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Obama Shapeshifted Last Year!

Obama Shapeshifted At Colorado Hospital1

I’ve been looking for some solid footage of your prez shapeshifting and I finally found a good one for you!  Dude did this at the fake Aurora Shooting Press Conference in Colorado July 2012!  Thanks to  galacticwacko for the find!

VIDEO SOURCE which hits at :37.  These people are NOT our friends!  Like obama actually said; “you’ll never see it coming” and he wasn’t just talking about those predator drones either.  Again… welcome to REALITY. 😉

4 thoughts on “Obama Shapeshifted Last Year!

  1. There is something I am having a difficult time accepting. From what I have seen on youtube it seems that almost everyone is a reptilian. So is it more that those who have certain roles in society are reptilians (i.e. president, politicians, media) and those around them (such as secret service, nannies etc). I am wondering if this is familial as in father was one, etc or possession. I guess I am trying to figure out if it is statistically possible that so many people are (or just shocked as well). If it is familial, as in passed on, then do those in power seek others who are the same or is this a sort of contract where they are possessed to obtain certain positions. I have read that certain blood types are traced back to the reptilian–rh negative and what part might that have… I am not denouncing it more like taken aback at its prominence and wondering how it works.

    • Hi there, Passing Through!

      It’s a complicated subject and can’t be summarized in a paragraph but I would highly recommend reading The Book of Enoch! And here’s an interesting article from The L.A. Times from 1934 (zoom in on it; This is as old as the day is long. The connections are clear when we start to invest our time into studying the subject. It is by far (this rabbit hole) THE MOST fascinating and “entertaining” thing I’ve ever discovered.

      Now for a short cut (and video) that will simply blow your mind, you’d be wise to look at what LivingInTheAbstract keeps on discovering. Behold a new dimension for your eyeballs and mind to wrap themselves around (lol)!

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