seeing and exposing truths.

  4. I am not saying that it’s not a conspiracy of some kind or that mercernieries were involved. But she said she herd explosion’s so if he wasn’t involved wereally did the explosions come from.

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