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*** John Kerry’s Face Morphs Beyond Your COMPREHENSION! (Video) ***

John Kerry Morphs Beyond Belief!!!  (They are all connected-- PERIOD!)

John Kerry Morphs Beyond Belief!!! (They are all connected– PERIOD!)

UPDATE: 11/8/16 per a recent comment (3 years after the article’s posting).  THIS should make it CLEAR . Um… can YOUR face do THIS???!!!


I’m absolutely not letting up on this discovery!  I’m gonna continue to hit you with this truth for as long as it takes cuz its a game changer if you ask me. Again, there’s a reason why they are being revealed to us therefore we’d be wise take notice and accept this reality swiftly. 

I’ve always thought Kerry looked like Herman Munster first cousin so him being one of them is not really that surprising at all but this morphing he does is!  There’s also a guy behind the man talking in this clip.  Watch his friggin eyes, you guys…

They are all connected and every moment you spend believing these are real people who are working in the best interest of humanity will simply deserve the pain and suffering they intend to usher in.  That really is all that they do.  Deceive and destroy.  You’re being given an opportunity whether you recognize that or not.  Time to shit or get off the pot, fellow people.  I highly recommend a re-review of How to Catch A Lizzy as home boy makes a great statement about these creatures– how they are able to mix it up in their appearances.  I real educational tool in my opinion.  Something is about to pop so I’d much rather be prepared than not.  But hey!  That’s just me.

6 thoughts on “*** John Kerry’s Face Morphs Beyond Your COMPREHENSION! (Video) ***

  1. Hey lady how is it going just wanted to let you know that I don’t post as much as I use too but I am always in the back ground reading your stories and seeing whats new. It is so much heavy energy out here trying to attach to the people who choose to be aware. Stay strong, be brave, and stay as close as you can to the spirit of GOD you are a blessing. A light trying to shine bright in the mist of spiritual darkness. If you would like to contact me give me a way to contact you.

    • Hi there, lady! Good to hear from you and thanks so much for the kind words! You truly make a sistas day! 🙂

      I’ve been busier than I ever anticipated. I thought all of this would slow down last month but no luck just yet. I keep hoping things will get back to normal soon so just rolling with the punches right now. And the email is still the same… right under “Got Somethin’ To Say”… just after the Blogtalk logo.

      And do keep the faith– good people who’s eyes are open will gravitate to you! No doubt! You stay safe out there in phallic land! lol!

      • Hey lady its me again I sent you an email a couple of weeks ago you never responded so I am just putting it out there please check for it when you have a moment thanks.

  2. Even the droopiest cheeks it seems physically impossible-with that sharp angle- for anyone, yes? I believe for me that is what strikes me the most because it is not something people can simply say: oh it’s a glitch. Though for anyone who say it is a glitch and whatnot it would be great if there was actual research in say what glitches exists with cameras and what not. Or even if certain glitches appear how would they appear etc. Mostly because I’d love naysayers at least take the time to see if their beliefs hold water and if it does then respectfully show how in one instance this is not the case but that it doesn’t necessarily prove anything if there are oddities in other videos with the person and what not.

    I personally believe it’s demonic and everything under the sun that constitutes fallen angels since I wonder that if there different types of angels in heaven, those different types of angels that fell might have transformed into different types such as reptilian, the..i’m not sure how to say but the red horned monster, the grey aliens etc each with the purpose of enslaving people to their flesh and enticing them with world leading to eternal damnation as well as trickery in having people believe they don’t exist, to deny Christ his sovereignty.

    Additionally it could easily then explain why there are so many reptilians are in these positions because they go after those who have this insatiable gluttony for fame, wealth etc. Sort of like what my pastor had taught where men strive to reach the top of the mountain to realize it was the wrong mountain they went after or even realize the vapidness, shallowness and unsatisfactory side of it (though I suspect people realize throughout their life but don’t realize that hedonism, humanism is not the answer).

    Now the man with the “glare” are they glasses? I don’t wear them I don’t know how various pairs supposed to look like, what various glares are to look, what it does to eyes in various environments. That said for these sort of events isn’t there a roster why not research who it might possibly be? If they’re prominent then how do they look in other videos.

    Now honestly about that man my gut says he’s influenced by demonic forces, satan and what not. Because even with my lack of familiarity with glasses, lighting etc it does sit well with me. I personally believe that the Holy Spirit does give us that nudging feeling and since the media and politics is essentially one big throne to the devil, more so with us turning away from Christ and his principles, that more and more demonic forces will be there and have humans stay corrupted, with their consciousness seared with a hot poker (because I believe we are born corrupt, sinful, because of Adam’s sin).

  3. Stop wasting your life on stuff that has logical explanations and that you are desperate to see something abnormal in. How Kerry’s face can be misconstrued by you is unreal . And the guy behind the chap speaking has glasses on that have picked up reflective lights !! It happens a lot to those of us wearing glasses esp in areas lit by artificial lighting. GET a life for the good Lords sake please !!!!

    • Please, leave the Lord out of this for Heaven’s Sake.

      Clearly you are in denial. I’ve outlined it just for “special people”. It’s now inserted into the article.

      And that guy was NOT wearing glasses. Look again. Even if he was, there’s no WAY that “artificial lighting” has that affect on HUMAN eyes. It would be a glare (if he WAS wearing corrective lenses)!!! Not two separate “points of light” that meet in the middle. Same thing occurred during Jim Jone’s era. Look up that footage.

      By the way– that’s one heck of an assumption you’re making (wasting my LIFE). What does that famous scripture say? Oh yeah!!! “My people perish for LACK OF KNOWLEDGE”. Either you’re SUPER naive or simply BLIND to the FACT. One more thing… you do KNOW that the Clintons and Podesta have been linked to “spirit cooking”? Wikileaks just released some insight into THAT (real) world activity. Julian is suspicious to me but he’s highlighted something that I was FULLY aware of prior to NOW. You simply MUST be a shill or you’ve got to be one THE MOST naive people to exist.

      Jazz– The Captain of THIS Ship! 😉

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